1. Child of Dragon

    Do you think that the US aggressively preventing Vietnam reunification justified?

    Have the US not created South Vietnam in 1955 and prevented the expected general election in 1956, the Vietnam War would have never happened. Do you think that it is better if 58000 Americans and 1 millions Vietnamese are still alive?
  2. dlnewhouse

    partition of French Indo-China

    Is there any book that covers the partition of French Indo-China into Cambodia and Vietnam?
  3. B

    [Vietnam War] M1 helmet and it's cover's graffitis

    Howdy! After doing a small research around the Internet about the so well known "graffitis" that soldiers made on their issued M1 helmets, I came to the point where I am left without any resources. I decided to come to the forum and ask you folks out about a bit more details about them. I've...
  4. N

    I need help identifying a Garrison pin :)

    Hello all! New user here! I was directed to this forum by a friend who said ya'll are extremely helpful. My dad sent me a picture of this old Garrison cap pin today. An old friend gave it to him along with an Arisaka 38 series rifle. My dad thinks it is a Vietnam Era (C word) cap pin. Any...
  5. R

    I think I have a vietnam photo that's worth a bunch

    So, I titled this thread in order to capture attention of anyone that is critical and a history buff. I am really quite out of my element on this website. I'm here because of this photo. My deceased father in law was a combat photographer during Vietnam. A month ago, my mother in law brought out...
  6. K

    If the Vietnam war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?

    And when I say stop, I don't mean to protest it but actually stop it...... sanction America, blockade America, sever alliances and treaties with America, threaten America, protect Vietnamese, protect Vietnam?
  7. artistauthor

    Would it have been a good idea for Vietnam to be neutralized?

    Would it have been a good idea for Vietnam to be neutralized(like Austria after WWII and Laos in 1962)? True, this might have led to a Communist Vietnam anyway but given that several prominent US military men such as Matthew Ridgway, Douglas McCarthur(US Army) and David Shoup, Commandant, US...
  8. A

    Vietnam War - Which current situation is it most similar to or relates to?

    Do you think there are any situations in the world today which the Vietnam War is either in some way similar to or the lessons of the war relate to in any way?
  9. M

    Is there any credibility that US POWs were left in Vietnam after retreating in 1973 ?

    I know this was subject of several Vietnam war movies , conspiracies and led to legends. Were any US POWs left behind at the hands of North Vietnam due to whatever neferious reason ?
  10. R

    Vietnam War: A-7s vs. F-105s

    The A-7 Corsair had the best safety record in this war theater, while the F-105 Thunderchief had the highest loss rate. Was this due to a difference in the aircraft, for example the A-7's new avionics (including HUD), or was it due to a difference in their missions (was the A-7 less likely to be...
  11. RomanEmperor

    Captain Dale Dye Talks Vietnam, Korea, Lebanon, and more!

    Check it out! Let me know your thoughts. The Ajay Bruno Show - Dale Dye Interview 05/08 by Ajay Bruno | Military Podcasts
  12. A

    Vietnam War - left and right positions then and now

    I am curious about what the views were on the Vietnam War with regards to whether or not and why the war was justified. 1) What were the views on this at the time What was the spectrum of opinion and what was the reasoning. I'm curious to hear any minority opinions besides what the consensus...
  13. artistauthor

    Could the US have won the Vietnam War?

    I have often thought about the apocryphal story of the North Vietnamese officer, who a few years after the fall of Saigon was confronted by his US counterpart and was told "You know, you NEVER defeated us in the field; we even won the "Tet Offensive"!" The North Vietnamese officer smiled( some...
  14. A

    Sources on the Vietnam War

    I'm looking for recomendations on resources on the Vietnam War. I'm looking for two types of materials: 1. general overview Something that gives a general history of the war (prelude, the war itself and maybe a bit on the aftermath). Doesn't need to go into a great degree of detail and...
  15. J

    Books about ancient Vietnam (hopefully from Vietnamese sources)

    Hello all! In research for a podcast I am seeking books about Ancient Vietnam, specifically in the time before Colonial Indochina. I already have or know of: The Birth of Vietnam by K.W. Taylor Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and Americans in Vietnam by F. Fitzgerald Vietnam: A New...
  16. artistauthor

    Hue, Vietnam's forgotten massacre

    This year will be the 50th anniversary of the Hue massacre( of anti-Communist South Vietnamese) during the Tet offensive of 1968. Whereas everyone familiar with the Vietnam War has heard of the "My Lai massacre" of villagers by the US Army in March 1968(no I am NOT suggesting that two wrongs...
  17. artistauthor

    Why was Jane Fonda NEVER prosecuted for what she did in Vietnam?

    For all the huffing and puffing about "Hanoi Jane" Fonda and her allegedly "treasonous" activities during her visit to Vietnam in 1972, it has always seemed strange that the then Nixon Administration NEVER sought to formally prosecute her( as past Administrations did for "Axis Sally" and "Tokyo...
  18. LatinoEuropa

    War Ultramar - África Portuguesa 1961/1974

    friends have here some visuals on the colonial wars of Portuguese Africa. me and many Portuguese can give thanks to the revolution of portugal on April 25, 1974 the Portuguese dictatorship lasted 48 years that made millions of Portuguese suffer ... amigos tem aqui alguns vedeos sobre as guerras...
  19. O

    USA much more determined to win Vietnam War

    What if the USA was as determined to win in Vietnam as it was in WWII? Suppose it had, what would Vietnam's and Cambodia's fates have been between then and now?
  20. SirOrmondeWinter

    What was the pivotal event (from the American perspective) of the Vietnam War?

    1. Gulf of Tonkin-puts America into direct combat in the war rather than just advisors. 2. Tet Offensive-a great military victory for the allies which turned into a PR disaster. 3. Hamburger Hill-underlined the futility of the Allied strategy. 4. General Westmoreland deciding to give the...