1. Hanslune

    Question on cannon names in Napoleonic & Victoria era

    Specifically the crews giving their cannon a name/title or nickname like; 'Thunderer', 'Tessie', 'Devil's voice', etc. Thanks
  2. S

    Is this Queen Victoria?

  3. HistoricalGeek

    The Greedy Queen on Tour

    Well hello everyone! So, when I asked for feedback I've been seeing a lot of 'We want to know when we can see one of your favourite historians'... Well, here it is. Your chance to see, listen to and indeed learn from Dr Annie Gray. Some of you will know instantly just who I mean, but for those...
  4. M

    Victoria and Abdul (2017) The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s (Academy Award winner Judi Dench) remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s...
  5. S

    British itv series "Victoria"

    I watched this last January on PBS in the US. The good thing is that it got me to read up on the subject. The bad thing is that it got me to read up on the subject and discover that the series is mostly fiction. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but other PBS series such Wolf Hall (Henry...
  6. S

    Portraits of Young Queen Victoria

    The new 18 year old queen is supposed to have sat for a number of portraits in her first year including the British-American Thomas Sully. His full height portrait is well known and there are many copies. However, I've not seen any others from this early time as queen. Xavier Winterhalter...
  7. J

    Was Queen Victoria reall a great monarch?

    Queen Victoria is often referred to as a 'great monarch', however, it seems disingenuous. To me, it seems as if Queen Victoria is called a 'great monarch, more due to the duration of her reign. Even though her length of reign is impressive, it doesn't grant that she was a 'great monarch.'...
  8. Balian

    Was Prince Albert really faithful to Queen Victoria

    Or was he just extremely good at hiding his mistresses ?
  9. W

    Queen Victoria - the ultimate British warlord.

    In total in 155 military engagements Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Empire were involved. During Queen Victoria's reign 42 armed conflicts took place, or 27% of the total number. Her era took only 13% of the years since 1700, which means the number of conflicts doubled during her...
  10. G

    No Queen Victoria

    I've just read an article about her related to a new tv series. Apparently her mother especially was terrified that she might be assassinated. As far as I can tell the next in line was her sister Maud who became Queen of Denmark and Norway. I can't find anything about this particular Maud on...
  11. R

    Instances of Victoria Cross being awarded politically?

    Hi can any of you give me some examples of the Victoria cross (or your Countries equivalent) being awarded for political or propaganda reasons. Was the high decoration after Rhorke's Drift, not to call into question the obvious bravery and achievement, an exercise in hiding and distracting from...
  12. A

    Queen Victoria and her views

    Hello. I would like to ask you what was Queen's Victoria attitude towards papal infallabiliy and Italian Unification in 1870. Do you know where can I find some pieces of information about that? Thanks in advance.
  13. TomarRajput

    Victoria Cross winners in the British Indian army

    A common claim by certain people is that the majority of South Asian recipients of the Victoria Cross came from Punjab and Pakhtunwa. This is however not the case. A large number of Victoria Cross recipients came...
  14. Moros

    Assassinate Queen Victoria

    In June 1840, Edward Oxford drew a pistol and made two attempts to shoot Queen Victoria as she rode past in a carriage. He missed both times. On May 1842, John Francis made attempts to shoot Queen Victoria. The first time his gun misfired. The second time he missed. In July 1842, John William...
  15. P

    Redcoat-saw Stockport Victoria Cross winner in

    1918 in Italy with Northumberland Fusilers -a Stockport ralwayman Wilfred Wood 's photograph in the ''Railways and the First World War'' exhibition in Edinburgh's mainline Waverley Station today-May 1st . The exhibition featured Stockport engine cleaner Wilfred Wood V.C because he had been...
  16. J

    Victoria doesn't marry

    If Queen Victoria had taken Elizabeth 1 as a role model and not married, who would have succeded to the Crown on her death?
  17. BenSt

    William, Henry VIII, Elizabeth, Victoria ?

    I've been thinking about national identity and legends today, and I started to wonder about Kings and Queens. I'd argue that the UK's most well known and infamous Kings and Queens are: William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Elizabeth, and Victoria. In North America I'd say these four are quite...
  18. Triceratops

    The Victoria Cross

    It is almost exactly 160 years (21st June 1854) since a 19 year old Midshipman, Charles D Lucas, picked up a live shell from the deck of HMS Hecla and threw it overboard before it could explode. This action would be the first for which a Victoria Cross would be awarded*. Great Britain had gone...
  19. Joe Freeman

    Did Queen Victoria rule in Britain?

    Queen Victoria is the most prestiged monarch in late history. Under her reign United Kingdom became a prosperous(even more than what it was) peaceful and industrious country and helped molding what would become the modern world. It served as the role model for the rest of Europe and brought...
  20. Alcibiades

    Your favourite British Prime Minister of Queen Victoria

    OP is self-explanatory. Which MP who held office during Victoria's reign is your favorite? Why? Conversely, which one, if any, do you dislike?