1. I

    Did Ancient Warriors Really Go to Battle Wearing Winged Helmets?

    Here is an Article I came up with: Did Ancient Warriors Really Go to Battle Wearing Winged Helmets? | Ancient Origins Were Winged Helmets Actually Used? Despite these representations in art, there is a dearth of archaeological evidence to support the imaginings of the Romantic artists. For...
  2. W

    How much more difficult is it to move and fight while wearing armour?

    There's two extremes I notice when it comes to armour. There is the one extreme where armour is portrayed as being bulky and hard to move in such as the knights armour. And there is the other extreme where since armour was made to fit person for persona and to be distributed evenly so that even...
  3. W

    Why were Germans unprepared for Russian Winter if they shown wearing trench coats?

    One of the most popular explanations why Operation Barbarrosa failed (specifically Stalingrad) was that the German forces lacked proper winter clothing. The popular stigma is that German soldiers were literally freezing to death during the battle and entire battalions were literally rock frozen...
  4. Sobo

    Mayor of german city Luckenwalde fires muslim women for wearing headscarf

    The wind of change is blowing strong not only in germany but europe as well. The current terrorist attacks in france and germany have put an end to that liberal tolerance that poisoned europe. A 46 year old palestinian women got a trainee contract in the public office of Luckenwalde. When...
  5. denixius

    What a Medieval infantry was wearing during the war?

    Greetings, I need some help about Medieval infantry's pieces of equipment. What a Medieval infantry was wearing during the time of war? I added images below, and I can't find what are the name of enumerated pieces of equipment. Bests,
  6. Druzhina

    Late 13C knights wearing coat-of-plates

    Sculpture of Saint Maurice, Magdeburg Cathedral, late 13th century, wearing a coat-of-plates. Sleeping Guards at the Sepulchre, Constance Cathedral, c.1300, wearing coat-of-plates. Notes on, and drawings of, knights wearing a coat-of-plates based on these. A figure wearing a coat-of-plates in...
  7. Druzhina

    Illustrations of late 13C knights wearing cuirie & plastron de fer

    Illustrations of late 13C knights wearing cuirie & plastron de fer Brass of Brocardus de Charpignie, Larnaca, Cyprus, 1270AD, wearing a cuirie. A Knight's Tomb in Pershore Abbey, c.1280, wearing a plastron de fer Notes on, and drawings of, knights wearing a cuirie & a plastron de fer based on...
  8. Earl_of_Rochester

    Historical clothes you can still get away with wearing today

    Hi all, A while ago I made a thread about how cool trenchcoats were and now I want to take it one step further by suggesting other items of clothing from the past which a discerning gentleman or lady might still wear today and look classy. Apparently Duxford Air Museum are selling RAF flying...
  9. History Detective

    Wearing of Swords in 18th Century

    Hi, everyone! I am hoping you might help me with some questions I have about the 18th Century wearing of swords--particularly as regards the nobility of France, but also the customs of England and America. I am interested in learning what social rules applied, such as when they would be worn...
  10. Z

    Wearing barbarians uniform

    King Wuling of Zhao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Why did King Wuling decided to change his uniform similar to barbarian instead of creating their own new uniform? Is it some kind of inspiration/imitation so that his army become strong like the barbarian who constantly harrassed Zhao...
  11. AlpinLuke

    Wearing shoes in home

    It happens that in movies or traveling to the Eastern countries we can observe that they don't wear shoes in their homes. In my mind this behavior was connected with the height of the bed or seats which made it not comfortable to wear shoes walking around [near the level of the table where they...
  12. H

    What were ancient Egyptian foot soldiers wearing during early New kingdom?

    Doing a video on Egypt New Kingdom, What were Egyptian foot soldiers wearing during battles in early period of New Kingdom peroid? were their customs different from the Ramssess II time? The New Kingdom - YouTube
  13. Zeno

    When did hominids start wearing clothes?

    Was Homo sapiens the first to wear clothes? What are the oldest archaeological finds on this?
  14. jeroenrottgering

    Why did men start and stop wearing capes?

    What was the function of capes, when did men start wearing them and ones we had them why did men stop wearing them after a time. Was it purely a period of fashion or was their real use behind it?
  15. okamido

    UK Govt. against wearing crucufix?

    I'm not a Christian, but just what the heck is this all about? UK government stance on wearing a cross.
  16. Jake10

    Will Chinese society ever go back to wearing their traditional clothing?

    There is an old Chinese tailor that I know, who showed me the differences between the Chinese costumes he made and the ones sold in stores. Little details, such as stitching, fit and layout are clear. His trade, however, is becoming lost because young people don't want to be apprentices any...
  17. Toltec

    Woman fined for wearing Burka

    Italy became the first country in Europe to prosecute a woman for wearing a Burka in this great victory for freedom and feminism. "A husband has vowed to keep his wife indoors after she became the first woman in Italy to be fined for wearing a burka in public. Amel Marmouri, 26, was...
  18. Nick

    Dutch ban the wearing of burquas in public

    http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18112006/325/dutch-ban-wearing-burqa-public.html What do you think of this? In my view it's a good idea and I hope other countries follow suit.