1. R

    Was Hitler mentally unfit to be Commander in Chief of the Wehrmacht from 1943 onwards

    Was Hitler mentally unfit or frankly too unstable to be the Commander in Chief of the German armed forces from mid-1943 onwards, if he was a Whermacht officer, will je have been relieved of command long ago and sent to a mental institution?
  2. S

    Was the Wehrmacht mostly nazi?

    My general consensus is that the german population had a wide knowledge about the Shoah and a great deal of people were members of the N.S.D.A.P and happy with the whole unsettling idea of the genocide of jews and slavs, until Stalingrad. At that point, the dream of the big "Arian nation", the...
  3. S

    Any Feldmarschall and Generals not Nazis in the Wehrmacht?

    I can only honestly think of Friedrich Paulus, Fritz Bayerlein and Hasso von Manteuffel. Maybe Udet (?). The nazi classic ones: Model, Guderian, Walther von Reichenau, Rundstedt, Manstein, Rommel, Jodl, Keitel and Hermann Hoth. I know that 20-26% of the Wehrmacht were N.S.D.A.P members so is...
  4. Blue

    The Wehrmacht

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  5. Shtajerc

    German ww2 recruitment Lower Styria

    The Third Reich won the April war against Yugoslavia in 1941. Afterwards, the area of Slovenia (then Drava banovina) was occupied between the Reich, Italy, Hungary and NDH Croatia. The Reich took the regions of Upper Carniola (added to Carinthia) and Lower Styria (added to Styria). In Lower...
  6. MilitaryRankings

    How important was weather for Soviet victory over Wehrmacht in WWII

    I'm referring to the mud/rain of fall and frozen winter of 1941. I have read several sources on Germany's Eastern Front and Operation Barbarossa. The sources conflict with each other. It seems historians subscribe to two different views: Some say that if Guderian had been allowed to push...
  7. C

    Wehrmacht vs Imperial Japanese Military?

    In which military was the practice of war crimes and crimes against humanity the most widespread and extensive? The Wehrmacht (Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe) or the Imperial Japanese Military (IJA, IJN)? Which military committed more war crimes (number of victims) and which was the use of...
  8. C

    What % of the Wehrmacht that served in WW2 held Nazi convictions/beliefs?

    How many soldiers that served in the Wehrmacht during WW2 held strong National Socialist convictions and ideals? Meaning they subscribed to the Nazi ideology and worldview and all that it entailed. Belief in such integral Nazi doctrines such as anti semitism, anti Bolshevism, the belief in a...
  9. J

    Could America and Britain have defeated the Wehrmacht alone like the Soviets did

    During the war, the Red Army repelled the Wehrmacht's strongest blows and incinerated 75% of all German Forces. What if both countries where put in the same position that they have to fight the Wehrmacht alone? Would either country have the ability to stand up against the entire Wehrmacht...
  10. M

    Picture Gallery of German Wehrmacht Soldiers in WW II

    If you are interested in pictures of Wehrmacht Soldiers from the Eastern Front, click here....
  11. C

    Was the Wehrmacht's Operation Blue a good idea?

    Was the Wehrmacht's drive towards the Caucasus and its oil fields a feasible plan? Should the Germans have gone ahead with it? If it wasn't a viable idea to attempt the summer offensive into the Caucasus then what should the Germans have done against the Soviet Union strategy wise? Go on a...
  12. C

    How many Wehrmacht soldiers surrendered from January to April 1945?

    How many Wehrmacht soldiers surrendered from January to April 1945? Why didn't they continue fighting against the Allies? You would think a military as indoctrinated and ideologically driven as they were would fight until the very end, which it seems only small numbers of them did. So why the...
  13. MarshallBudyonny

    Worst tactical/strategic defeat of the Wehrmacht?

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, although perhaps I should clarify that we're not necessarily looking for the battle with the highest casualty ration in favour of the allies. Strategic and tactical repercussions take pride of place over relative casualty figures. EDIT: Clicked too early...
  14. Shtajerc

    Help with Wehrmacht Jäger needed!

    My schoolmate found an old Jäger uniform from ww2 that belonged to a family member. It's in quite a bad condition and I couldn't make out the unit's patch, only the Jäger patch. So, in which divion or regiment would a man from Lower Styria (on the map named "UNTERSTEIERMARK") most likely have...
  15. C

    Were the SS and Wehrmacht capable of committing a mass atrocity similar to Nanking?

    Let's say that after capturing a sizable Soviet city (100,000 or more inhabitants) the German Waffen SS/Heer were ordered by Hitler for whatever reason to destroy the city and kill the entire population. No deporting them to camps where gas chambers and starvation do the job, no Einsatzgruppen...
  16. Belloc

    Kasserine Complex: how the US military came to idolize the Wehrmacht

    Interesting commentary on this development within the American military felt from its early encounters with the Germans in WWII and the impact it had on post-war developments. The Kasserine Complex Although the fact the American military relied on former Wehrmacht officers who fought on the...
  17. F

    Robert Citino's Book 'Death of the Wehrmacht: The German Campaigns of 1942'

    What is your opinion on the conclusion(s) made in Robert Citino's book 'Death of the Wehrmacht: The German Campaigns of 1942'? I believe he suggests that the outcome of the Wehrmacht's campaigning season of 1942 (being a failure in both North Africa and on the Eastern Front) was not inevitable...
  18. SSDD

    Effectiveness of German Wehrmacht against Partisans

    How effective was German Wehrmacht against Partisans? German Wehrmacht generally thought about conventional war. But Partisans fought non-conventional war. I mean the way Wehrmacht fought using medium bombers for terror bombing, then dive bombers to soften enemy defence, dropping Paratroopers...
  19. Vintersorg

    The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality

    I've seen this book in my local bookstore: Amazon.com: The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality (9780674025776): Wolfram Wette, Deborah Lucas Schneider: Books@@AMEPARAM@@http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51zD1A-kKBL.@@AMEPARAM@@51zD1A-kKBL It looks interesting, but reviews seem to go either...
  20. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Historian view on a-political status of Wehrmacht

    Hi lovers! Do you guys know of any books that argue that the Wehrmacht was a non-political army. You know, views similar to that of Ardenauer's and in contradiction to Bartov's book on the Wehrmacht as a army that has embraced Nazism. Thank you all in advance!