1. RidiculousName

    Myths of Women Warrior Societies

    I was wondering if any other cultures had myths of amazon-like warrior societies like the Greeks. It seems odd that only they would have a myth like that. I've heard they were likely inspired by women warriors among the Scythiens. but other cultures had women warriors.
  2. S

    Define a warrior by photo.

    Hello dear reader! Tell me about this warrior, years of existence, weapons, and the main helmet.
  3. P

    Warrior bishops and priests

    I haven't found much information on the internet related with warrior bishops and priests in Middle Ages. Was it common to see churchmen commanding or fighting in battles? How much influence did they have on the military area? Do you know any interesting real case?
  4. Polynikes

    Was El Cid that great of a general and warrior?

    He's pretty much a legend in broadly speaking Spanish military history circles but was he that great? What was his greatest moment/campaign? Did he lead his men into battle in a heroic tradition, what made him so feared? All questions I'd be interested in hearing.
  5. Naima

    Woman warrior in indoeuropean society

    I am wondering wich was the woman position in IE societies in warfare? In germanic tribes women did fight too ... so in other scythian and steppe tribes .. but in Roman and Greek ones women did not ... why ? Did it change or originally women did not fight?
  6. Quill And Ink History

    Aztec military and warrior culture.

    Just made short educational video on the Aztec military and related topics such as warrior culture, army structure and Empire governing. This is the first time I have tried taking on a subject in military history and I wonder if there are any military history buffs on the forum who can give...
  7. C

    The bear claw warrior

    Burial of a Celto-Scythian Horseman with Bear Cloak from Mana, Moldova: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/the-bear-claw-warrior-burial-of-a-celto-scythian-bastarnae-horseman-from-mana-orhei-district-moldava/
  8. W

    Do individual warrior cultures such as barbarians lack common sense teamwork tactics?

    An interesting post I found online. Individual Fighter Warrior Culture and Team Work by LustyVenusianJuuza on DeviantArt Although the writer focuses on criminal activities and civilian violence, he does have a point. I mean if drunkards in a bar are able to work together in such coordination...
  9. Mr Higson

    The art of the Viking warrior.

    It is my opinion (if I'm given leave to have on of these), that passages in the Edda referring to Fenrir. Are a coded message for the warrior life. The Edda gives a list of elements to bind the wolf. Now common opinion would have it that this is the binding of the mythical demon by series of...
  10. Historyen

    who were the warrior pharaohs of the New KINGDOM

    Hi all, i am doing a short video on the warrior pharaohs of Egypt's new kingdom. Was Ramesses III the last great warrior pharaoh and if not who was? This is my video 4YW1UovT8B8
  11. T

    Berserker - fearless warrior or mad men on drugs?

    Found this article. Maybe someone will find it interesting to read and maybe it will spark discussion. https://gatestovalhalla.com/blogs/news/berserker-fearless-warrior-or-mad-men-on-drugs
  12. Polynikes

    Marcellus' skill as a warrior

    I know he had won the spolia opima, but what else do we know about his skill at arms? Would he frequently lead charges, and fight in the frontlines so to speak? And how does his own personal skill at fighting compare to other Generals of Antiquity who fought in 'the heroic fashion'?
  13. C

    Celtic Warrior Burial from Budapest

    Celtic warrior burial from Csepel Island, Budapest: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/a-danubian-warrior-celtic-burial-149-from-csepel-island-budapest/
  14. Lawnmowerman

    Warrior Priests

    In medieval times it was common for priests and even Bishops to not only accompany troops into battle but to actively participate in the battles themselves. William the Bastards brother, Odo was a Bishop who actively participated in the Battle of Hastings and had a reputation as a fierce...
  15. DShim

    Famous Byzantine Warriors

    Not sure if this has been talked about, but I am wondering if there have been any famous Byzantine warriors; bonus points if not an emperor. It seems like whenever I read or hear about Byzantine, most of times they "defeated" their enemies through bribery and wits - which are very good tactics...
  16. T

    Legendary Chechen Warrior Baysangur Benoevsky (1794-1861)

    Baysangur was born into one of the biggest chechen clan called Beno in 1794, At that time the Chechen clans had just fought a big war against russia under Sheikh Mansur (Another chechen warrior who united the clans against russia). The war was long and unsuccesful as many chechens died and...
  17. R

    The Romans VS Warrior Queen Boudica questions

    *Who had to pay for the Roman Army in Britain? Was it like the Britons or the Iceni King?:huh: *The Roman emperor appoints General Suetonius as Governor or King of Britain? Nah he can't be the King so he's probably the governor, (BUT WHY IS HE GOVERNING BRITAIN? because he is a General?) *How...
  18. C

    Eastern Celtic Warrior Burials

    Celtic warrior burials from across Eastern Europe: https://balkancelts.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/eastern-celtic-warrior-burials/
  19. M

    Aztec Eagle Warrior and Jaguar Warrior Difference?

    Aztecs had two main elite corps of troops. The Eagle and Jaguar Warriors considered to be knights for the Emperor. The Eagle warriors wore feathers and mainly carried spears and bows while Jaguars wore Jaguar skin and carried swords. What are the main difference in status, role on the...
  20. D

    Cold Warrior

    Concerned with spy flights of the Cold War, before satellites. Also looking for interest in WW2 Pacific Theatre -- Coral Sea to Midway to Guadalcanal.