1. D

    Marshal Friedrich Von Rolzhausen

    Hello everybody.I am looking for informations about the marshal from Hesse,Friedrich Von Rolzhausen,who participated at the wars of Religion in France during the XVIth century.Thank you.
  2. Dr Kananga MP

    Why did Franz von Papen wear a black at.band as Chancellor in 194ll

    EDIT: THREAD TITLE SHOULD READ: Why did Franz von Papen wear a black armband as Chancellor in 1932? A new topic from me on my fifth anniversary as a member here. :) I've long wondered about this having seen various images of Franz von Papen with a black armband attached to his suit, in some...
  3. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg lives until 1950

    What if Alien Space Bats would have allowed Paul von Hindenburg to live until 1950--when he would have been either 103 or 104 years old? How would this have affected Germany in the years and decades after 1934? Any thoughts on this?
  4. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg dies in 1931

    What if Paul von Hindenburg would have been in worse health and would have thus died three years earlier than he did in real life (after all, he was already 83-84 in 1931). Who would the main challenger to Hitler in 1932 be in this scenario? Also, would this challenger have defeated Hitler...
  5. D

    general Von Dohna Von Schlobitten

    Hello.I am searching jnformations about the career of the german general Von Dohna von Schlobitten who had participated at the Von Stauffenberg putsch against Hitler and who had been executed by the SS.Thank you.
  6. D

    general Heinrich Von Dohna Von Schlobitten

    Hello everybody.I am looking for informations about the biography of the general Heinrich Von Dohna,descendant of french huguenots,member of the complot against Hitler and executed by the nazis in 1944.
  7. D

    General-Feldmarshall Von Dohna

    Hello everybody.I am looking informations about the general-feldmarshall Alexander Von Dohna Von Schlobitten (1661-1728) borned in Switzerland and died in Koenigsberg.He was the son of the burgrave Friedrich Von Dohna and Esperance Dupuy de Ferrassieres.Thank you.
  8. D

    Friedrich Von Dohna /Esperance Dupuy de Ferrassieres

    Hello everybody.I am looking for informations about the burgrave F. Von Dohna and his huguenot wife Esperance Dupuy de Ferrassieres who lived in Berne (Switzerland) during the XVIIth century.Thank you.
  9. T

    Podcast on Historical Figures (e.g. Otto von Bismarck)

    Hey everyone, I'm making a podcast on historical figures called TheHistorytime. So far I've made an 11 episode series on Bismarck. I've primarily used Jonathan Steinberg's Bismarck A Life, AJP Taylor's Bismarck The Man and the Statesman and Katharine Lerman's Bismarck as sources. I'm also...
  10. Z

    Why was GFM von Bock selected as Chief of Army Group South in 1942?

    Field Marshal von Bock led the unsuccessful march on Moscow (not his fault). Hitler rarely forgave subordinates for failure. He dismissed 40 senior officials after the Moscow debacle, many of them didn't get another posting for the rest of the war, yet von Bock returned to action within a month...
  11. S

    Otto von Bismarck: the great peace maker?

    Obviously it depends on your point of view, but his priorities did change after German unification was achieved. He led the Concert of Europe to contain Russia and avoid war and considered Germany "sated" after 1871. He sought stable alliances and did not want Germany to challenge British naval...
  12. S

    von Rundstedt's Halt

    Germans invade the Low Countries > Western Front > Key Moments > WW2History.com There was a meeting between Hitler and von Rundstedt on May 24,1940. This was followed by a 2 day halt of the forces moving toward Dunkirk. These two days probably allowed the BEF to largely escape although large...
  13. C

    Charles V by Otto Von Habsburg

    Recently, I have been reading a book about Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (also known as Charles I of Spain). The book is titled Charles V, and it was written by Otto von Habsburg. Of course, since it was written by one of Charles' descendants, it is somewhat biased. Have you read it?
  14. Z

    Who else agrees GFM von Bock was the best German commander of WW2?

    He smashed enemy armies in Poland, the Low Countries and Barbarossa. He won several impressive victories on the Eastern front like Smolensk '41, Minsk '41, Kiev '41 and Kharkov '42 and the early battles of Case Blue. You can see that from all the great commanders Germany had, von Bock was given...
  15. AssyrianMelodies

    Was Von Paulus coerced, tortured or forced to go against the Nazis?

    This thought has just occurred to me. Is it possible that Frederich Von Paulus was coerced or forced to go against his former masters? I think this could be possible. He may have done this as a way to protect his captured troops or himself from punishment. I also find it interesting that...
  16. David Vagamundo

    Good biography of Otto von Bismarck

    Anyone know of a good biography? I am looking for something as a companion to Clark's Iron Kingdom. I started reading E. Eyck's Bismarck and the German Empire, but he assumes knowledge of Prussian history that I don't have and also has an ax to grind: Eyck is at pains to point out all of...
  17. K

    Karl Evald von Ronne

    Another Baltic German. He was initially in Swedish service but in either 1683 or 1685 he transferred to either Dutch or Danish service. Can anyone confirm which one and when? If Dutch it seems certain he saw a great deal of active service but was still only a Captain in 1697. I know he then...
  18. K

    Colonel Jakob Axel Stael von Holstein

    This soldier (1680-1730) was a Livonian German who served in the Swedish Army. He was in the Battle of Riga (probably in Swedish service) and then in the Battle of Hochstedt (possibly in Imperial or English service). He later was on the staff of the King of Poland. Can anyone give me more...
  19. S

    Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

    Between May 1928 and July 1930, the former General served as a Reichstag deputy for the monarchist German National People's Party. He intensely "distrusted Hitler and his movement," and approached his relative Hans-Jürgen von Blumenthal with an idea to form a coalition with the Stahlhelm against...
  20. P

    Hi, I am inspired by princess pauline von metternich

    blown away by her photo