1. M

    Kriegsmarine Surface Fleet during WW2 : Too hesistant or too weak to be effective ?

    During World War 2 while German Navy surface fleet caused concern for Allies eventually it turned out they were not as much as a threat as U-Boat arm or Luftwaffe. Especially after Norwegian Campaign and loss of Bismark German admirals did not press attacks and instead preffered to sortie...
  2. R

    Japan stops the insanity in China and goes for the jogular of the rich and weak Ameri

    Japan realizes that it is absurd to waste the mighty IJN and Chinese army over useless territory, when the Americas are extremely weak. In Dec 1940 Japan offers Chiang to abandon half the conquered territory and assit him to eliminated Communists and rebellious landlonrds, if China joins a...
  3. T

    Late Egypt - why was so weak?

    Last thousand years of ancient egyptian history was marked by persistent weakness and decline. Once powerful empire, became easy prey for subsequent waves of invaders - Libyans, Nubians, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians and eventually Romans. Attempts to regain hegemony, carried out by some...
  4. W

    Why is Italy so weak compared to her predecessors,the Roman Empire?

    A friend of mine told me its because Italians lacked the qualities that made the Roman people create the one of if not the greatest civilizations in the history of the world: 1)Industriousness 2)Stoicism 3)Frugality 4)Toughness 5)Discipline 6)Militarism and above all: 7)Willingness to sacrifice...
  5. G

    Why the Sunni majority of Syria and Shia majority of Iraq and Bahrain so weak

    Despite having a large majority these groups have struggled to establish their won rule in the country with the rival more minority ethnic group mostly being stronger and able to better control the majority group. Sunnis in Syria are still unable to do anything against Shia Assad. Same for Shias...
  6. R

    Why was Austria/Austria Hungary so militarily weak?

    Why was the Habsburg Empire/Austria/Austria Hungary so weak during its entire existance, I mean they got beaten repeatedly by the Prussians. French, Italians, the only state against which they performed somewhat well was the Ottomans.
  7. F

    How weak were Rus' , Poland, and Hungary in 1200s horizontally and vertically?

    How much weaker were Rus', Poland, and Hungary in 1200s than contemporary European powers (HRE, France, England, etc.)? Which period in Russian history was Russia weaker than she was in 1200s? Which period in Polish history was Poland weaker than she was in 1200s? Which period in Hungarian...
  8. F

    Why Byzantines had such unimpressive military records?

    Compared to Western Romans? I believe Byzantines were the shadow of the former Roman empire when it comes to military and battle prowess. They were easily defeated by Huns, Arabs, Turks and some Balkanites that arrived from North. How come they were so weak?
  9. Futurist

    Why exactly didn't Russia demand more territory from China back when China was weak?

    As you hopefully know, Imperial Russia successfully demanded and acquired some territory from China in 1858 (in light orange on the map below) and in 1860 (in dark orange on the map below): That said, why exactly didn't Imperial Russia demand more territory from China back when China was weak...
  10. M

    why does india have a weak military history

    why does india have a weak military history?
  11. R

    Why was China historically so militarily weak?

    Why was China historically so militarily weak?
  12. R

    Why was China historically so militarily weak?

    Why was China historically so militarily weak?
  13. V

    Why was Hitler a weak dictator

    Not many of you might have though about it, because Hitler was very successful, but there are some reasons to why he could have been a weak dictator as well. What reasons could you give?
  14. M

    Defeat of the Persians under Alexander-too weak at the time or too incompetent?

    I been reading a lot on the Macedon-Persian War of Alexander. Do you think the Persians lost because they were too weak at the time after all that political chaos or because leaders like Darius III were too incompetent?
  15. P

    Were missionaries during Age of Exploration and Middle Age fat and physically weak?

    One thing I notice popular media portrays missionaries They always portray them as physically low tier, often fat and rich, and sheltered from the hardships of the Medieval World. They are portrayed as such pampered people that when they move into unconverted areas that are being explored such...
  16. L

    Are Korean armies weak?

    I came across posts regarding Korean armies as a puppet which would easily fall to foreign invaders. I didn't start this one a nationalist point of view but just in curiosity. How do you guys view Korean armies?
  17. AlpinLuke

    Why did Achilles have a weak point?

    In the perspective of the "Hero" of the ancient classic world, how can be explained that Achilles wasn't invincible? Was it a way to allow the hero to meet death in battle? Because a similar death made the hero, his name, eternal? Or was it a way to remember that at the end no one is perfect...
  18. T

    Just how weak would a Scottish military be?

    How much weaker would having 4 militaries in the UK, be than the current UK military? My view is much weak, first of all 4 nations would have to agree to do an operation in their own parliaments, rather than just the UK parliament. Then the bigger builds like the 2 carriers would have to be...
  19. J

    why was italy so weak after unification?

    What caused Italy to be such a weak country after unification?