1. DavidChandler

    Film: Tracing the ancestors of George Washington

    Here is a short film, looking at the English village where the ancestors of George Washington lived. The film shows the last remaining part of their former home. z-Wetb0LFNw
  2. Valens

    Hungary accuses Washington of election meddling

  3. R

    Hello from Washington

    Hey, my name's Adam Graduating Senior who's considering a degree in classical studies. I'm super interested in Ancient and High Medieval history to the point of fanaticism. Romans rule, Parthian's drool, and please someone give me back my Seleucid Empire. Just kinda checking this out because...
  4. B

    How effective was Washington as a general?

    He had several defeats. He wasn't at Saratoga or the victories by Greene and Morgan in the south. Yorktown was Rochambeau's idea.
  5. P

    Washington and Obama are part-Polish

    Barack Obama is descended from Mieszko I, first historical ruler of Poland: http://x0.wykop.pl/cdn/c0834752/11ujrU1_XeFmmCz9g42IPz8joTEhY5yO322sNeS7,wat600.jpg?author=yosemitesam&auth=c78d0d316ac231e1caef1d45522f272a George Washington (Jerzy Waszyngton) is also descended from Mieszko I...
  6. C

    George Washington as a very young child

    I've wondered about something ever since I was a child: was George Washington ever a normal kid? By that I mean, do you think he ever misbehaved or threw a temper tantrum? Or was he such an amazing person and so... George Washington-y that he was poised, dignified, and leaderlike even at two and...
  7. D

    This Day in History: First Presidential Tour (1789)

    On this day in 1789, President Washington returns to Washington at the end of his first presidential tour. Read more here: This Day in History: November 13
  8. D

    Historic (and haunted) hotel in Washington D.C.

    Learn about the Hay-Adams Hotel in D.C., which many believe is haunted: Haunted Hotel: Hay-Adams Hotel
  9. HistoryFreak1912

    George Washington and General Howe's Dog

    OK, to make a long story short: I was a volunteer at an elementary school library a few years back, and there was a book that I shelved that had been stuck in my mind ever since. According to the book, General Howe apparently had a dog that he took with him during his battles. One day, the dog...
  10. T

    George Washington on today

    What do you think George Washington would say about the current state of the U.S.?
  11. A

    Searching for the remnants of the Washington City Canal

    There was a time when barges floated along the National Mall in the now defunct Washington City Canal. This manmade channel used to cut across the center of Washington DC: What's Left of the Washington City Canal? ? Architect of the Capital
  12. D

    A Washington book you have to read!

    Here's a fantastic book that centers on Washington and his first cabinet: Here's a book you HAVE to read:
  13. C

    Reflections from Washington DC

    I recently took a large group of 8th grade students to DC and gained a bit of new insight myself. I wrote an article about it and I'm posting a link below. Read it if you like. https://shanephipps.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/monumental-reflections-random-thoughts-from-the-national-mall/ Sent...
  14. D

    Happy Birthday, George Washington!

    To commemorate his 284th birthday, here are some fun facts on the father of the United States: Fun Facts on George Washington
  15. D

    Did you know about this historic event?

    Have you ever heard of the Washington and Jefferson Snowstorm of 1772? Bet You've Never Heard of THIS Event
  16. O

    Hello from Washington, DC!

    I am an avid enthusiast of Roman History, from the Kingdom through the fall of the Western Empire, as well as the legacy of Rome in the modern world. I'm currently writing a metal concept album that will focus on the fall of Nero and the Year of the Four Emperors (68-69AD), and look forward to...
  17. D

    Shocking Fact About George Washington

    Did you know Martha may not have been the love of George's life? The post below elucidates this in more detail. Shocking Fact About George Washington Has it been proven/disproven that he was sterile?
  18. D

    George Washington wasn't the first U.S. president?

    Just wanted to pass this along: George Washington WASN'T the first U.S. president? I didn't know that some people actually call Hanson the first president of the country.
  19. Azad67

    300 Years ago, Afghanistan's 'George Washington' died

    Some 300 years ago, in November 1715, a powerful man passed away peacefully in Kandahar–a rarity. He had set in motion a chain of events that would profoundly change the histories of Persia and India, though he probably did not know this as he breathed his last. Mir Wais Hotak, a chief of...
  20. P

    Washington Jefferson

    How intense was the differences between Washington and Jefferson?