1. Imperia

    Competition created the West

    Competition in Europe arose after the fall of the Western Roman Empire when West Europe was divided into small and medium-sized nations that ceased to be provinces of a unified empire to turn the future colonial empires that conquered the world. My question is the West conquered the world...
  2. Imperia

    Was Rome's fall good or bad?

    When Rome fell was it good for the development of the West and the rest of the world? With Rome still existing, would we have modern democracy and equal rights for all men and women? Would you have: lay state, homosexual marriage, female suffrage and universal vote? Would the West have...
  3. Futurist

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank?

    Is it fair to compare French Algeria with the West Bank? Here are the similarities: Both of these territories are heavily Muslim-majority but with a significant non-Muslim minority (the Jews in the West Bank make up something like 20% of the total population there if one includes East Jerusalem...
  4. Futurist

    Israel captures the southern West Bank in 1949

    What if Israel would have successfully captured the southern West Bank (the territory with East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Hebron) in 1949? Would this region have looked much more Jewish right now in this scenario? Would this have any effect on the subsequent Arab-Israeli wars? Also, would it...
  5. R

    Scythians and Kushans are the reason north west India is highly vegetarian ?

    Out of hundreds of conquerors of India only few migrated and settled in India as Nomads and tribes. Scythians and Kushans ruled north west India for nearly 1000 years right before Islamic age and during this time we see rise of Non Vedic Caucasoid population and castes in North West India...
  6. holoow

    Important books that went un-noticed in the West

    'Psycho-Chemical Warfare: The Chinese Communist Drug Offensive Against the West' by A.H. Stanton Candlin [1974] 'Their Trade is Treachery: The Full Unexpurgated Truth About the Russian Penetration of The World's Secret Defences' by Chapman Pincher [1981] 'Red Cocaine: The Drugging of...
  7. Imperia

    The Rise of West and the Fall of Rome

    When rome fell western europe divided into smaller powers (england, france, spain, portugal and holland and later germany), these nations competed with each other leading to the creation of colonial empires and imperialism; and the conquest of the world by the West. Meanwhile the east remained...
  8. M

    My ancestors from the Old West

    I was born in Tempe, Arizona. My ancestors lived in the Old West, but I can't seem to find any sites on this topic.:suspicious: I'm hoping to get some website/forum suggestions about the Old West here. Any information would be very helpful! Thanks all!!
  9. R

    Is feminism ruining the West?

    Does the altright have a point when they say that women's empowerment is ruining the West? Basically the argument is that feminism is promoting the rise in female hypergamy which incentivices illegitimacy and deadbeat men, at the cost of the more responsible salary man, also the rise of...
  10. L

    Atlas of West Slavic Toponyms in Germany

    Volume I is online (with Intro in English): http://maps.mapywig.org/m/m_documents/PL/ATLAS_NAZW_GEOGRAFICZNYCH_SLOWIANSZCZYZNY_ZACHODNIEJ_ZESZYT_I.pdf Volume IIB, the island of Rugia (Rügen): https://i.imgur.com/ljRLkas.png https://i.imgur.com/8Vdxk80.png https://i.imgur.com/xtkD6ho.png...
  11. Lucius

    Is the decline of the West really all that bad?

    Is the decline of the West really all that bad? https://www.theglobalist.com/oswald-spengler-the-decline-of-the-west/
  12. R

    Why does the West think it is wrong for the government to try to regulate morality?

    Why does the West think that it is wrong for the government to regulate morality? If you look at Confucian moral philosophy it clearly think otherwise and it thinks that the government should have a hand in promoting good moral order among its citizens, and that government should use the force...
  13. Imperia

    The Lost Territories of the Western World

    the Western world has always been expanding, from the Greek colonies and the Roman empire in the old age to the conquests of colonialism in the age of discovery. The West has conquered and Westernized the Americas, Oceania, and parts of Asia and Africa, in a way Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan...
  14. H

    Amazing 1000 years old west central indian carved temple architecture

    Mahavira Jain Temple
  15. F

    Misunderstanding "west" and "east"

    This may be only my view, that most discussions gets into abysses of misunderstandings when we come to those notions. One reason is it may make people think of parts of the world very far away from each other, were often the opposite is true. Especially in the Meditteranean region. Then also the...
  16. throughthepastdarkly

    What do non-Westerners mean when they call the West 'decadent'?

    What do (you think) non-Western intellectuals and demagogues mean when they call the West 'decadent'? Thinking about it, the first thing that comes to mind as fairly unique among the major civilizations is the gay rights issue. Makes us look decadent. Another seemingly feasible answer might...
  17. D

    pirats along the west coast ?

    Hello.Did the pirats of the pacific ocean (chinese,malaysian and indonesian gangsters of the sea) "work" along the west coast ? Thank you.
  18. K

    Any good Westerns set on the West Coast?

    I've had an itch for a novel or film that has a decent historically accurate portrayal of life in any of the three west-coast states during the 'Old West' era (for my purposes 1840s-1900s). I don't mind if the plot itself is a work of fiction, just as long as they nail the feel and history of...
  19. G

    Modern Greece is part of the West

    I promised this thread yesterday, as a response to the question "is modern Greece part of the West?" When referring to Greece as a Western country, we should mostly think of the mediterranean part of the West, not England or Finland Geographically, Greece is anything but western, as it lies...
  20. M

    Why did Colombus sail west?

    Hello! As stated, i wonder what you think about what made Colombus sail west. Yuval Noah Harari goes in depth about it in his book Sapiens, which i of course read. Namely the chapter on the scientific revolution. Harari tells of something pretty interesting, the discovery of ignorance, and how...