1. Karl XII

    What single battle yielded the most amount of territory for the victor?

    Some victories like those in World War 1 barely yielded a couple of acres of land for the victors. Other times a single victory could deliver vast amounts of territory to the winner such as the battle of Mohacs where most of Hungary became a tributary state. I imagine there were some mongol...
  2. Visigoth Panzer

    Napoleon victorious, then what?

    If Napoleon was successful in conquering Europe (including Britain and Russia), unified them under his leadership, then what would he do? I doubt Napoleon would stop there, would he focus on conquering the rest of the world?
  3. bunnyman987

    WW2 Without The Americans

    How do think WW2 would of have resulted the same without the aid of the Americans?
  4. CathareHeretic

    Question about the Hastings Battle Victor

    For whats the Brit name him William and the French Guillaume for whats this difference of name about the same Guy ? Thank ,Merci, Gracias ,danke.
  5. Gnaeus

    Did the Crusades have a victor?

    I apologize if this thread has been made before, as I know that there are many, many threads about the Crusades. I often think about the Crusades, being the grossly over romanticized conflicts that they were, and I think of questions about them. Most of the time I come to some sort of answer...
  6. Isoroku295

    Different Victor at the second Battle of Philipi

    Brutus and Sassuis defeat Anthony. how does this change Roman History? Just to make it final, all the Triumvir are killed.
  7. bigscreeninkster

    GIAP: The Victor in Vietnam

    ‘GIAP: The Victor in Vietnam” by Peter Macdonald is written by a British brigadier general and an extremely thorough----as best as one can do with the little written records----in-depth study of the North Vietnamese military leader Vo Nguyen Giap (pronounced Va Nwin Zap) and a very objective and...
  8. Pantagruel

    Victor Davis Hanson

    Anyone here read any of his stuff? I'm curious to hear other's opinions of his writing; I've read and enjoyed several of his books, yet some of his conclusions bother me. Thoughts?
  9. Commander

    Victor Hugo

    Where do you rank Victor Hugo on the greatest authors of all time list? His best-known works are the novels Les Misérables and Notre-Dame de Paris. He also has hundreds of other books and poems published in his lifetime.