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    Where did the stigma that Americans (esp WASP) always lacked filial piety come from?

    I found this thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/AsianParentStories/comments/413u10/asian_parents_especially_first_generation/ And with a bit of research inspired from reading that I came across this. Janie's Blog :: "There is no filial piety in America" As someone of half Hispanic origin...
  2. Lowell2

    Ann G. Baumgartner Carl

    Ann Baumgartner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Ann Baumgartner | World War II Database Ann G. Baumgartner Carl (August 27, 1918 – March 20, 2008) was an American aviator who became the first American woman to fly a United States Army Air Forces jet aircraft when she flew the Bell...