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    Welsh Witches: narratives of witchcraft and magic in 16th and 17th century wales

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  2. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Armes Prydein (10th-century Welsh prophetic poem )

    Armes Prydein (The Prophecy of Britain) is an early 10th-century Welsh prophetic poem from the Book of Taliesin. In a rousing style characteristic of Welsh heroic poetry, it describes a future where all of the Brythonic peoples are allied with the Scots, the Irish, and the Vikings of Dublin...
  3. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    200 years of Welsh wars vs the Normans that people have forgotten. (pre Edwardian con

    When people talk of the 'welsh wars' with England (Normans and Saxons), they nearly always talk of the Edwardian conquest of Wales and Glyndwrs uprising. However, the years between 1067 and 1255 are the most violent in the in the very violent history of the welsh. Within those years we see a...
  4. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Timeline of Viking Raids on the Welsh

    The Viking attacks on the native welsh and the Britons is often overlooked for the better-recorded attacks and battles with the Saxons of England. The Viking raids on Saxon England is the subject of many documentaries and books. (probably 100s) Most of these don't even mention the natives of the...
  5. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    The truth about the welsh that fought Wallace..

    Many scots seem to think the welsh were happy to fight with the English against Wallace but this was far from the case. Wales was at the time fresh from conquest and suffering extreme hardships and slaughter. Many of the Welshmen that come to Scotland with Edward had no choice. One thing for...
  6. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Welsh battles, wars and rebellions from 940- 1409

    Iv posted before regarding the ignorance towards welsh history among the British people so iv decided to try and do my bit by starting a little blog. What iv also found is British people that think they have a grasp of welsh history haven't even scratched the surface. For a small nation...
  7. R

    Irish and Welsh mythology: truth or fiction?

    Both Ireland and Wales have very rich traditions of myths and legends. Some of these stories are extremely ancient...going back to the misty, earliest Gaelic period...and seem to give enticing hints of real people and events from prehistoric or proto-historic times. Is it possible to extract...
  8. R

    The role of the Welsh and Irishmen in the British Empire?

    When the role of non-English Britons in the British Empire is discussed, I've often read of the Scots and Protestant Ulstermen contributing far more than their numbers would logically dictate (i.e. a disproportionately high number of Scots as administrators of the British Raj, in military...
  9. Haardrada

    English allies of Welsh armies 1181AD-1197AD

    Hi I'm looking for evidence of English Nobles who supported Welsh armies/revolts during this period of History?
  10. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Short history of the 'British language' (Welsh)

    In the sixth century Welsh was spoken in most of Britain, including Strathclyde in Scotland, which is derived from its former Welsh name. Some shepherds in Cumbria were still counting their sheep in Welsh in the twentieth century. Welsh was one of the earliest written languages in Europe. In...
  11. llywelyn ap gruffydd

    Welsh Princes/Rulers

    Wales is an ancient land with a history to rival any other. However there seems to be a complete lack of understanding outside of wales (and to an extent inside of wales) of this small nations fascinating history. There doesn't seem to be much on welsh history on this forum which is a shame...
  12. W

    Did Scots or Welsh troops ever have an issue repressing the Irish?

    During the period of British colonial rule in Ireland I know that troops from across Britain served in the colonial forces, as well as native Irish. I know there was some tension between Irish civilians and Irish serving in British forces, especially when the latter were used to repress Irish...
  13. V

    Welsh Loyalists v Welsh Rebels

    My ancestors (Whitney Family) were from Herefordshire, England basically wales and were archbishops they had fought in many wars for the English against the Welsh in the Glyndŵr Rising and again for house York in the war of the roses, and the mans son who died for the English in the war of...
  14. G

    City of the Legion of Arthur is Richborough

    Our discovery was that the 9 battle sites of "(King) Arthur" in the 'Historia Britonum' of "Nennius" match the Saxon Shore forts of the Notita Dignitatum from Yarmouth to Portsmouth. http://2rbetterthan1.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/map-12battleska-9fortsss2.png...
  15. Druzhina

    Welsh men-at-arms

    Here are a couple of sources for Welsh men-at-arms, rather than English men-at-arms in Wales: A Welsh Uchelwyr (knight) on the Great Seal of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, b.1194-d.1240 . Welsh Uchelwyr c.1200 in Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath, based on the Great Seal of Llywelyn ab...
  16. G

    Did Irish, Scottish and Welsh peoples ever ally together against common enemy England

    Did they ever? What was the outcome? Why did this not happen more often since such an alliance could have held fort against expansionist English? Also Cornwallian peoples ever have a strong independent monarchy of their own and if that too could have been this alliance?
  17. W

    An outline of the Scots and Welsh Christianisation?

    To all our Scots and Welsh historians I'm curious about the process of Christianisation of the Welsh and Scottish peoples? Particularly in Scotland's case there are some quite hostile terrain with isolated communities (in the Highlands for example). Wales is more accessible but there are still...
  18. R

    Owain Glyndŵr/Last War of Welsh Independence film

    Discuss. Assuming the film is relatively accurate (with minor inaccuracies such as the Welsh archers turning coat at Mynydd Hyddgen, not Bryn Glas. No Braveheart-level of ridiculousness that would see something like Glyndŵr beheading Reynald), enough source material to create a potentially...
  19. K

    Welsh make it to America

    Let us say for theory sake. Though I doubt the theory in its whole, the Welsh in 1170 some how by some miracle make it to the New World - what would they find? How would they combat the Mississippian culture that is already there? How would they find the Maya? Would they win or would they just...
  20. G

    Edward I' s Welsh castles

    Something that struck me regarding their location. The major ones that were built pretty well from scratch from Conwy round to Harlech are on the north and west coasts. I can understand why they were on the coast but there seem to have been no significant defences built inland to the south and...