1. Magnate

    Was Muhammad the prophet a Warlord?

    Reading about his life he seem to be quite bloodthirsty for being a prophet of god. I do respect all religions but reading about him makes me think that he was more of a warlord then just some peace loving prophet.
  2. W

    Chinese Warlord Navies?

    Does anyone know if during the Warlord Era in China (1910s-30s) any of the autonomous warlord forces operated navies? I know there were some warlord factions, like Zhang Zuolin in Manchuria, who had the resources to operate armoured vehicles, trains, and planes. But I haven't heard much about...
  3. W

    Tibet during China's warlord era?

    The warlord period of China during 1910s-1930s is very interesting in my opinion, and lately I've been curious about how this period affected Tibet. I only know some basics that after the fall of Qing Dynasty Tibet tried to become independent and was in conflict with Chinese Nationalist...
  4. IrritableOwlSyndrome

    Genghis Khan: Lawgiver or Warlord?

    Many people I've talked to about the subject believe that Genghis Khan was a brutal warlord, and I, though it'd be somewhat simplifying the issue, have to agree. But some people state that Temujin was a lawgiver, who instituted rules and safety upon the veritable wild west of the north Asian...
  5. A

    Biography on Cao Cao (Three Kingdoms): Imperial Warlord

    Imperial Warlord (Sinica Leidensia): Rafe de Crespigny: 9789004185227: Amazon.com: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41TdwhJT-0L.@@AMEPARAM@@41TdwhJT-0L Hi, just wondering whether anybody has a copy of this book and is willing to give his opinion and/or review on it...
  6. Rakkasan


    The greatest man of WWII and the last century...
  7. Ri Fhionngaill

    Somerled: Warrior, Warlord, and Wildcat

    Okay, just checking if you need to recalibtrate your computer. See that green font down there? It's supposed to be like that. This is the first part of a series of topics I'll make - reasonably short biographies of the Lords of the Isles from Somerled to Domhnall Dubh, and then followed up...
  8. pinguin

    Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, Hitler - Who was the most effective Warlord?

    The Second World War was the greatest conflict of Modern History, and it appropriately produced a lengthy series of names that number amongst the all-time greats. Whether they be military geniuses, political giants, or other, WWII is a period of history that abounds with men of genius and...
  9. Salah

    What is a Warlord?

    A small question that could be considered military or philosophical in nature - How exactly does one define a "warlord"? My definition would be a man who is not bound by the rules of traditional society, and maintains power in a local area or over a certain group of people by force and...
  10. Salah

    Best Ancient Celtic Warlord?

    I have chosen ten of the greatest Celtic chieftains/war leaders known to us from the histories of Rome; all of them are forceful leaders who were fairly powerful and influential in their day, and were known for their strong opposition to the Graeco-Roman world. Which do you think was best - in...
  11. pinguin

    Greatest Samurai Warlord

    Who, in your opinion, was the greatest of the various Samurai Warlords (I am something of a novice in Asian History - if I should correct my terminology, please help me). Personally I have always had a soft spot for Tokugawa Ieyasu. Addmitedly more of a Grand Strategist than tactician or...