1. R

    Best World War 1 Weapons

    Hey, we are Russia. We can choice any weapon types for our army(of World War 1). What weapons do you will pick(with names)? We have all Russian Territory, and will fight with Germany. help´:nuts: And defensive/attack strategys names, like Blitzkrieg, Schlieffen Plan...
  2. medievalweaponslover

    I want to create a legit medieval weapons collection..

    im going from indian weapons (like the katar) and from chinese weaponry (kung fu practitioner actually) and im looking to get into hema and at the same time build an awesome middle ages era type of collection.. would this be anything that would come from that era. from what i have found out, a...
  3. King Arthur

    Romano-British weapons and warfarr

    What weapons, armour and army organisation (like into pedyts or cataphracts) did Romano-Britons have? I was under the impression most weapons used were older, such as roman or migration era. That said, it can be assume that during their two hundred years of freedom after the Romans left, they...
  4. N

    Old weapons on the battlefield

    I saw a picture of a rebel soldier in Syria with a remote controled Stg44: The Stg44 is of course a WWII weapon and very old. I thought it would be interesting to see a thread about weapons that are really old, but are still used on the battlefield (past and present).
  5. S

    World War II if there had been nuclear weapons?

    What if nuclear weapons were invented and available to new powers in the 20s so that they were available to major powers (Germany, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the US) before the outbreak of WWII? How might the war have been different?
  6. VHS

    Chinese and Japanese weapons (ancient to medieval)

    Let's use the familiar All Men Are Brothers novel version of the eighteen common Chinese cold weapons: 1) Spear (isn't this universal amongst humans?) 2) Hammer 3) Bow 4) Crossbow 5) Muskets 6) Whips (two classes: the soft whip is similar to the whips we commonly see; the hard whip is...
  7. JeanDukeofAlecon

    What did Byzantine weapons and armor look like in the 13-14th centuries?

    Most depictions of byzantine armor I've seen would be quite dated near the time of Constantinople's fall, mostly consisting of maille and lamellar. what would the typical wealthy soldier be wearing during this time?
  8. purakjelia

    Are these armors and weapons historically accurate?

    Found a nice Chinese Mount & Blade mod on the internet, focusing on the 12th century East Asian kingdoms Song, Jin, and Liao. Are these armors, costumes, and weapons historically accurate?
  9. N

    Biggest weapons and equipment mistakes in WWII

    What should the major powers in WWII have made/not made of harware? I'm thinking of changes they had the know-how and resources to make, so I'm not thinking of suggestions along the lines of "Italy should have made the atom bomb ..." Here is my suggestion: Britain should have made anti-armour...
  10. F

    Could weapons be "blocked"?

    The question is about use by other persons than one or a few "people with authorized acces. A blocking mechanism against any user that is not identified seems not so far out - nor that it could make the identification fast. Such a thing would not solve the whole problem with weapons but possibly...
  11. Americanknight

    Craziest weapons in history debate

    I really have a fascination of weaponry, Even the most strange ones. this debate is about the most craziest weapons there was in history, for example to get this debate started, the "Gay bomb" was an nonlethal weapon that was used to make their enemies fall in love with each other.
  12. C

    Germanic weapons in 470-510 AD

    What sort of weapons would the Saxons, Angles and Jutes have had in britain from around 470-510 AD? Would the rulers of any of the Germanic kingdoms have worn crowns? If so, what would they have looked like? What sort of armour did they usually wear in that time period? Cheers,
  13. notgivenaway

    Weapons plants in colonies..WWII

    Could the Allies have won WWII more quickly had Churchill instructed there to be plants in each colony making arms, with a UK Admiral or General manning the plant with a local (Indian, South African, Nigerian, Canadian, Gold Coast, etc.) general making arms, ships, tanks, and supplies? And in...
  14. A Vietnamese

    Who were the wall takers?

    When it comes to siege battle, what kind of weapons and armors a soldier should have when he has to climb the ladder or siege tower to take the wall? And who would be the first to go? And what kind of troops will do that? Are there any specialists for that job? Are there any reward for the wall...
  15. H

    My Top 5 Worst Weapons in History

    by Nate Hicks Welcome Historians and Gun enthusiasts. These weapons of destruction were made but never saw much action in combat due to their poor quality and fatal flaws. The concept was thought out and, in some cases a good idea on the drawing board, but poor when they actually saw action...
  16. T

    Infantry weapons and tactics in the 15th century

    I've recently become unhealthily interested in medieval arms and armour after discovering the youtuber's focusing on it (Mat Easton, Lindybeige ect) There is however one question im struggling to find an exact answer for. Its common knowledge that by the mid 15th century shields had fallen...
  17. Futurist

    The development of nuclear weapons without World War II

    Out of curiosity--if Adolf Hitler would have gotten killed in 1923 and World War II (or at least the European part of World War II) would have been completely prevented as a result of this, how exactly would the development of nuclear weapons progress in this scenario? When exactly will the...
  18. S

    Classical Era Ranged Weapons

    Hi Total War Rome II seems to be biased against archers and in favor of slingers and javelins. Its time frame is about 250 BCE to 100 CE, and takes place in the Mediterranean Basin. I'm wondering, is there historical backing to the idea that archers were less powerful than javelins and slingers?
  19. MilitaryRankings

    Top 20 Weapons of WWII

    I know making a list like this would be controversial, I made this based on my current knowledge of the weapons developed during WWII without any political bias. I judged it by how effective it was during the war, how widely used they were and influential they were for post war designs. Do you...
  20. J

    Ukraine needs U.S. weapons? But why?

    "If I became President, we would send weapons to Ukraine" Scott Kevin Walker I don't understand. To give Ukraine a weapon this trend in American society? In the Donbas has killed from 7 to 20 thousand civilians according to various estimates. Seven thousand is the minimum score. The real...