1. Shemesh

    What can you tell me about the german officer in this picture? (WWII)

    I found a picture of a german officer and I'm very curious to find out more about him. Things like, his army ranking and the significance of the things on his Waffenrock. Also in which year do you estimate this photo to have been taken? I would be very happy if anyone could share his/her...
  2. Imperia

    effects of the Spanish Armada wins

    Victory of the Spanish Armada The Spanish Navy was defeated by British and Allied forces led by Elizabeth the First. So I ask, A victory of the navy would lead to an effective occupation of England? What would be the British Empire situation? since it was just beginning. Could England be...
  3. M

    Kriegsarchiv in Vienna

    Hello, Is here anybody who go into Kriegsarchiv in Vienna regularly? I need some more information about Kriegsarchiv from anybody who go there regularly. I am interested in First World War and there is archival documents of Feldjagerbataillon Nr. 32 which recruit men from distric Prešov...
  4. ydq328

    Have the sahel heavy cavalry ever used iron horse armour

    sehel cavalry(yan lifida),The image is generally,use quilted armor and iron chanfrons I'd love to know,Just like Sasanian and Byzantium cataphract ,Do they have them? Only in a chad cavalry seen the iron armour Do you have more pictures? chain mail and scale armour I am sorry that my...
  5. R

    Appeal for any historical events regarding women influencing society/culture more than an invading/conquering group.

    A while back I remember hearing an account of an invading army conquering a group of people and adding them to the society of their homeland, killing most/all of the men and taking the women. The story went that the women of the conquered group raised the children they bore in the traditions of...
  6. Kirialax

    Military logistics to A.D. 1500, a very incomplete bibliography

    Some of my recent work has concerned pre-modern military logistics, and I thought that I'd share some of the bibliography that I have built up. This is primarily medieval and eastern Mediterranean, and heavily focused on scholarship written in English. I'd appreciate additions from anyone who...
  7. Gucci Vespucci

    Why are the Italians so underrated?

    Almost every culture has had an empire and a high point. The Italians had it in the ancient Roman Empire. Even without being unified for another 1200 years, the Italians were still formidable and were absolutely untouchable because of the Pope. So why does 1 war where they got invaded by the...
  8. Commodus

    Favorite Civil War story?

    The American Civil War is an incredibly interesting time in history, full of big personalities and big leaps in warfare - from tactics to the technology armies used. And as it's a subject of such interest to this forum, and so many of you are very learned on the issue, I thought it would be nice...
  9. EmperorTigerstar

    The Battle for the Indian Ocean

    Might as well make the first thread for this new section. So one thing that I think is simultaneously interesting but overlooked is the battle for trade in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, being the smallest non-polar ocean, is usually not discussed as much compared to the Atlantic and...
  10. Dose

    What historically-considered war atrocities do you think were justified?

    I'm unsure myself but I'm very open to hearing different views on this topic.
  11. Darth Raidius

    No western involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war

    What if, during the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989, the United States and other involved western countries were led by sane leaders that staunchly refused to support the Afghan Mujahideen? How differently would the Soviets fare in Afghanistan? And should the Soviets emerge victorious, how would...
  12. Futurist

    A restoration of the French monarchy after a French defeat in WWI?

    If France lost World War I, would there have been a realistic chance of the French monarchy being restored? For the record, I am thinking of France losing World War I due to British neutrality in this war. Of course, this might require a somewhat later World War I--perhaps one which breaks out...
  13. sparky

    the inevitable road to war

    . Wars happen , Clausewitz held war to be a continuum of politics using other means as the relations between the US and Russia grow from bad to worst ,the internal politics of both become fevered , various factions plunging into a self inflating hysteria in a feedback loop It seems...
  14. M

    Infantry battles in the Gulf War?

    How common where infantry battles in the Gulf War? I am reading about 73 Easting and I believe there was times the US tanks units got bumrushed by Iraqi infantry only to be driven back to Bradleys and airstrikes.
  15. M

    Advanced Allied Military Technology (Secret Weapons) in World War 2

    In World War 2 literature a lot of things were written , researched about superior German military technology or Secret Weapons like V-1 flying bombs , V-2 ballistic missiles , ME262 jet fighters and other jet engine propelled aircraft models , remote controlled tanks , hydrogen peroksite...
  16. jameen

    Second Sino-Japan War w/o US participation of World War 2

    Do you think Japan can invade and rule China like the Mongols if ever the US did not go to war because Japan never bombed Pearl Harbor?
  17. Millennium 7

    Grand Strategy in the American Civil War

    I have an impression, when it comes to strategy in the ACW: that there was none. The famous Anaconda plan was first rejected than, in practice, piecemeal adopted by the Union. Lincoln seems to have been driven by the necessity of "showing something" at the next political appointment. The...
  18. Darth Raidius

    What territories did Germany intend to keep after World War II?

    Had the Axis won at least some kind of victory in World War II, retaining all their occupied territories, how would Hitler reshape the borders of Europe? What nations would he keep and integrate as German territories, what nations would he release as puppet governments, and which (if any) would...
  19. I

    Looking for books about Austrian Succession War

    I am not historian but 18th century military history fascinates me, especially in Europe. Can you recommend me please a good book covering Austrian Succession War and if possible any of its battles: Fontenoy, Dettingen, Bassignana?
  20. Darth Raidius

    If the Axis remained in the Cold War, who would align with them?

    In an alternate history scenario where World War II ended in a stalemate, and the Cold War was fought between three ideologies instead of two (capitalism, communism and now also fascism), what world leaders would align with the Axis rather than the other two? Francisco Franco of Spain is an...