1. HistoryColored

    [VIDEO] Restoration and Colorization of a Photo of a Civil War General

    Hello everyone! Here is a video I thought I would share of a restoration and colorization of Major General Oglesby of the Union Army. The photograph was taken in 1862 and is restored by Mario Unger. I'd love to know your thoughts on colorization.
  2. K

    Very detailed video on the Swahili Coast

    Does anyone know where I can find more information about the creators of this video? They spammed my comment section one day on like 10 of my videos advertising their website. Normally this would bother me but they had some good stuff on their YouTube channel, however, all of their comments are...
  3. HistoryColored

    The Blues Legend That Sould His Soul To The Devil (Video)

    Hello everyone, I made this small biographical video on famous delta blues artist Robert Johnson. I find the story of Robert Johnson so fascinating because there is just such a small amount of information on him. There are only 2 photographs that are definitely him and there are no photographs...
  4. ghostexorcist

    10 Facts About Sun Wukong the Monkey King

    10 Facts About Sun Wukong the Monkey King by Jim R. McClanahan Click here to learn more about the historical, religious, and folklore influences on Journey to the West I recently created a youtube video detailing ten lesser-known facts about the Monkey King. Below I link to the video and...
  5. J

    The main reason of the German defeat in WW2: OIL and forced demotorization (VIDEO)

    The German defeat in WW2 has surly many-many reasons, but this is vastly overshadow every other reasons and aspects. OIL and forced DEMOTORIZATION of the German army. It is an extremely well prepared very very professional video about the situation in WW2, with hundreds of references from...
  6. J

    Does Democracy Really Exist in the elections of the USA? An interesting video

    PJy8vTu66tE Who was/were historically the responsible for the creation of such really bad system? It is not a real democracy, but a puppet theater of big companies. Are there any serious people or pressure groups who fight against this unfair system? Share you opinion!
  7. Naima

    Video on Indoeuropeans

    Since I can't understand well his accent, he seems to eat words and speak not really clear, so I don'tunderstand all what he says ... What do you think of what he is saying in the video? C4JPMYHTZis
  8. P

    Easter Rising 1916 (Youtube Video)

    Hi there, So, I used to frequent this place (5 years ago lol) Anyway, I've created a youtube video exporing the origins of the Easter Rising. I hope it'll be the first in a series. I'd love it if you guys had a look at it, and maybe we could discuss it here. Video: g9kOfIdGZ6Q Remember this...
  9. HistoryMarche

    Hannibal, The Second Punic War (part 1) - new animated history video

    Going back to the BCE era this time. sF1zOflXZKY
  10. M

    Hello everyone I've just finished my new Roosevelt video, let me know what you think.

    Hello Guys, after two weeks solid research and editing I've finally finished my Roosevelt documentary. Feedback would be gratefully received and if you like please comment and subscribe on YouTube. New videos every week or so. U9QkfVAMssM
  11. H

    My short educational video on the rise of Ottoman empire

    I have created a short educational video on the rise of Ottomans. I would be grateful for any feedback. MpOfC14vw3k
  12. analysis17456

    A.I. Uses Video Game to Learn

    Playing for Data: Ground Truth from Computer Games: JGAIfWG2MQQ "Recent progress in computer vision has been driven by high-capacity models trained on large datasets. Unfortunately, creating large datasets with pixel-level labels has been extremely costly due to the amount of human effort...
  13. HistoryMarche

    Battle of Vaslui, 1475 - Animated history video

    I've made a fully animated video about the Battle of Vaslui, fought between the army of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire on January 10th 1475. Though information on the battle is available in written form, I can't think of a documentary in English that mentions it. Let me know what you think...
  14. H

    my short video on rise of ancient Rome

    --8N9z3AUeo I welcome comments to improve it.
  15. Spike117

    Interesting Video on Roman Evolution

    9r9yg5BXAnE While it is a bit slow, I found this to be a pretty intriguing video. Thoughts?
  16. T

    Video about the history of Albania (350 BC - 2017)
  17. B

    Video - I've seen the Promised Land - A Glimpse into Black Film History

    This is one of the most amazing tributes to Black Film History I've seen. Beautiful. :)
  18. H

    History of Venezuela video

    Hey, just did a new video on Venezuela.. far from complete but has the main events since the 1500's. PPBv99D48EM Let me know if you have any comment or corrections!
  19. H

    South America / Video on Uruguay and River Plate region

    I tried another video this time with the History of Uruguay, a country we do not speak enough of! It is in Spanish but hopefully graphic enough that even non native speakers will understand: En7FCAHTyuE Please let me know if you have comments and /or spot any mistakes or omissions. Thank you!
  20. E

    Need help with this video on muslim empires

    I_To-cV94Bo This is one of those videos by Bill Warner about "Political Islam", "relentless jihad". It maps the battles that caliphate forces fought with Europeans. I have a strong sense this isn't right, showing Islam as a monolithic evil that wants to take over, other stuff that is considered...