1. K

    Why did Hong Kong cinema portray the White Lotus negatively?

    In Once Upon a Time in China 2, the White Lotus sect was portrayed as xenophobic and anti-modernization fanatics (which may be true if they inspired the Boxers). This movie influenced other kung fu movies to create their own villainous sects in their plots like the Red Lotus and Fire Lotus...
  2. Maki

    Did the Serbian flag fly over the White House?

    Recently, there was a celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the event when the flag of Serbia was flown over the White House. However, did this really happen? Because, in 1920 NY Times claimed that the French flag was the first foreign flag to fly over the White House. Only two sources...
  3. Dose

    Seances and the Occult in the Lincoln White House-- history of Spiritualism in the US

    YmZT6_X3tWs Short vid I made which covers the once-widespread belief in Spiritualism in the US. Pretty fascinating stuff.
  4. dlnewhouse

    Malcontent uprisings - white man cam

    Nasty stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1979_riots Opinions? Disco Demolition Night is my favorite.
  5. H

    Need help in Decoding my "wealthy" Indian+White Ancestry.

    Hi all, I am Harold H. Pandit from good ole United States of America. I am 100% "White" now with Blue eyes and Brown hair alongside my pale skin but i have one interesting Ancestry. as you can see my Surname is Pundit and according to my Father my Great Grandpa was an Indian named Monilal...
  6. B

    Southern voting as percent of white population in 1904

    I did some calculations based on votes cast in the Presidential Election of 1904 and white population in the census of 1900. I am assuming few blacks voted at that point, but there probably was a significant black vote in the upper south. I didn't try to calculate the percentage of the...
  7. NordicDemosthenes

    Situation of White South African farmers

    This might just ignite a flame war, but hey, why not. What does the members of historum think about the currently very insecure situation for white South African farmers, and statements by the South African government to take their land without compensation? Debate :cool:
  8. Futurist

    Why was White settlement more successful in S Africa than it was elsewhere in Africa?

    Why was White settlement more successful in southern Africa than it was elsewhere in Africa? I mean, even right now, White people make up around 10% of South Africa's total population and between 4% and 7% of Namibia's total population. In contrast, the White percentage of the total population...
  9. J

    Poverty & White Supremacy

    Explain how and why poverty and white supremacy are foundations upon which the post-Civil War South was built. (Intellectual answers ONLY!!! PLEASE no negativity or race/status bashing!)
  10. R

    Standard of living for white south Africand during apartheid

    How high was the standard of living for White South Africans under apartheid, was it comparable to North Western Europe or Australia or Canada during the 60s to early 80s? Did white south africans have a welfare state similar to the Netherlands or West Germany during that period? Was the economy...
  11. B

    mysterious White Chinese Might Be Related To Roman Soldiers

    Mysterious White Chinese May Be Related To Ancient Roman Soldiers ? Did Marcus Crassus' Army Settle Down In The Gobi Desert? | Ancient Pages Ran across a very intriguing article, devoted to white people still living in China. The author, with a pretty uneducated brush relays the possibility ...
  12. Z

    Who is the white man sitting behind Rosa Parks?

    62 years ago, Rosa Parks stood up for civil rights by sitting down - CNN This picture. Probably the most famous picture of her, a picture seen in school books, newspaper articles and now internet articles. So, who is the man sitting behind her? Was it someone in her organization? Or an unknown...
  13. D

    Question about White races

    The Aryan race is characterized as blond hair and colored eyes, usually blue. The Aryan race is sub categorized into these groups: Nordic, Mediterranean, Dinaric, Alpine, and East Baltic. Are these the only white and blond hair races that existed? Is Aryan just a subgroup to another group of...
  14. F

    Why did white people dominate the world if Asians have higher IQ's?

    Or why did white people invent the best technology? What's your theory?
  15. K

    White Ships sail along

    The White Ship disaster lead to the rise of the Plantagenet - what would happen if there was no disaster?
  16. F

    Why would white Germans start Cultural Marxism?

    Why would white Germans want to abolish European culture and power? Makes no sense. And how was this school of thought able to permeate so deeply in schools and media?
  17. F

    Do you think white people have become wimps?

    I live in the United States. Here, a lot of black and Spanish people think that white people are wimps. Even white girls think that white guys are wimps a lot of the time. If so, when did this happen? It must have occurred during the 3 generations since WWII. Because you can see people storming...
  18. T

    LIncoln was a white supremists

    MOD EDIT: Redacted
  19. B

    White Union soldiers from eastern North Carolina

    There is the relatively famous incident in 1864 when Pickett had 22 POWs from North Carolina Union regiments hanged for desertion. Apparently, some had deserted from conscription camps or were in the Home Guard. Picket fled to Canada for a while when this was being investigated after the war...
  20. Visigoth Panzer

    White mercenary warlords in Africa

    I read some older books that made vague mention of white mercenaries in sub-Saharan Africa (during the cold war) effectively being warlords and having their own little fiefdoms in some areas. Anyone know if this is accurate, if so where and when?