1. P

    Roman Forum Walking Tour

    Hopefully this will be of interest to some, it's a very long and detailed self-guided tour of the Roman Forum that I wrote and posted on the Fodor's guidebook public Messageboard over the years. I'm a terrible writer but a Huge 'Roman Forum' history buff and I believe I was as accurate as...
  2. Revo

    Africa walking behind on development.

    How come Africa and sub-Saharan Africa in ggeneral are so behind Europe and the other parts of the world? Why has there never been African Empire of world class like there was in South-America, Europe and Asia. And finally is Africa going to get in line with the rest of the worlds development.
  3. Satuf

    Egyptian man stabbed by 3 bearded men for walking with his fiancee

    The Islamist moral police are the biggest suspects of this incident Suez knifing stirs fears of 'moral' policing in Egypt - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online