1. J

    A new visual history teaching website

    Go to: Thanks Jeff
  2. Incubus

    A Photo-mine website owner

    Hi,Thanks to be here. I'm from Hungary and since 4 years i have the most read historical blog in my country, over 100k daily page views. The speciality of the site is photos. Rarely seen, never seen and fogotten images from the past fromt the 19th-20th centuries. Couple of weeks ago i created a...
  3. Futurist

    A website with historical demographic data for Eastern Europe

    Here is a website with historical demographic data--primarily for Eastern Europe: Population statistics of Eastern Europe This is important because it allows us to see the demographic situation in various Eastern European countries over the years--mostly throughout the 20th century.
  4. R

    Erwin Rommel and Afrika Korps biggest website

    Hey guys! Looking for peoples who want create a historical website about Erwin Rommel and Afrika Korps in English. I have all necessary materials for the website. It was exist in Russian language but in Russia this subject is not popular, unfortunately. We delete Russian version but new website...
  5. P

    Good in-depth history website

    I love history but i often have a problem in that i hate how most books at my library are not detailed enough for my liking so are there any good history websites to satisfy my urges.
  6. T

    Unique Military History Website

    Greetings to the forum community! A new online collection is here for your contemplation: May you find this free military history resource beneficial to you in your studies... Sincerely, Site Manager The War You Know
  7. R

    A Website on Australia's Stonehenge.

    Hello. There is now a website that details Australia's Stonehenge. "Amateur historian claims to have proof a mysterious rock formation hidden in the Australian bush holds clues to the origins of language." The Most Significant Sight in History?
  8. A

    Turkish website glitch ruffles feathers in Serbia

    ...whilst we are talking about waves of refugees coming to Greece... Turkish Website Glitch Ruffles Feathers in Serbia :: Balkan Insight
  9. RonPrice

    My Website: 18 Years of History Writing

    Part 1: My website on the subject of history divides this ancient discipline of study into: classical, medieval and modern, three separate sub-divisions and three separate webpages. This introductory section, this particular webpage, on the subject of history also includes: (a)...
  10. N

    History Handbook Online - Website Resource

    Hey guys, As a new member, I have enjoyed reading through the forum and seeing the great community spirit here. Therefore, I thought I would offer my own resources for use by anyone who would like them. I have combined everything I have learnt over the last few years as a History teacher...
  11. Futurist

    An Interesting Website on the Russo-Japanese War and the Post-War Peace Negotiations

    Here you go: Portsmouth Peace Treaty, 1905-2005 Enjoy! :) For reference, I myself found this website to be pretty interesting and very detailed.
  12. davu

    Skeptical about Skeptics -- New Website

    for your reading pleasure ---- or not. Skeptical About Skeptics Thought I would add this to the list -- the list of authoritative people running this one is substantial --- :) Associates and Advisors | Skeptical About Skeptics Skeptics in the Media | Skeptical About Skeptics...
  13. S

    Website from Germany for European history

    Hey, I'm a history teacher in Germany and found out a great website that teaches the European history from 1800 until today. Information and summaries - German history
  14. Futurist

    Interesting Free Website With A Lot of Historical Maps

    Here is an interesting website which I don't think has been posted here yet (if I am wrong in regards to this, then please let me know): Omniatlas Maps It contains a lot of historical maps and is apparently free; in addition, new maps are frequently being put on this website (based on my...
  15. J

    Looking for teacher feedback on ancient history website

    I work for Ancient History Encyclopedia, a not-for-profit educational resource on ancient history. We've recently surpassed our 1000th article, every single one of which has been reviewed by our editors. Many teachers and students worldwide use our site, but we're looking for specific feedback...
  16. Mark Jessop

    French Revolution: the role of oratory

    This 21 minute episode considers the role of oratory in the run up to and throughout the French Revolution and why oratory is linked to the classical education many of the noblesse and the bourgeoisie of France received. To understand the Revolution it will help to know why many men made...
  17. Killbot

    Russia and ex-USSR website

    Hi Everyone, Some friends of mine and I have launched a website on Russian and ex-USSR history, geopolitics and current events. It is called 'Republic of the East': Republic of the East | La r├ępublique de l'Est We are all academics (Masters level) and have a history/political...
  18. P

    Nice website

    This looks like a great website. I'm glad to be a part of it. Let's make history!
  19. T

    New to Website

    Hello, My name is sam, just searched this website up and signed up. I was tired of looking online over several links on the information i wanted to know.
  20. J

    History recording website

    Hi everybody! (Full disclosure - I am currently involved in this project) My name is Jennifer and I'm currently living in NYC, in the United States. I'm primarily interested in European and American 20th century history. As a past-time, I enjoy programming. One project that I'm working on is...