1. Pillbox city

    Soviet prisons in the post-Stalin years

    In the Gulag Archipelago*, Soviet prisons and the gulag work camps were described in great detail and in how terrible it was to end up in one. However, I can't find much information of what it was like to get imprisoned in the USSR decades after Stalin's death, were Soviet prisons and work camps...
  2. Darth Raidius

    What if Trotsky led the Soviet Union?

    What if, after the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924, Leon Trotsky assumed command of the Soviet Union (either through winning a power struggle against Joseph Stalin, or Stalin dying beforehand)? Obviously there are a great many things that could change if Trotsky had succeeded Lenin, so allow me...
  3. R

    Why did Soviet interrogators care if prisoners sign confessions?

    I'm reading "The Gulag Archipelago", which paints a bleak picture of the Soviet interrogation and gulag system. One thing that seems odd to me is the emphasis on having the suspect sign a confession, often written by the interrogator and having little relationship to reality. If the book is...
  4. RidiculousName

    Did the USSR use Bazookas in WW2?

    I like to play an RTS called Company of Heroes 2. In it, the Soviets do not carry anything like bazookas, being restricted to PTRS AT rifles to bring down light tanks and vehicles. I don't think this game is realistic, but it made me wonder if the Soviets used any anti-tank weapons like bazookas...
  5. Witson

    Was an attack on Poland by USSR was consequences of their own fault?

    As much as I get, USSR didn't exactly had an allience with Germany. They had non-agression pact. When Germany was about to attack Poland, Stalin was well aware that next gonna be them. So he offered his help to Poland, but they refused. And in the end he had no choice but to attack Poland in...
  6. artistauthor

    What might have happened if the USSR landed on the moon?

    What might have happened if the USSR rather than the USA landed on the Moon in July 1969? Given that Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova were the first man and woman respectively to go into space and that in 1969, America was also deeply divided due to the Vietnam War, the so-called...
  7. jameen

    How and When should the USSR conquer the rest of Europe?

    What should Soviet commanders and leaders do in order to conquer the rest of Europe and when should it be done?
  8. Athenian

    Would the USSR survive if it wasn't for the arms and space race

    Hey fellow histuromites. I have a simple yet not simplistic question. Would the USSR survive if it took no part in the arms and space race and did not antagonize with the USA for world hegemony? If yes maybe it could invest further in the development of its people both economically and...
  9. F

    War between the USSR and the PRC

    My friends and I were discussing a war between present day borders of the People's Republic of China and borders of 1936 USSR. I put my money on the USSR but I heard some convincing arguments for China. Assuming they are both using 1936 technology and only Mongolia gets involved. (Japan would...
  10. ThePrioryPodcast

    Official version of Stalin and 20th Century USSR

    I stumbled across a book on Amazon called Blood Lies written by a guy wonderfully named Grover Furr! :laugh: The book from what I have researched (I've not bought it yet) is a revisionist look at the history of Stalin and the USSR where he claims to debunk a number of attrocities associated with...
  11. jameen

    If the USSR is the sole superpower today

    How will you describe our world today if the US collapsed instead (with some states seceded) and the USSR is the sole superpower today?
  12. jameen

    USSR with present Russian weapons

    Imagine the USSR still exists today but it is armed with present Russian weapons as you can see in this link below: The Most Advanced Weapons Systems Used By The Russian Army - Business Insider The question is do you believe that the USSR can conquer the whole Western Europe by means of...
  13. Futurist

    Why wasn't there a population exchange between Poland and the USSR after 1921?

    After the end of the 1921 Polish-Soviet War, there remained a lot of Ukrainians and Belarusians on the Polish side of the border and some Poles on the Soviet side of the border: Thus, what I am wondering is this--why wasn't a population exchange between Poland and the Soviet Union...
  14. A

    Did the USSR have an openly expansionist agenda (through war)?

    I understand the expectation of communists was a world wide revolution, but did the USSR openly have an agenda of spreading communism through war?
  15. Futurist

    No Anglo-French guarantee to Poland; Hitler allies with Poland against the USSR

    What if Britain and France refused to give a guarantee to Poland (probably unlikely, but not impossible considering that they couldn't actually defend Poland without Soviet help) and thus Poland would have decided to ally with Hitler against the Soviet Union? For the record, in this TL, Poland...
  16. General Winter

    How Great Britain and the USA lost the victory in World War II.

    These days, when a shocking number of people on this planet possess only the most primitive grasp of the history of World War II and devoutly believe that in that great confrontation, the US and Great Britain defeated some kind of general “totalitarianism,” many are alarmed by any hint of a...
  17. Futurist

    WI: As a part of the M-R Pact, all Jews under Nazi rule get deported to the USSR?

    I've been curious about this--basically, in a TL where France still falls in 1940, the only way to save most of the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust in our TL would be to get them to the Soviet Union and then to have them flee to the interior of the Soviet Union after the start...
  18. C

    Would the USSR still be around today if Joseph Stalin was still in charge?

    Let's say that Stalin stopped aging at 60 and was able to live forever. Given how tough the USSR was under him, would it still be around today if Stalin was still in charge? How would he deal with the rest of the Korean War, the rise of Communist China, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis...
  19. ez123

    USSR veiw of mutually assured destruction

    I have read a few books that seemed to suggest that mutually assured destruction was not accepted by the USSR. Did that make mutually assured destruction a non-factor in preventing war because it was not MUTUALLY accepted? Did the US faith in mutually assured destruction give a false sense of...
  20. RidiculousName

    If The USSR Won the Winter War

    If the USSR won an easy and complete victory over Finland during the winter war, could this have made them much more lax about equipping their troops for winter, and might this have allowed the Germans to defeat them?