1. sailorsam

    Military Vehicles, Good and Not So Good

    post pics and discussion of military vehicles you find particularly interesting lest impressive: New Zealand 'Semple' Tank easy to laugh at, but after all this was slapped together by amateurs with available materials. better than nothing
  2. T

    German WW2 Soft Skinned Vehicles With Soft Tops

    I was wondering if anyone knows about the soft covers on WW2 German soft skinned vehicles with soft/rag tops? Specifically, I was wondering what colors the tops came from the factories and at what points during the war? I've seen both light colored and dark colored depicted in art and in...
  3. SSDD

    Was this tactic ever used by aircraft against armoured vehicles?

    The tactic is aircraft is loaded with anti-tank mines. Since mines are generally small and light weight many can be carried. Then the pilot notices enemy armoured vehicles moving. He then simply drops those mines en mass hoping the moving tanks would them. Like Soviet IL-2 aircraft dropped PTAB...
  4. Edratman

    Chinese Military vehicles - Blue Camouflage

    Today the Chinese celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the end the of WWII with the requisite military parade. In several pictures I saw that there were military vehicles, including self propelled missile launchers in a blue camouflage pattern. A couple years ago I read some stories about US...
  5. Korwin

    Color of US Air Force vehicles in 1961?

    Specifically, a jeep. I'm searching google and finding things in three or four different colors and now I don't know what to think. I'd really appreciate any help.
  6. BloodyPirate

    What do you guys think of these Military Vehicles?

    M-48 Patton Pt-76 M-47 Tank M-46 tank
  7. M

    Best Armored Fighting Vehicles

  8. BloodyPirate

    Question about some WW2 Tracked Vehicles.

    What was the battlefield performance of these Vehicles? SU-85 Stug-III Jagdpanther Hetzer JS-2 How effective were these?
  9. BloodyPirate

    What are the most popular WW2 vehicles to collect?

    Which ones are the collectors always going after the most? I'm sure Shermans and T-34's are readily available, considering tens of thousands were made for both tanks. What Russian vehicles are in high demand? Or British, German, or American?
  10. N

    First wheeled vehicles in Britain?

    Quick question - what's the earliest evidence for wheeled vehicles in the British Isles? I can't seem to easily discover this information. I know that the earliest evidence more generally is for a date around 3500-3000 BCE in Asia / Eastern Europe and/or Mesopotamia. It seems to be assumed that...
  11. BloodyPirate

    What are the most valuable WW2 Armored Vehicles?

    I know there are very few Tigers and Panthers around, and i'm sure those go for millions of dollars restored. What others are rare?
  12. Druzhina

    Marmon-Herrington Military Vehicles

    Marmon-Herrington Military Vehicles All-Wheel Drive Conversion kits: Marmon-Herrington Trucks Marmon-Herrington Armoured cars Tracked vehicles: Marmon-Herrington Tractors Marmon-Herrington Tanks In service: Marmon-Herrington in Commonwealth service Marmon-Herrington in Latin America service...
  13. M.E.T.H.O.D.

    Bizarre/Ugly Military Vehicles

    This thread is dedicated to all the creation of mankid intended for the battlefield that leave us torn between a smile and a facepalm.(aberrations like the Tsar tank or the Landkreuzer P-1000 Ratte are not welcomed here:)) Let me start with something "patriotic": the Motomitragliatrice...
  14. unclefred

    Military Vehicles of War-War Wheels

    Even Belgium has them! WarWheels.Net-Dave Haugh's World Of Wheelies Index