1. W

    Favoured vassals in the Chinese tributary system

    So why was Korea most favoured out of all the tributary states around China? Also is there generally a rank of which states the Chinese state considered to be most favoured to least?
  2. Haakbus

    Were Paekche and Shilla vassals of Yamato?

    According to the Nihon Shoki, possibly the Samguk Sagi, and one interpretation of the Kwanggaet'o stele, Paekche and Shilla were vassals of Yamato and paid tribute. We do know the Nihon Shoki has a lot of myth and a political slant that may not reflect reality. Supposedly they sent their...
  3. Frank81

    Vassals and Lords

    I was reading again about the complex relation among the English and French kings. The kings of England were vassals of the French king, not because of England, where the French king had no real or theorical authority, but because of Normandy and later other areas of France, which were given...
  4. V

    Vassals, protectorates, and allied states

    When are they a part of empires, and when are they not? Why is it that allies and vassals are included in the Napoleon's Empire, but vassals are excluded from the Qing Empire? For instance, vassals like "Confederation of the Rhine" and allies like "Russia" would be included in Napoleon's...