1. Y

    Pagan Societies were barbaric because Christian values were not around.

    A history check will show what societies were like before Christianity: Roman society entertainment of gladiators and people being fed to wild beasts for example. All societies before the Christianity you will find very inhumane and barbaric lifestyles. These societies did not have Christian...
  2. Tammuz

    Violence in earliest Islam

    First, the development of the protagonist. Probably born in Mecca in 570, Muhammad was raised after early orphanage by desert bedouins and then admitted by relatives in Mecca, where he worked as a camel driver. At the age of 25 he met the rich and much older Chadidja, became her lover and ran...
  3. R

    Is Islam more successful because it is willing to use violence as a means to an end?

    Is Islam more successful at imposing its conservative orthodoxy against liberalism because it is willing to use violence as a means to impose it will against social Liberals in Islamic countries? Like the recent protests radical Islamists against the former governor of Jakarta? Compare this to...
  4. caldrail

    They Ruled With Violence And Oppression?

    A recent television documentary broadcast had the presenter proclaim in the introduction, along with mood heightening music, that Rome was "an empire that ruled through violence and oppression". It's a powerful theme, one that conjures an image of an outraged emperor leaping to his feet, a...
  5. caldrail

    Violence of Peasantry Against Nobility

    Last week I was asked by a work colleague about peasants killing their noble betters in British medieval times. This isn't my area of expertise, but my subsequent investigation reveals increasing legal action against the nobility, especially toward the latter end of the period, in order to...
  6. throughthepastdarkly

    Scripture-mandated Judeo-Christian incitements to violence/chauvinism v. nonbelievers

    I see posts including quotes like the following once in a while on the internet re: Islamic incitements to violence or at least chauvinism against nonbelievers... • “Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the...
  7. Salah

    Al Capone, and the violence of Prohibition-era Chicago

    As implied by my current avatar, this has been the focus of much of my armchair research lately. Like many of the other famous 'bad men' in American history, Capone is a polarizing figure, and one that pop culture leaves us inclined to sympathize with, even despite all the death and suffering...
  8. VHS

    Increased Violence in Canada?

    While the general trend is that violence is decreasing in Canada, the mass shootings and the want to glorify the past have crept in. Right in my community, some people tend to glorify the past with less crimes or bad things. Glorifying "small town lives" isn't getting anywhere; bad things happen...
  9. robto

    Violence map: homicide rates by sub-national level

    I recently found a map that was produced by some reddit user and it was based on a UN statistic concerning the homicide rate by sub-national level of the entire world in 2012. I found this information very interesting in the way that you can actually indicate which parts of the world are more...
  10. VHS

    Mass shootings in the USA and general history of violence in the USA

    I would like to learn about the general history of violence in the USA; due to a few cases of mass shootings in the recent years, many people claim cases of violence have increased.
  11. T

    Can the human race's tendency twards violence ever be removed

    You can extend this premise to self-value maximisation(Basically greed), separatist ideology and other social and biological constructs that inhibit human kinds co operative tendencies Could we ever outgrow these, or remove them forcibly to achieve a state of total global peace? and if...
  12. P

    If the EU breaks apart will violence follow?

    I'm worried about the decline of Europe. Do you think I'm paranoid?
  13. S

    History on honor and violence?

    So, I know that Honor was the source of conflict in the south. People would defend their public opinion by challenging someone who insulted them to a duel. What about the west? How was honor a source of conflict there? I have re-read the text given to us for this assignment twice, but cannot...
  14. R

    Criminals That Hated Violence

    In the TV show White Collar, Neal Caffrey hates guns and goes out of his way to avoid violence whenever possible. What real life "successful" criminals from history loathed violence and used other tactics to inspire loyalty in their followers and to obtain their goals? A few details...
  15. Alburz

    Which religion does/did promote violence the most?

    1. Judaism 2. Christianity 3. Islam 4. Buddhism 5. Hinduism 6. Zoroastrianism 7. Confucianism 8. Paganism, Shamanism, animism, Other.
  16. SSDD

    Does Rap music promote violence?

    Does Rap music promote violence? Here are many- So what do you think? I am confused.:unsure:
  17. P

    purpose of using non violence

    was the use of non violence more of a tactic/strategy then a philosophy when ML King, SNCC, and Gandhi used it
  18. Jake10

    How common is if for men to experience domestic violence while in relationships?

    We often hear about violence against women, but how about men? We know it happens, but do men tend to keep quiet about it? Domestic violence against men: Know the signs - Mayo Clinic
  19. CyrusTheGreat

    Why deceit & violence essential characteristics in Political leaders...

    of radical ideologies, such as Hitler and Stalin? Can you guys elaborate?
  20. RoyalHill1987

    Is violence ever justified?

    Is violence ever justified? Throughout history, it seems that the elite have been unwilling to make changes for the better unless they are forced to do so. Nobody ever willingly hands over rights. Usually rights are granted, following violent struggle. In England, Parliament had to fight a...