1. R

    Could Wellington have won Austerlitz?

    If he was in overall command, could he have managed a draw at least? Could the Wellington of 1815 beat the Napoleon of 1807?
  2. ThePeopleProfiles

    Part Two of my Duke of Wellington Documentary.

    Hello everyone, just finished part two of my documentary on the life of Arthur Wellesley, please have a look and let me know what you think. Many thanks for your time in advance. Regards rQyqa2Mzthw
  3. ThePeopleProfiles

    Wellington Documentary Feedback please.

    Hello everyone, just finished part one of my documentary on the life of Arthur Wellesley, please have a look and let me know what you think. Many thanks for your time in advance. Regards x4eZJtmemRo
  4. B

    Who was the greater commander Marlborough or Wellington?

    A better choice.
  5. M

    Poll : Wellington vs Montgomery , which was better ?

    Since last poll about Napoleon vs Wellington was so lively and right now I do a research about British military leaders , can we make a comparison Duke of Wellington vs Bernard Montgomery ? Which was better ? Wellington : Fought in Flanders Campaign in 1794 , retreated whatever left of his...
  6. L

    Duke of Wellington?

    Why was Wellesely made the Duke of Wllington. He was the first so he didn't inherit it. I'm guessing that it was becauseof his victorie in the Napoleonic Wars, but why was Wellington chosen?
  7. A Vietnamese

    Why do we call Arthur Wellesley "Wellington"?

    Instead of calling him general Arthur or general Wellesley or at least Duke of Wellington? Meanwhile, I have never heard anyone call Horatio Nelson "Duke of Bronté". And people keen on calling Napoleon "Napoleon" instead of calling him emperor Bonaparte. And yet we keep calling Napoleon III...
  8. P

    Napoleon vs Wellington: a Contrast

    Following on from several other threads (mainly regarding Napoleon) , I would like to see whether others feel that Napoleon or Wellington was the better General. In the Napoleonic wars, the Iron Duke always had the upper hand, yet his adversary was usually one of Bony's Marshalls. Time and...
  9. P

    Wellington bomber debuts this day in 1936

    June 15 1936 marked the debut of the British Vickers Wellington bomber which made its first flight on that day 80 years ago. Called the ''Wimpey'' by Royal Air Force bomber crews -after the American comic Popeye character J Wellington Wimpey whose portliness was reflected in the Welington...
  10. Darren Singh

    Napoleon vs Duke of Wellington vs Archduke Charles

    Napoleon, Duke of Wellington and Archduke Charles are the 3 greatest military leaders in the Napoleonic Wars. Who do u think is the best
  11. G

    To what extent was Waterloo down to Wellington

    I'm completely baffled on this history essay: "To what extent was victory at Waterloo down to Wellington" Ive got a fair selection of reasons completely going wellingtons way but I always like to provide a heavy argument for the other side - but what is their if any??
  12. H

    Question on Haitian revolution

    Why was Napoleon's army unsuccessful in defeating the Haitian uprising?
  13. Pearl of Tyburn

    Nelson vs. Wellington

    Who's your favorite British commander in the Napoleonic Wars: the charismatic Lord Nelson, or the dour Duke of Wellingon? This may suprise some readers, but I've gotta go with Wellington. Personally, I find him to be a more complex character because he didn't wear his emotions on his sleeve...
  14. common soldier

    The Congress of Vienna, Viscount Castlereagh and the Duke of Wellington

    I am curious to understand why the Duke of Wellington replaced Viscount Castlereagh at the Congress of Vienna?:suspicious: I have been unable to locate a definitive answer using my own library and the internet. Also, would you consider his being replaced as his greatest failure?
  15. irishcrusader95

    Napoleon vs Wellington vs Frederick II: study in character

    inspired by Delenda's thread on Caesar, Alexander and Hannibal. this is to debate the virtue's and vices of each ones character. which one treated his enemies the best, who was the better Husband, the best to have as a friend etc.
  16. E

    Archduke Charles .vs. Wellington

    What you guys think of them? I think Archduke Charles was better.
  17. Ian The Poet

    Was the Duke of Wellington the best?

    I have just read recently that the Duke of Wellington was the only undefeated General in history, which to my mind makes him the best. Do you agree?
  18. viking

    The Wellington Thread.

    Couldn't bear to leave the field to Napoleon so I've opened an anything goes thread on Wellington. I admit to being an admirer of the Iron Duke but I know he has many faults too, so, open fire for and against.
  19. Belloc

    Wellington vs Blücher

    Who was the more skilled commander to oppose the Emperor in the 1815 campaign? or

    QUARTER FINALS: Napoleon v.s Duke of Wellington

    Two of the best generals of all time!