1. Y

    Pagan Societies were barbaric because Christian values were not around.

    A history check will show what societies were like before Christianity: Roman society entertainment of gladiators and people being fed to wild beasts for example. All societies before the Christianity you will find very inhumane and barbaric lifestyles. These societies did not have Christian...
  2. Robert165

    Does Western Civilization really have superior values

    Look, normally I am very critical of Capitalism, Imperialism, and Western Powers in general. During these discussions a rebuttal is often brought up. That rebuttal is that even if the West is not perfect they do have some very good qualities. Qualities like: Freedom Individuality Democracy...
  3. Robert165

    Judeo- Christian Values (and law/morality)

    OK I promise, I am going to try to be as polite and calm as possible. (really) For those of you who claim Judeo- Christian Values are "necessary" for morality or the foundation of our legal system, how do you explain the fact that rape, murder, theft, etc, are all generally illegal in countries...
  4. throughthepastdarkly

    What are Hindu values?

    What are the prevailing Hindu values observable and practiced in India today, that differentiate it from other civilizations such as Islamic and Confucian civilizations?
  5. throughthepastdarkly

    What are Western values?

    Other than individualism, what are the prevailing Western values observable and practiced in Western societies today?
  6. throughthepastdarkly

    What are Confucian values?

    What are the prevailing Confucian values observable and practiced in East Asian societies today?
  7. throughthepastdarkly

    The changeablility of social values

    Proof of how mercurial our social values are.. America's Nat'l Football League acts as it's own policing body what with a policy on domestic violence that punishes perpetrating players in addition to whatever legal mess they get themselves into. In short, there's a big push in America to end...
  8. P

    changing values toward sex

    The sexual revolution in America is correlated to the late 1950's, introduction of the “pill” and the 1960's with the generational cultural wars. What time period/ event would you say had the greatest impact on the sexual values of society?
  9. gothgoesblonde

    Southern values

    Hi, please help me with this question: Southern values among the planter elite did not include A.Paternalism B.Chivalry C.A belief their class constituted an aristocracy D.Actually, none of the above were southern values As far as I know they did consider themselves an aristocracy, they had a...
  10. Menshevik

    Japanese society: etiquette, morals and values

    I have some random thoughts and questions concerning the Japanese people and their government. Having never been there, I apologize for anything I get wrong. You all will have to correct me and set me straight. 1. Does everyone bow? If so, is it based on hierarchy? Would a fifty year old man...
  11. Aleeacerix the Gaul

    Quebec Charter of Values. For or against it?

    Do you think that the ban on religious garments in public sector jobs is reasonable or discriminatory. I personally think that banning of religious garments will offend a lot of people and that the idea shouldn't be passed on. But banning the wearing of burkas in jobs seems a good idea since...
  12. Zeno

    Personal Values versus Group values

    I wonder if you find that your personal values are different from the values of any group(s) you belong you. Which are of greater importance and will do more good to and for you the group(s) the species life in general the planet ... ?
  13. L

    Men like sports because it promotes masculine values

    I just had this thought: what if people, ESPECIALLY men, like sports so much because it lets them develop their masculinity. Sports somehow teach man valuable lessons. In sports is where men learn the most about perseverance, about working very hard to obtain goals, it teaches them about...
  14. A

    Aristocratic Values in Republican Rome

    Aristocratic Values in Republican Rome - YouTube A pretty decent 40-minute crash course on the aristocratic culture in the Roman Republic. Makes you appreciate why the Republic was so successful to begin with but also why it failed in the end...
  15. A

    Family Values

    I have never been so viciously attacked for my opinions as when I speak of family values. As Dan Quayle discovered, mention of family values can ignite strong and passionate criticism. It is a curious thing to me that what should be rational discussion, is such an emotional trigger. Perhaps...
  16. Qymaen

    World Values Survey

    So I was looking up ethnic groups and I stumbled across the below charts/graphs/visual aids. How accurate do you all think it is? BTW they are known as the Inglehart Values Map.
  17. CIowa

    Traditional values failure?

    In South Carolina married traditonal homes are no longer the majority. Traditional marriages decline in South Carolina - Local / Metro -
  18. W

    What are British, French and American values.

    and can they be good for the world.
  19. W

    What are the European values

    Tell me what you think European values are and if they are good for the world.