1. V

    Help identifying Viking stone carving?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here could help with identifying this stone carving. It was given to me with the assurance it was Viking in origin and dated 1200 years old. Anyone got any thoughts?
  2. A

    When the Greenland colony (Viking) declined, why didn't they just colonize Canada?

    The Greenlanders knew about Vinland/Canada. As their colony was declining, some probably left for Iceland, but why didn't they try refounding the Vinland colony?
  3. T

    Viking raids on the Iberian Peninsula

    I know that there were Viking raids on what is now Spain and Portugal, but I don't know the specifics. Were these Vikings Danish, Norwegian, or even Swedish? When was the first and when was the last? I've heard that the last were on the Balearic Islands in around 1030 and I am wondering if that...
  4. Polynikes

    Who was the greatest Viking General/Warrior and why?

    Broadly speaking, who would you say was the greatest Viking Warrior/Commander of the period and why? For me, its a two way tie between Ivarr the Boneless and Haraldr Hardrada, what do you guys think, and what can be gained from the Viking's respective campaigns?
  5. T

    Should the Viking Age be considered to have started earlier?

    The Viking Age is generally considered to have began with the raid on Lindisfarne in AD 793. However, there were earlier incidents that perhaps can lay claim as well. The landing at Weymouth Bay in 1789, the discover of the Salme Ships which date to around 700-750, and the Geatish king Hygelac's...
  6. Jake10

    Were there cases of Viking female rulers, as in queens without kings?

    Did the Vikings accept female rulers?
  7. cachibatches

    What Viking Sagas deal with Swedan?

    Good Day All, I occasionally like to to read a Viking Saga, and an currently tackling the Orkneyinga Saga for the new year. I also have King Harlod's Saga and Egil's Saga in my library. It seems that these and most other readily avaialable sagas deal with Norway, Denmark, Iceland and...
  8. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Timeline of Viking Raids on the Welsh

    The Viking attacks on the native welsh and the Britons is often overlooked for the better-recorded attacks and battles with the Saxons of England. The Viking raids on Saxon England is the subject of many documentaries and books. (probably 100s) Most of these don't even mention the natives of the...
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    Viking raids in the Far East

    If the arctic wasn't blocked by ice, could the Vikings have established a string of bases along northern Siberia to the north pacific and then raided along the coast of Japan and China? From there possibly up the Yangze river and southeast asia?
  10. X

    Viking Age/early Medieval Beekeeping?

    Hello, I am just doing some personal research - I know this is a very weird topic Does anyone know of any historical sources relating to the keeping of bees in Northern Europe 6-11th century? Any archaeological evidence for honey trade? Any mentions of this in sagas, religious texts? Thanks
  11. T

    Last True Viking?

    Though the Viking Age is often considered to have ended with the death of Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge in 1066 there continued to be men that lived the Viking life style and could be considered the last of the Vikings. So who do you think it is? Harald, his grandson Magnus Barefoot who...
  12. Commodus

    Viking use of the blowgun

    The blowgun is a weapon which has been used in many parts of the world, and looking up its instances in Europe, I was surprised to see it mentioned that the Vikings employed this weapon. Later in European history it was used in Germany to hunt small birds, but did the Vikings use it in the same...
  13. T

    Viking Sieges

    During the Viking Age the Norse people primarily conducted hit and raid tactics or field battles, but they occasionally conducted sieges. Perhaps the most famous of these are the two siege of Paris in 845 (possibly led by the legendary Ragnar) and 885, the various siege of Constantinople by the...
  14. N

    How much christianity influenced Edda?

    As titled: how much christianity (or antique) influenced on Edda and norse mythology generally? I found next shortened texts are from book Finnish folklore research (1954). Information is old, but nevertheless fascinating, because I haven't found proper info about these things, exept what...
  15. N

    30.5 m. long viking ship being buildt

    Last week I visited the building of a viking ship in Nordfjordeid, Norway. The ship is based on a ship called the Myklebust ship. The burned remains of the Myklebust ship around 830 AD found in a burial mound in Nordfjordeid. The dimentions could be seen by studying nails, coal and other...
  16. K

    [Help!] Fully assembling the Norse runic alphabet (Futhark) in unicode

    I've always been interested in Scandinavian and Nordic history and found their runes beautiful and mysterious. I was then quite pleasantly surprised to find that all of the Norse runes from both the Younger and Elder Futharks were available in unicode! I thought I'd just transcribe them all so I...
  17. Joe Freeman

    Raiding and piracy in the North Sea before Viking Age?

    What do you know about pirates and raiders of the North Sea before the Viking age started properly(793 AD)? Did it happen before, were there any raiders attacking the British Isles before the Vikings started wrecking havoc in EUrope? What about piracy?
  18. T

    Viking Jewelry History and Facts

    Introduction to Viking Jewelry: The Vikings while warriors and farmers, still loved their trinkets and jewelry. The Vikings would wear an array of jewelry items, men and women were both fans of the shiny metal objects that would have added some glamour to their world. The most interesting part...
  19. T

    Article about end of Viking Age

    Viking History - What happened to Vikings:
  20. E

    A Little Viking History Humor

    This is great...enjoy...