1. JM1906

    Vladimir Putin Speech and Russia's most recent nuclear powered missile

    https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/03/putin-boasts-new-strategic-weapons-will-make-us-missile-defense-useless/ So, some days ago, Rússia anounced a new tecnological inovative weapon, a nuclear powered missile. Various articles were made about the projects of having nuclear power planes...
  2. Decembrist

    Vladimir Slepak, Famed Soviet Refusenik, Dies

    One of the most iconic activists in the Soviet Jewry movement, Volodya Slepak, has died. A man with a fascinating life story, Slepak’s father had been a diehard communist who opposed his son’s 17-year-long struggle to emigrate out of the Soviet Union (a generational battle chronicled...
  3. Redbad

    Vladimir Putin Threatens World War 3

    Vladimir Putin Threatens World War 3, Says Russia Could Invade Europe Within Two Days
  4. S

    Vladimir Clementis and Israel

    I have one question about czechoslovakian foreign minister Vladimir Clementis. I read an article, where author suggested, that Clementis was responsible for weapon delivery to Israel to support jews in their war for independence in 1948-49. I have found everywhere, that Stalin decided to help...
  5. Arlington

    Russian President Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Truly unfathomable. Russian President Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize - NY Daily News
  6. AssyrianMelodies

    Is Vladimir Putin a strong leader?

    Is Putin the president of Russia a strong or punny president state your opinion
  7. AssyrianMelodies

    Is Vladimir Putin a strong leader

    Is Putin a strong leader what is your opinion.
  8. Widdekind

    Vladimir Ilyushin = 1st cosmonaut ?

    Yuri Gegarin was the first human to orbit, and return safely to, earth. But, days before, Vladimir Ilyushin may have been the first human to orbit, and return alive to, earth. (Months earlier, another Russian had orbited earth, but died in space.) The failed missions were (allegedly) quashed...
  9. Cavanboy

    Vladimir Lenin, Good or Bad?

    Was Vladimir Lenin a good leader? I have read that he did not like Stalin one bit and he was labelled one of the greatest political leaders of the 20th century in readers digest I believe, but he was also a revolutionary who had people killed, so all in all, what is your opinion on Lenin?
  10. pixi666

    What if Vladimir the Great had made Islam or Judaism the state religion?

    Vladimir the Great of Russia had to choose between Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. What if he had chosen differently? How would this have changed history?
  11. red4tribe

    Are there any good biographies on Vladimir Lenin?

    I was just browsing the web for bios on Lenin and I was somewhat surprised that I had such a hard time finding a good english bio. Any suggestions?
  12. M

    Vladimir Komarov Recording

    Cosmonaut Crashed Into Earth 'Crying In Rage' : Krulwich Wonders? : NPR I can image his anger and regret during those last few minutes.