1. M

    Naval Campaigns during French Revolution/Napoleonic Wars except Trafalgar

    I shall start reading a book written by Gareth Glover "Forgotten War Against Napoleon" soon. He focuses Mediterranean Theater of French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. That makes me wonder which naval theater of these wars had most strategic importance ? Indian Ocean ? (basically trade...
  2. R

    Are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate now than during the Napoleonic wars?

    After seeing the film Waterloo, are Northwest European men a lot more effeminate and less masculine now compared to the days of Napoleon? Maybe the Napoleonic Wars, WW1 and WW2 killed off the masculine men, particular in Germany, and so it is only the metrosexuals and the softer men that were...
  3. Spike117

    Have Any Two-Fronts Wars Been Won?

    What examples in history has a nation beset on both sides actually pulled through, and not fall to the combined pressure like Germany?
  4. D

    Roma and the wars of Religion (1560-1572).

    Hello everybody.What do we know about the intervention of Roma (political influence,money,troops) in the wars of Religion in France during the three first wars (1562-1563/1567-1568/1569-1570) ? Thank you.
  5. El Cid

    Why did the Russians win most wars against the Turks?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Russo-Turkish_wars#List_of_conflicts From the second half of 1500s the Russians expanded continuously for almost each century, and often on the behalf of the Turks. Out of 12 Russo-Turkish wars the Russians prevailed as the clear winner. So I...
  6. Maoistic

    Reconsidering the Greco-Persian wars

    Rather than derail my other thread on China to an unrelated event, better to make a separate thread about the Greco-Persian wars. This post is what inspired it: To start, it's not fully true that Greek cities retained their independence the fifth century. Ionia remained fully annexed to the...
  7. Futurist

    How would the world map look right now without the World Wars?

    How would the world map look right now without the World Wars? Would Europe's 1914 borders have remained in place up to the present-day? Or would there have been some changes to Europe's borders in this scenario--for instance, as a result of an eventual revolution in Austria-Hungary which...
  8. T

    Charlemagne's Saxon Wars

    Does anyone know of a good summary of them? What were some key events? Why exactly did they last so long and what was the exact nature of the fighting? Also, what would be composition of the troops be like? Finally, what happened to Widukind and how is Widukind remembered today in Germany (is he...
  9. Constantine V

    The Syrian Wars

    Who was the overall winner. The ptolemies or The seleucids? What were the battles fought.
  10. D

    British intervention in the wars of Religion in France

    During the wars of Religion in France (1560-1598) the queen Elizabeth I has decided three interventions: -Normandy:1562-1563. -La Rochelle:1573. -Normandy:1587- ? What do we know about these interventions (boats,men,weapons).Thank you very much.
  11. Naima

    US lost all wars since WWII?

    According to the Documentary "Where to invade Next" US since their boom as superpower didn't win any war anymore . Why so ?
  12. T

    The Pictish-Northumbrian (Anglo-Saxon) Wars?

    I am interested in learning more about the conflicts between the Picts and the Angle kingdom of Northumbria. Who generally got the better of it and who were some key figures? Any important battles? I know the Northumbrian's controlled Edinburgh at one point and I wonder how far north they got...
  13. J

    German Cities Wars of 1377-89 and 1449-50

    Can anyone recommend good studies of the First and Second German Cities Wars, of 1377-89 and 1449-50?
  14. Futurist

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars?

    How much larger would North Africa's European population be without the World Wars? For the record, I am especially curious about the African countries that border the Mediterranean Sea as well as about Eritrea. Indeed, it is worth noting that, if I recall correctly, Algeria, Libya, and Eritrea...
  15. Big Orange

    Fascinating Videos On Mithridates Wars

    OK, here are two videos giving a compelling, informal overview on the Roman Empire's three conflicts with the Kingdom Of Pontus: 9sOCFQCth2k 6JcWmd04yPw While often seen as a under explored relative sideshow next to the drama and intrigue of the Roman Republic's civil wars leading up to the...
  16. S

    The first five world wars

    If WWI was a world war, why couldn't four preceding multinational European wars be called world wars (including the Napoleonic Wars as a single world war)? The others would be the Nine Years War, the War of the Spanish Succession, and the Seven Years War. All saw fighting on the high seas and...
  17. K

    Any Mexican involvement in the Old China Trade/Opium Wars era?

    Given that Mexico was a nation with a substantial Pacific coast and had achieved its independence by the 1820s I was just curious whether any of their vessels became involved in the Old China Trade under the Canton system, or alternatively if any of their traders come on the scene around the...
  18. M

    Punic wars compared to Battle of Tours?

    I was wondering, is it possible to argue that the Punic Wars were to the ancient times what the Battle of Tours was to the Medival era. Specifically the idea that there are times when one group or perhaps a few groups with different aims is encroaching on one area or another where people...
  19. O

    Napoleononic War questions

    Suppose the French army had the best clothing available in 2018 for winter weather and AR-15's but only 100,000 men how much difference would it make in the 1812 invasion of Russia? When was Napoleon's last opportunity to pass up the Peninsular War? Napoleon was offered a sweet deal not to...
  20. H

    How common were wars between Aboriginal tribes in Australia and how bloody were they?

    There is a large collection of evidence that suggests Aboriginal Australians went to war with each other from cave paintings of battles to the discovery of wooden shields. While the fact that they went to war is undisputed, I want to know how common these wars were and how bloody did they get...