1. K

    Duchess Elizabeth Ware?

    So my Mom has mentioned to me a couple times that we are related to a duchess that gave up her title to marry a commoner named Isaiah Ware. All I know is her married name was Elizabeth Ware and her husbands name. And that he participated in Shermans march. Any insight into this would be greatly...
  2. mnsr

    Painted Grey Ware - connecting archaeology with textual records and legends.

    Painted Grey Ware was an Iron Age culture that existed from 1200 BC - 600 BC. It was mainly spread over what we now call Harayana and Uttar Pradesh in India. B.B. Lal identified this with Later Vedic Period and Mahabharata. Here in this thread we will try to connect the dots between...
  3. Viriathus

    Pre-Trzciniec cemetery of the Late Corded Ware horizon

    Another cemetery of the Corded Ware culture has been found - this time a 4000 years old one located near the Polish-Ukrainian border, in Rogalin. It represents the Strzyzow culture, which flourished in what is now North-Western Ukraine (Volhynia) and central part of Eastern Poland (Lublin...