1. J

    How much Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and English revolutions of 1600s?

    I recently read that one reason for the opposition to James II was the fear by large landowners that a Catholic restoration would entail a restoration of all the Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and in the course of the revolutions of the 1600s--7/10ths of the entire area of England. Is this...
  2. JaddHaidar

    Poll: Favorite Wife of Henry VIII

    I realize this subject was opened before. But let's open it again.. Now back to the point; As the title implies.. Which of Henry VIII's six unfortunate yet remarkable wives is your favorite? I'd love to hear your opinions on the subject, as well.
  3. Jake10

    If Henry VIII and Catherine's Son, (Henry, Duke of Cornwall) had survived

    If their son had not died, would Henry still have wanted a divorce? Would he have broken off from the Catholic church?,_Duke_of_Cornwall
  4. Lawnmowerman

    Edward VIII and his marriage/rebellion.

    Was asked this excellent question by JM1906 in the most controversial marriages thread and thought it worthy of its own thread Did his marriage came from rebellion towards the royal family, or did the rebellion comes from the marriage? Well????
  5. MCR

    Who was your favorite wife of Henry VIII?

    Everyone has a favorite which is yours?
  6. P

    What if Henry VIII took interest in Colonisation?

    Henry had no real interest in exploration/colonisation as his interests lay in restoring the English empire in France. However what could have happened if Henry VIII focused on colonisation instead of fruitless conquests in France? Could England have been an even greater player in North America...
  7. Commodus

    Edward VIII - The Nazi King?

    Edward VIII is a deeply controversial figure in British history. Both for his shameful abdication, and the dark rumours which circulated about his Nazi sympathies. But what were the extent of these sympathies? Some historians have posited that had Hitler successfully invaded, Edward would...
  8. R

    what do people here think of Michael VIII Paleologus?

    What do people here think of Michael VIII Paleologus, I think he should be commended for holding the territories that the Byzantines managed to recover from the Latins after the recovery of Constantinople, and for keeping the Byzantine army intact and a formidable force, and for rebuilding the...
  9. Aupmanyav

    "Hindu" in Yashta VIII

    Verse 32. "And the bright and glorious Tishtrya rises up from the sea Vouru-Kasha, O Spitama Zarathushtra! the bright and glorious Satavaesa rises up from the sea Vouru-Kasha; and vapours rise up above Mount Us-Hindu, that stands in the middle of the sea Vouru-Kasha." AVESTA: KHORDA AVESTA...
  10. HistoricalGeek

    Henry VIII and His Six Queens

    Yes, I know some of you will be asking what I mean by the title as you know the series as ‘Henry VIII and his six wives’ but I am going by the title on the screen. So, this is a new venture for me as a reviewer, I’ve never really been the type to look at ‘historical documentaries’ as something...
  11. Bishop

    What if ...Edward VIII DIDN'T Abdicate?

    The British Royal Family are always good for UK tabloid fodder. This was no different in 1936. New King Edward VIII, young dashing playboy among the most photographed celebrities in the world before taking the throne. He presented the Wales Trophy to the NHL (still used today). During World War...
  12. Balian

    Anne of Cleeves: King`s beloved sister

    Why did Henry VIII give Anne of Cleeves the title King's Beloved Sister ? and yes title is probably the wrong word to use. But i am just using it as i can`t think of the word that is probably the correct word to use.
  13. King Arthur

    Did Henry VIII really explode?

    The traditional tale about Henry VIII's end is that he was in a church, and that his stomach just burst open and his rotting guts spilled out. Is this true? Do we have any evidence that happened, or that it's even possible for a human to spontaneously explode?
  14. Balian

    Why did Henry VIII not have Anne of Cleves executed?

    Why did Henry VIII not have Anne of Cleves executed?
  15. Moros

    Henry VIII's new church

    When Henry VIII established the Church of England, what hierarchical changes occurred within the Church?
  16. Lawnmowerman

    Did a Jousting accident turn Henry VIII into a tyrant

    In 1536 Henry VIII was knocked unconscious in a jousting tournament, afterwards his behavior changed and he became far more paranoid and ruthless. Did this accident change his behavior or was he just being a normal medieval monarch. The jousting accident that turned Henry VIII into a tyrant -...
  17. BenSt

    Gustav I, Henry VIII, and Clement VII

    This came up in another thread, and I was wondering what people thought. Henry VIII is notoriously known for having broken with the Church in Rome and is said to be the first Protestant Monarch. However, Gustav I of Sweden at almost exactly the same time was having problems with the same Pope...
  18. benzev

    Best Portrayal of Henry VIII?

    Henry VIII has been portrayed many times on film and TV. Currently of course, Damian Lewis is reprising the role of the King in Wolf Hall. But who do you feel gave the most believable, convincing performance? In what performance might Henry have recognised himself, so to speak? I attach a...
  19. T

    Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn, Elizabeth I

    What do you think Elizabeth I thought of her father when she found out that her Mother had had her head cut off on orders of her father?.
  20. T

    Henry VIII knowledge of the World

    When Henry VIII was ruling England how much Geopolitical knowledge of the world would he have had, I don't think he travelled outside England much in his life, we know he went to France, he would have travelled all around England and probably Wales, I am not sure if he ever crossed the Scottish...