1. Kirialax

    Military logistics to A.D. 1500, a very incomplete bibliography

    Some of my recent work has concerned pre-modern military logistics, and I thought that I'd share some of the bibliography that I have built up. This is primarily medieval and eastern Mediterranean, and heavily focused on scholarship written in English. I'd appreciate additions from anyone who...
  2. jameen

    Questions on Guerilla Warfare

    1) How to root out the guerillas' spies in all sectors of the the government if really there are especially if they are gov't officials? 2) How to win the hearts and minds of the people even in a small area in order not to be persuaded by the guerillas to join them? 3) If a foreign country...
  3. N

    Is the age of trench warfare over?

    It looks to me as if the age of trench warfare is past, probably because of aircraft, long range weapons, mobile warfare etc. Perhaps there is trench warfare in parts of Syria? If the age of trench warfare is over, when did it end? I think the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980's saw a lot of trench...
  4. Incendio

    Naval Warfare tactics in times of Ironclads (19th century)?

    Someone is familiar with ironclads naval warfare tactics in 19th century? I am curious to know how the naval warfare tactics evolved since Trafalgar battle to the end of 19th century. As I have seen in some paintings, steamed frigates still had their cannons in the broadsides so I am thinking...
  5. Incendio

    Desertion in the Eighteenth-Century warfare

    I have read that desertion was something common in 18th century armies but I want to know more details about how it was. Infantry line formations firing at other infantry line formations must be something scary, did desertions take place within the battles? There were any kind of punishing to...
  6. Incendio

    The roles of Cavalry in Early and Late Modern warfare

    Firstly, apologizes if I am not able to formulate this question correctly. I have been reading about the warfare from 16th century to 19th century. At this point I want to summarize the role that had had the cavalry and how it evolved from Early Modern Warfare (16 th century) to Late Modern...
  7. T

    warfare history questio, 1939 nazi Germany and medieval world

    I have historical question: imagine that 1939 nazi Germany territory exists earlier, with population, cities, industry, supplies, equipment, ground naval and air forces, and whole world outside of Germany is from previous period of history. Would nazi Germany be able to conquer United Kingdom...
  8. Menshevik

    Joan of Arc in battle and warfare

    Where would you place Joan of Arc as a commander and leader of troops? Is she up there with Caesar, Alexander or maybe she was closer in ability and status to one of her contemporaries like Henry V? How would you rate her as a tactician and strategist? How about her own skill at arms and martial...
  9. Incendio

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare?

    How battalions/armies were organized in early modern warfare, I mean in 17th century and 18th century? Let me to show you some fascinating paintings I have found about big battles of 17th century and 18th century: The Siege of Presnitz, 1641...
  10. I

    The Battle of The Delta

    I made a short video on the battle of the delta, the first recorded naval battle I thought you guys might enjoy. Let me know what you think. The First Naval Battle, The Battle of The Delta
  11. jameen

    Mao the father of modern guerilla warfare?

    Is it true that Mao Zedong the founder of Communist China is the father of modern guerilla warfare? meaning fighting an enemy with tanks; planes and well armed troops.
  12. Incendio

    Recommended reading for late 19th century warfare in Europe?

    Hi, I know this was probably discussed before. I am looking for recommendations regarding books covering warfare, would be amazing if contains battle tactics, formations of european warfare in late 19th century, to make things easier, Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and/or Second Schleswig War...
  13. frogsofwar


    Id like to solicit some opinions on Paul von Hindenburg. While he was no Moltke or Frederick the Great, he did manage to pull off a decisive victory in a war where decisive victories were rare. I mean "decisive" in the tactical sense, not the strategic. The Battle of Tannenberg saw the...
  14. N

    Biological Warfare

    Here is a new topic about Biological Warfare. An interesting topic for everyone! Express your thoughts about this topic! But first: Here is a video uploaded on youtube today! It's about biological warfare and human ingenuity... Bibliography and sources are included on the description...
  15. Incendio

    How was the warfare in 18th century in Europe?

    How was the warfare in 18th century? In terms of battle formations, weapons, artillery, melee combat, etc. By 18th century I mean Seven Years' War, Great Northern War, War of the Austrian Succession. If you have suggestions for reading I would appreciate them.
  16. J

    Movie cut of the Evolution of Human Warfare

    Hi guys! I have been with historum for many years, and this is my first time posting! I am extremely devoted to the history of warfare, and having taken a few courses in uni on "The Greek Way of warfare", inspired me to make a few videos showing the timeline of human warfare through movies and...
  17. F

    Viable Alternatives to Trench Warfare in World War One

    I was wondering if you might help me with a question I have been pondering. I must confess my knowledge of the Military History of the First World War is limited. The Western Front (at least for the first few years) was characterised by trench warfare, the bloody nature of which has been widely...
  18. C

    Frederick Engels on warfare

    Has anyone ever browsed through the writings of Frederick Engels, Karl Marx's 'comrade', on the subject of warfare and the various topics related to it?
  19. O

    A model for ancient Warfare

    I'm in the process of designing/coding a strategy game set in the ancient mediterranean world (~600BCE-1CE). Part of it involves warfare and I wanted a model for two armies clashing - this is not a Total War style game where you fight in real time, more something like paradox games. In short...
  20. MrKap

    Psyonic Warfare began with Pyramid Amplifiers.

    There is a hypothesis floating around that spirits, and jins, and other underworld entities, were telepaths, and these telepaths assisted great pharohs and leaders throughout history. This article discusses how pyramids amplify geo-electromagnetics of the earth to amplify untrsound frequences...