1. Tammuz

    Goddess Isis as model for Virgin Mary

    Good witnesses for the origin of Marian devotion from polytheistic cults are early Christian church fathers like Epiphanius and Anastasius, who opposed the Marian devotion, exactly because it had a pagan background, but without success, since the need among the people for a replacement for the...
  2. C

    Was Elizabeth I REALLY a virgin?

    Curious about everyone's opinion? Sent from my LGMS330 using Tapatalk
  3. Ahriman

    Virgin Mary mixed with Artemis in Ephesos?

    I visited Ephesos last week. The main godess there was Artemis. Artemis was the godess of fertility and also a mother godess. It was interesting, that mary, after jesus execution moved to Ephesos and her house can be visited there. Before moving to Ephesos Mary was never called "mother of god"...
  4. M.S. Islam

    Instead of Virgin Birth, Jesus (pbuh) Had A Biological Father...

    Would he (pbuh) still be deified?
  5. T

    The Virgin of Guadalupe: Was It Real?

    Hi there, I'm a historian just like all of you! Today we'll be talking about some urban myth that was started by a man named Juan Diego. Now this man is in fact a prophet from the Virgin Mary... Or was he? I'm not sure but apparently this guy was told a message by this supposed 'Virgin...
  6. A

    Virgin birth

    Virgin birth. Was the basis of the virgin births in some religions based on actual accounts of conception without intercourse? Or, more likely, A lie about an afair that kind of got a little out of hand?
  7. diddyriddick

    Virgin birth in the natural world

    I found this one interesting. The Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society has published a paper claiming "fatherless" birth in snakes. As an aside, can we please limit this to the biological implications. Mystery behind virgin births explained - Technology & science - Science -...
  8. historyisfun!

    President James Buchanan Was a Virgin

    Look here: Did President James Buchanan have kids I think he is the greatest President of the USA. Clean and unsullied. It is good to be a virgin. It is good to be a rebel. Dear President James Buchanan: "You sir, were a rebel!"
  9. arras

    Croats ask the Virgin Mary to save them from the EU

    Public pools shows only 38% support for entering EU among Croat citizens. A group of Croatians are putting their faith in God in the hope that they will not have to join the EU.