1. Darth Raidius

    No western involvement in the Soviet-Afghan war

    What if, during the Soviet-Afghan war of 1979-1989, the United States and other involved western countries were led by sane leaders that staunchly refused to support the Afghan Mujahideen? How differently would the Soviets fare in Afghanistan? And should the Soviets emerge victorious, how would...
  2. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    1850-60s : Satsuma Vs Western Powers !?

    In the stormy change of the late Shogunate Period, the huge and unprecedented change upon Japan was drastically changing the nation since the Black Ships' arrival and the subsequent Western Powers' incursion. At the meantime, at the south-west of Japan, Kyushu — where the Shimazu Clan...
  3. F

    Western Roman Army during Alaric’s Sack of Rome

    Reading about Alaric’s sack of Rome I couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous absence of the Western Roman army. During Radaguisus’ invasion of Italy Stilicho was able to muster a force of roughly 30,000 men to repel him, yet five years later the only resistance offered against Alaric was a...
  4. R

    Why is Western culture so missionary and messianic in nature?

    Why is Western culture so missionary and universalist in nature compared to say, Japanese or Subsaharan African, or Hindu culture in trying to remake theabd world in its image? Why does liberal Western culture have a selular version of Dues Vult that other cultures lack, i mean Shintoism does...
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    River Warships in Western Europe between 1300-1500

    What kind of ships were used in river warfare in western Europe between 1300-1500? Specifically if a raider crossing the north sea sailed down the Rhine to raid coastal cities, what kind of ship would they use? Would Cogs work for this, would longships still be used or something else?
  6. Iwan

    Western heroes?

    I'm very proud of social achievements of Soviet time: 8hours working day, pension for workers, free resorts for children, health resorts etc. Very many people contradicted me, that they have similar achievements. I know how we got all that good things: we had revolutions and workers won. Of...
  7. VHS

    Speculate historical developments in Western Ocean (西洋)by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣)

    Speculate historical developments in Western Ocean (西洋)by Liu Cixin (刘慈欣) It is an alternative history short story by the well-known Chinese sci-fic writer Liu Cixin (刘慈欣). Very little details are given about...
  8. Robert165

    Does Western Civilization really have superior values

    Look, normally I am very critical of Capitalism, Imperialism, and Western Powers in general. During these discussions a rebuttal is often brought up. That rebuttal is that even if the West is not perfect they do have some very good qualities. Qualities like: Freedom Individuality Democracy...
  9. Menshevik

    "Western" vs "Eastern" ways of war?

    So, there's an idea or argument that basically boils down to the traditional, "western," approach to warfare as being more about decisive action, pitched battle, possessing superior infantry who are more prone to "stand and fight." Whereas, the "eastern" approach often times relies on archers...
  10. F

    Rulers who ban Western products n publications tend to enjoy them privately?

    The ruling elites of tyrannical regimes find many Western products and publications too offensive and subversive to be allowed in their countries; however, rumor has it that behind closed doors they enjoy those banned Western products and publications tremendously. What are some of the lavish...
  11. Davetron the great

    What if the Western Allies bombed soviet oil feilds in 1940?

    Take a look at this video 9mj7biOwRks What are the implications of a Soviet-Axis alliance -The Empire of Japan had a dispute on Attacking the US or The Soviets for resources if The Soviet Union was forced into an alliance with the Axis would pearl Harbor be Necessary ? -And if they did How...
  12. F

    Why do authoritarians deserve more respect than Western leaders?

    No matter how corrupt Western politicians and political parties are allegedly, there is one luxury they don't have: the Westerners can protest them outside their offices and headquarters or insult them on national TV and don't even get fired let alone the firing squad. People from authoritarian...
  13. I

    The Lost Territories of the Western World

    the Western world has always been expanding, from the Greek colonies and the Roman empire in the old age to the conquests of colonialism in the age of discovery. The West has conquered and Westernized the Americas, Oceania, and parts of Asia and Africa, in a way Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan...
  14. G

    Polish Newsreel 1945: Our Western Lands

    uFCsnWALq9E Translation: "(...) After centuries of foreign rule, our western borders have once again returned to the line of Odra [Oder] and Nysa [Neisse] rivers. Our western lands, liberated at the cost of many Polish lifes, are today under guard of the ones, who have winned them over. Old...
  15. H

    Western (middle east) and eastern (indian) religions

    thing which fascinates me is that how two lands of india and middle east gave birth to all the major religious philosophies in the world and how they being so different yet they spread to vast areas of different cultures, societies and geography. islam and christianity spread to europe, africa...
  16. throughthepastdarkly

    What are Western values?

    Other than individualism, what are the prevailing Western values observable and practiced in Western societies today?
  17. analysis17456

    Yuan Dynasty VS Western Europe

    God decided to entertain himself, completely evaporating the respective landmasses separating the Yuan Dynasty and Europe before pushing them into each other. He beams images into their heads - they believe, they must war against each other until their enemy is completely removed from the face...
  18. H

    The Gangas- western and eastern

    The Western Gangas of southern Karnataka are dated from 350 to 1000 CE according to Wikipedia and the Eastern Gangas of Odisha and parts of Bengal and north coastal Andhra are dated from 11th century to 15th century. How is it known that these royal families who are so widely separated in space...
  19. HackneyedScribe

    Stabilizing the Western Desolation,translated

    I wanted to share a comic that I've been translating from Chinese into English. It is called "Stabilizing the Western Desolation", which is given free of charge in hotoon's weibo website: https://m.weibo.cn/u/2365723822?uid=2365723822 The art is really good. What's more, you can tell he did an...
  20. J

    Was the Agincourt victory possible because of backward Western armors and metallurgy?

    Was the Agincourt victory possible because of the traditionally backward/weak Western armors and metallurgy in a comparison with the Central European and Italian armour and metallurgy development? During the 100years war , Unlike Italians and Germans, the English and French did not know much...