1. artistauthor

    San Patricio(St.Patrick's) Battalion, Ireland's forgotten warriors

    Although somewhat forgotten(save predictably in both Mexico and Ireland) nowadays save for the 1999 historical drama "One Man's Hero", the story of the Irish emigrants who deserted from the US Army to fight alongside the Mexicans during the 1848 Mexican -American war under the green banner of...
  2. D

    The don Carvajal,a spanish family of warriors

    Hello.I am looking for informations about the spanish aristocratic family of warriors "don Carvajal y Hodar",baron,comte and later marques.Thank you.
  3. S

    Women Warriors Thru Centuries By Commencement of civilizations

  4. H

    Warriors of countries

    Hello everyone. Im looking for warriors/fighters from countries like germany,poland,croatia and england. Im looking for warriors like how japan had samurais and the Scandinavian countries had vikings.
  5. I

    Did Ancient Warriors Really Go to Battle Wearing Winged Helmets?

    Here is an Article I came up with: Did Ancient Warriors Really Go to Battle Wearing Winged Helmets? | Ancient Origins Were Winged Helmets Actually Used? Despite these representations in art, there is a dearth of archaeological evidence to support the imaginings of the Romantic artists. For...
  6. Haardrada

    Evidence of shield use by Eurasian steppe Warriors

    I am curious as to the lack of evidence of shield use by Eurasian Steppe warriors from approx.200BC until the Mon1gol invasion period.Evidence shows that Earlier Scythian and simular cultures used leather and scale armour supplemented by shields, but eastern people began to develop Lamellar...
  7. H

    Warriors of countries

    Hello all. I was looking for some help on what type of warriors certain countries had as in Scandinavian countries have vikings and japan has samurais. The countries im wondering about are Germany Austria Poland Russia or any slavic countries Ireland Any help is appreciated.
  8. JoanOfArc007

    The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sohei in Japanese History

    I have been enjoying reading into the history of Buddhist warriors The Teeth and Claws of the Buddha: Monastic Warriors and Sohei in Japanese History
  9. Darth Raidius

    Historical warriors vs modern martial artists

    How well would historical warriors fare against modern practitioners of similar martial arts? For example, imagine that one of the most experienced and formidable samurai warriors of the Sengoku period time-travels to our day, and challenges one of the world's leading kendo masters to a duel...
  10. T

    Most effective warriors. Who would you choose to protect your life?

    During the ancient time many cultures were known by their war capacity, and also many have epic battles where they defeated foes in extremely unfavorable situations, something that raised their armies and warriors to a legendary status. It would not be fair somehow, try to compare warriors from...
  11. Linoxilos

    Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors could have been made with the help of the Greeks

    I do not intend to troll, or to be a chauvinist jerk but I can not resist the temptation. Take a look at the following. Ancient Greeks may have built China's famous Terracotta Army ? 1,500 years before Marco Polo | The Independent
  12. N

    Japanese Warriors (Yayoi Period)

    Hello everyone, i was checking out cool pieces of armor and i ran across this from my searches. Apparently these are Japanese warriors from the Yayoi period and i am very interested in this era. But i am now wondering if anyone know if their is any findings of these arms and armor? Or any...
  13. A

    Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors could have been made with the help of the Greeks

    Famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors could have been made with the help of the Greeks, archaeologists reveal . Excerpt: On the surface it may look like that the modern Chinese habit of emulating (without crediting) the West goes right back to the beginnings of their ancient empire, but upon a...
  14. C

    Why the ancient warriors of India was so light armored

    Hello Everyone. I have a question about the armies of ancient India, specifically during the Alexander campaingn and the Maurya Empire. Why the indian units was so light dressed and, in several times, unarmored? In diferent illustrations I saw footmen using only cotton kilts and turbans, while...
  15. Druzhina

    Historical images of Skythian Warriors

    I have put together a collection of historical images of Skythian Warriors, many as decorations on gold items: Skythian Warriors on Greek Ceramics, c.500BC Wall-hanging: the Great Goddess being approached by a rider. Felt appliqué. Pazyryk, Siberia, fifth century BC, State Hermitage Museum, St...
  16. Shtajerc

    How did Slavic warriors look like?

    How did Slavic warriors look like in the 6th and 7th centuries? What did they wear, which weapons did they use? One reeds they barely wore any shirts, screamed like hell, pretty much no armor, charged like mad with axes and spears. Were they really such hobos compared to others? I have my...
  17. S

    Female Viking warriors: truth or fiction?

    I was watching the tv series Vikings and they portrayed women going with the men and fighting in the battles. I searched for information if this phenomenon really occurred. I found a lot of contradicting thoughts on this manner. Anybody can shed some light on this?
  18. DShim

    Famous Byzantine Warriors

    Not sure if this has been talked about, but I am wondering if there have been any famous Byzantine warriors; bonus points if not an emperor. It seems like whenever I read or hear about Byzantine, most of times they "defeated" their enemies through bribery and wits - which are very good tactics...
  19. S

    Asian warriors, who were the best?

    Of all Asian nations, who do you think were the most skillful or most efficient warriors of the following ages: Before 1000BC 1000BC -500BC 500BC-0 0 - 500AD 500AD - 1000AD 1000AD - 1500AD 1500AD - present Were it any of the Indians, Chinese, Mongolians or Japanese, or a different group? Please...
  20. F

    Barbarous warriors sacking modern metropolitan area

    30,000-50,000 ferocious and organized warriors from antiquity or Middle Ages, could be Huns or Mongols, or other infamously atrocious groups, armed with cold weapons, attack a major 21st century urban area with 5 million+ population. Attack begins at noon. Attackers intend to commit mass...