1. trhowd

    Water supply and aqueducts

    What is the history of water supply and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa? Did they have aqueducts? I know that Southern Africa had aqueducts as found in Nyanga in Zimbabwe : Who constructed the aqueducts of Nyanga? I would like to know about West Africa, did they have aqueducts or other forms...
  2. plant

    hunter / gatherer peoples and water

    Hi all, i am new to this forum... just been reading the book ‘Sapiens’ by Harari. i have been wondering how far a h/g tribe could h/g in terms of distance from fresh water sources? did they travel along rivers, and make ‘day trips’ with gourds? skins? bladders? full of water? many thanks in...
  3. K

    Roman water engineering

    An interesting story about river Ljubljanica, Ljubljana Marshes (Slovenia), and the Romans. How they first straightened the river channel, and then moved the whole river closer to a marble quarry. Bonus: photos were taken from a kite :)
  4. Y

    Access to water or drinks while travelling?

    I'm an avid Dungeon Master with a love of history. Although I like magic, I also like to put my players to the hardships of life in more medieval times. However, I came upon a question that I couldn't find an answer to: how did people in medieval times have access to water or drinks? Did they...
  5. E


    Would anyone have any information on pre-scientific revolution theories attempting to explain the cause for evaporation? Or could someone point me towards reading that might lead to some? It could be from any period, ancient to medieval. I imagine there must be some colourful ones. Thanks!
  6. E


    Would anyone have any information on pre-scientific revolution theories for evaporation? Or could someone point me towards reading that might lead to some? It could be from any period, ancient to medieval. I imagine there must be some colourful ones. Thanks :)
  7. Y

    Officer water color dated 1844

    Does anyone know what type of uniform this is?
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is Putin's strategy for control of a warm water port?

    As the rusty Russian tubs scoot past Dover on Trafalgar Day the Brit press are going into meltdown that those dastardly commies are daring to twitch the lion's tail. Naturally this is absurdly biased reporting to make the Russians out as the bad guys, if it were the French or Spanish it...
  9. tomar

    Diverting sea water into deserts to combat rise of ocean level ?

    One of the expected negative effects of global warming is a rise of ocean levels, with some Island nations liable to disappear.... We are not talking huge numbers, perhaps 1 to 2 meters rise of sea level Therefore why not divert ocean waters into deserts of which we have plently (the Sahara...
  10. stevapalooza

    The pre-modern Chinese and clean water

    It occurs to me that one thing is still a mystery to me--how did people in pre-modern Chinese cities get clean water? Was it all from wells? Rivers?
  11. M

    Finally, water on Mars!

    https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-confirms-evidence-that-liquid-water-flows-on-today-s-mars/ Let us celebrate.:)
  12. Recusant

    Liquid Water on Mars

    Strong evidence of liquid water on the surface of Mars has been found: "Liquid water exists on Mars, boosting hopes for life there, NASA says" | CNN It seems to be a very strong brine, certainly not fresh water, but this is still an intriguing finding.
  13. A

    clean electricity coming from water pipes

    Energy is one of the most vital parts of our modern lives and having electricity is a huge challenge for people around the world. Many places use coal or oil for electricity, and we know this is an air pollution problem. But now wherever there are water lines with good pressure, there can be...
  14. Amtoyumtimmy

    Logistics of water in the 19th century

    How did armies during the mid to late 19th century, (particularly Russians in the Crimean War), keep their armies hydrated? I understand that back then that keeping water in barrels was a recipe for disease, so did they deal with the disease or just drink light alcohol or was there some other...
  15. G

    Brown water navies in Indian history

    Now we have heard of Cholas and Marathas who had well developed blue water navies that could fight in the high seas. But did Indian kingdoms have brown water navies that were specificially deployed for inland water combat in rivers and littoral environments. There might be many the one that...
  16. P

    fresh water conflicts

    I have an interest in the history and use of water especially fresh water used for drinking and irrigation. From Egypt's early irrigation system described in the bible as a series of small earthen dams that can be open and closed by moving the dirt used as a stopper to the complex gravity fed...
  17. R

    Water Fluoridation & facts

    There are only two sides in this issue: the pros/pushers and the "antis"/nons. The pros claim that they fluoridate water because of "(increased) incidence of (childrens) tooth decay". They claim that it is "safe, cheap, and effective". They claim that unfluoridated places have more toothdecay...
  18. BlackViper

    An Almost Empty Water Bottle...

    So a water bottle that has about an ounce or so left of water is capped and discarded. Perhaps it is thrown into the wilderness as the owner no longer desires to carry it throws it away. Perhaps it makes it to a landfill and is eventually buried. How long does it take for that plastic to...
  19. PhoenicianSemite

    Proof that Jesus DID Walk on Water

  20. L

    Spartan Warrior Cold Water, Grooming

    Hi there, I've been reading about spartan warrior and a bunch of sites(blogs) regurgitate the same information such as "spartan warriors believed hot water is for the weak", etc ,etc and that they only took cold baths. Just wondering WHERE is the source for this information because i have not...