1. I

    Weirdest Aviation Battles

    I made a short video on the weirdest aviation battles I thought you guys might enjoy: Weirdest Aviation Battles
  2. Dayton Lavon Kitchens

    Oddest Wars Ever Fought (or not fought)?

    I'm a history teacher considering doing a unit on wars that were truly odd or unusual. I've come up with a number such as the A) Anglo Zanzibar War-odd for being the shortest war in history. B) The Football (or Soccer) War-odd for tensions being raised to the point of war in part thanks to...
  3. A

    Weirdest ''reason'' for war

    I started this because apparently the reason for French invasion of Algeria(called algier back then), was that one of the french diplomat was hit by a ''fan'', which france took insult to and asked for apology's, which never came - and then came the french invasion. Of course, don't get me...