1. Linschoten

    Help wanted: Frauenmark(t) in or near Slovakia

    I wonder if anyone who has a knowledge of Slovakia or the neighbouring area might be able to help me out with an old geographical reference. I have a story set in the third quarter of the 18th Century in Frauenmark in the county of 'Honterser' (the source is French), in which it is implied that...
  2. P

    If you wanted to create a universal human calendar

    that encompassed all of human history but was not tied to any specific living culture, which would you use? Is there a date that far back secure enough to start a calendar with?
  3. M

    Nutty Conspiracy Theories about Nixon's flag

    Nutty conspiracy theories wanted about a Nixon press conference. I recently saw a clip of the November 17, 1973 press conference where Nixon claimed he was "not a Crook". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh163n1lJ4M In 1782 when designing a great seal of the United States of America the...
  4. Futurist

    Is it true that Ho Chi Minh wanted to develop N. Vietnam before capturing the South?

    I have heard on AlternateHistory.com that Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap (two very prominent figures in Northern Vietnam) wanted to develop North Vietnam before capturing South Vietnam whereas people such as Le Duan wanted to first conquer South Vietnam. I have also heard that Le Duan's faction...
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    FDR wanted to disarm all the world except big Four

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Policemen An interesting idea FDR apparently had was to disarm the rest of the world (except America, Britain, Soviets and China) of all weapons except rifles and make the big four the "Policemen" of the world. This wouldn't have worked long term as it would...
  6. V

    American History Enthusiasts & Popularizers Wanted

    I am looking for enthusiasts of American history to help develop scripts for audio tours for the US museums, historical sites, forts, etc. Especially wanted are connoisseurs in any period between Pilgrims and Civil Liberty Movement. If you love and know American history and would not mind...
  7. P

    CIA wanted to bribe Falkand islanders to quit in 1982

    The London ''Daily Mail had a story yesterday -January 21 -based on recently released CIA documesntation that reveals the Central Inteligence Agency wanted to prempt the 1982 Falkands War by offering every pro British Falkand islander £50,000 each to quit the islands and relocate in Scotland. In...
  8. AlpinLuke

    Hitler wanted Nefertiti ...

    This aspect of Hitler's life is not that known, but there is a possibility he thought to Akhenaten as model [did he feel to be a "German Pharaoh"?]. Anyway, there is an episode which is quite remarkable: when Goering, to gain diplomatic better relations with Egypt, was ready to send the...
  9. Romanianboy2013

    Why Yugoslavia after WW2 wanted to incorporate parts of Italy and Austria?

    They wanted Carinthia province from Austria and Trieste region from Italy. I just found this out and I want to know more. Did Yugoslavia wanted also the Venetia province also? I know for sure that they wanted to incorporate even Albania, but that failed after Soviet-Yugoslav split in 1948.
  10. R

    Hello. Help with research wanted

    Hello, I have joined this forum because I would like to write a book. This should be a work of fiction, but based on actual events. I was in the USA in 90s, mostly in Newark, DE. And when I was there, this event happened... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Grossberg_and_Brian_Peterson...
  11. A

    Muslims and Asians wanted

    Please, it is possible a thread about economics and welfare may start and it really needs the Muslim and Asian perspective. The history of Muslim and Asian economic development is different from the West, and we need many points of view to better understand the subject.
  12. T

    Anybody here who would have wanted to live during the Age of Sail?

    Anybody here who would have wanted to live during the Age of Sail?
  13. R

    if they really wanted it done, Could the Founders of abolished slavery in 1776

    Do you think the founders could of realistically abolished slavery in 1776 if they really wanted too the pole will be a simple "yes" or "no" but feel free to add context/why you think it could or could not of been done
  14. Andrew Bagpipe

    Jewish PM Netanyahu: not Hitler, but Arabs, wanted to exterminate the Jews in WW2

    According to Netanyahu, Hitler didn't really want to exterminate the Jews, but it was the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was the one who planted the idea of the extermination of European Jewry in Adolf Hitler's mind. Sources: Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the...
  15. Karl XII

    If a US president wanted to oversee all tactical decisions, could he?

    As commander in chief the President in charge of how the armed forces are used, but usually delegates to generals with more know how. Lets say that the president wanted to oversee battles and make all tactical decisions, would he be allowed? Lets say he was also a horrible general, what could...
  16. England Expects

    War of 1812: Is there any evidence that Britain wanted to occupy US territory?

    This isn't about who "won" (but I'll make a case for Britain winning if you want), nor is it about the proposed Native American State or "buffer" Territory supported by Britain. In terms of reorganising US territory this is about as far as it seemingly goes, but the two main supporters of...
  17. S

    Korea wanted 200000 troops frm USA in 1880's

    the king of Korea, thought America is a gentleman's country renowned for its virtue. so kining Go-jong wanted US troops. but US congress rejected because it's not economical to send troops. but Koreans waited until Japan and USA fight. then US troops came Korea in 1945.
  18. Romanianboy2013

    Why Surinam became independent in 1975?

    At the time Surinam was named dutch Guyana and was part of Kingdom of Netherlands. Why they leave the kingdom?After the independence the country descended into military coups and civil wars. The country is made by to many ethnic groups that found difficult the cohabitation with each other. So...
  19. N

    U.S. student held in North Korea tells CNN: 'I wanted to be arrested'

    That's interesting. Nice public stunt, there, world (for using a "pro-North Korean" South Korean citizen living in the USA). You'll be surprised: there are many pro-Pyongyang Korean-Canadians/Americans under the radar and not many Canadians/Americans know about this.
  20. B

    Just wanted to introduce myself...

    Hello, my name is Bobby! I am from Florida and I am a Sales Manager for a petroleum company and a student of history at Seminole State College in Central Florida. However, at the start of the new semester I will be enrolling at UCF for another 2 years. I just wanted to introduce myself and I...