1. dreuxeng

    Chagga Chiefs

    The Chagga peoples of Tanganyika were made up of a series of tribes, whose very existence was the cause of a problem, apparently. That there was intermittent tribal warfare. Would a federal or federated system have prevented these conflicts? in contrast to Buganda for example? Was it because...
  2. antiquarian

    H.G. Wells

    Has anyone here read Wells' The Outline of History? If so, what did you think of it?
  3. Triceratops

    HG Wells: War of the Worlds

    Ever since it appeared, firstly as a serial in Pearson's Magazine, followed by the Heinemann novelisation in 1898, Wells' story has been continually printed and re-printed. The alien invasion has likewise been a perpetual favourite amongst science fiction readers and writers ever since...
  4. Druzhina

    Statues of Knights at Wells Cathedral, c.1230-40

    Statues of Knights at Wells Cathedral, c.1230-40 Statues of knights with padded arming caps at Wells Cathedral, c.1230-40 A statue of a knight without a helmet at Wells Cathedral, c.1230-40 A knight c.1250 by Ian Heath based on the Battle of Bouvines in the Chronica Majora by Matthew Paris, 1214...
  5. K

    "Stalin" Conversation with English writer Wells

    Poor English translation by google.com/translate July 23, 1934 Wells. I am very grateful to you, Mr. Stalin, for what you have agreed to receive me. I was recently in the United States, had a long conversation with President Roosevelt and was trying to figure out what are its guiding ideology...
  6. okamido

    HG Wells, The Time Machine

    Written by H.G. Wells, in 1895, The Time Machine struck an immediate chord with its effort to put Victorian society in the crosshairs by showing what could happen to humanity in the future, if we let ourselves become slaves to our own leisure...
  7. avon

    HG Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau

    (Artwork by Kate Gibb.) HG Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau, 1896. Text available at: http://www.online-literature.com/wellshg/doctormoreau/ Open for discussion Sunday, 29 August, 2010. Enjoy. :)
  8. A

    Was Ida B Wells influential in the outlaw of lynching?

    Do you think her campaign against lynching in the South was successful, or were other factors more important in the ban on lynching (in a nut shell, really..)? Many thanks
  9. avon

    HG Wells, Country of the Blind

    Short Story Intermission - H.G. Wells, The Country of the Blind, 1904. Text available at: http://www.readprint.com/work-1482/The-Country-of-the-Blind-H-G-Wells Open for discussion on Sunday, 18 April, 2010.
  10. L

    HG Wells- The Outline of History

    I came across this book used at a bargain, but I don't know how accurate it is, if it leaves important aspects of human history out, or has a strong bias that makes it something not worth reading. Has anyone on this forum read it? And if so what do you think of it?
  11. Robert165

    HG Wells, socialist, was in Labor Party?

    I read that HG Wells was in the Labr party in 1920 something. But since he was a socailist I don't see how that would work. Could somone explain the political climate of the time so that I'd understand.
  12. Commander

    HG Wells

    1866 : H.G. Wells is born H.G. Wells, pioneer of science fiction, is born on this day in Bromley, England. Wells was born near London and received a scholarship to the Normal School of Science in London. After school, he worked as a draper's apprentice and bookkeeper before becoming a...