war of independence

  1. Niobe

    Revolutionary War: Who's Your Military Favorite (To Love or Hate)

    I'm just interested to hear who everyone favors when it comes to Revolutionary War combatants - whether American or British. I find I am often more captivated by the ones that were rotten, prideful, cruel, contradictory or useless than the ones that were exemplary... they just tend to be very...
  2. Gile na Gile

    An unenviable bind - RIC in the War of Independence

    I have ancestors that were both Royal Irish Constabulary and IRA during the Anglo-Irish War and Pro and Anti-Treaty after it and its impossible not to sympathise with any of them on a human level. The plight of the RIC was sad particularly from 1918 on but they still had conscious political...
  3. General Michael Collins

    The Sinn Féin Courts

    The Sinn Féin Courts Following the establishment of Dáil Éireann in 1918, and the Decision by the alternative Nationalist government to use its army, The IRA, to militarily force the British to accept defeat or make concessions, problems of a practical nature arose due to the success of the...