1. Jake10

    How important are wild predators to our well-being?

    Do we depend on wild predators and scavengers more than we're aware of? https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/01/180119085952.htm
  2. Jake10

    Documented cases of wild animals attempting to have pets

    By that, I would mean in the wild and not in captivity. Are there examples of this?
  3. D

    laws and regulations about wild animals

    Hello.Before the discovering of America (1492) there was jaguars and pumas (couguars) in a lot of parts of America.With the conquest,these animals have been exterminated.At which time the government of USA decide to protect these animals which were in danger to disparition ? Thank you.
  4. VHS

    Fort McMurray: A City almost lost to wild fire

    I'm not to sure if this haven't happened before, but wildfires almost toasted a relatively sizable city down (and it is still burning.) While it is considered a major disaster as far as Canada is concerned, how does it measure if compares with other disasters? With relatively few natural...
  5. Brisieis

    The Wild Man of Orford

    In around 1205 Monk, Ralph of Coggeshall reported an incident which happened roughly forty years earlier at Orford Castle in Suffolk, England. Men fishing in the sea caught in their nets a wild man. He was naked and was like a man in all his members, covered with hair and with a long shaggy...
  6. Vintersorg

    Statue of Easy Company's 'Wild Bill' Guarnere dedicated

    Just saw this interesting tidbit online: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/life-legacy-wild-bill.html I hadn't realised 'Wild Bill' died last year. I had the luck of meeting Wild Bill when a friend of mine was participating in a reconstruction of the Battle of the Bulge. I recall...
  7. Xenology

    The Wild Midwest

    What do we know what the Midwest, was like especially for areas like Ohio and Michigan during the time of gunslingers from the end of the civil war to 20 years after. Was it as bad as the frontier in the will west with gunslingers like Billy The Kid, Jesse James etc.
  8. heirtothewind

    Soiled Doves of the Wild West

    I offer this thread to supplement my other threads on this topic- Curing VD in the Civil War and Ancient Roman Brothel Tokens. They did not look like Miss Kitty on ‘’Gunsmoke.’’ Today, in Nevada, prostitution is not legal in any county with a population over 100,000 [Clark County- Las Vegas...
  9. C

    Cult of the Wild Boar

    The Iron Age cult of the wild boar: CULT OF THE WILD BOAR | balkancelts
  10. C

    Is anyone else a fan of Jonathan Wild, Thief Taker

    He was the first organised crime boss of London and concurrently head of thief takers, but is not a household historical name. Doubtless because there is no surviving folk tale of him, as there is of Dick Whittington. I can find no other discussion of him on the web other than biographies...
  11. Clemmie

    Political correctness gone wild

    I almost derailed an existing thread about an English author's works not being pc by today's standards. So, I thought I'd create a new thread just on the subject of political correctness. It's been on my mind lately, because I was told that our public safety staff have been told not to say...
  12. unclefred

    Wild Bill Hickok in Bronze

    Stevens Art Foundry just completed Erik Christianson’s latest bronze, a life sized rendition of Wild Bill Hickok. Although Christianson’s sculpture is magnificent in its own right, the multicolor patina on this bronze provided just the right amount of zing to make the sculpture pop. Although...
  13. Caracalla

    Wild West

    When and how did the Wild West end? Is wild west the correct term, or should I call it American frontier?
  14. N

    Wild West Forum

    Like to discuss the Old Wild West? Go to Note must register first!:laugh: Link deleted by mod: Thou shalt not lure to other sites.
  15. L

    Wild West Moments

    8/2/1876 - A classic moment in Wild West history takes place in Deadwood's Saloon #10 at 4:10 in the afternoon. Engaged in a poker game he has borrowed $50 to stay in, with his back to the door (other players have refused to give up their seats for fear of changing their luck), 39-year-old...
  16. unclefred

    Wild Bill Hickok vs Dave Tutt, Mano a Mano

    When the Civil War broke out in April 1861, James Butler Hickok was living in Kansas, where he was about to terminate his employment as a stage driver with Jones & Cartwright freighting company. In July, he was involved in the famous fight at Rock Creek, Nebraska Territory, where he became...
  17. unclefred

    Wild West Gunfights From the Tombstone Papers

    Tombstone of old had five newspapers, and as you can imagine, there were many stories highlighting the shootouts in that wild west town. On Nov. 14 1882 Buckskin Frank Leslie and Billy Claiborne had a fight outside the saloon From the Tombstone Epitaph: Frank Leslie: "I was talking with...
  18. ThatFrontierHistorian

    Footage of Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill by Thomas Edison

    I've recently been researching some of Thomas Edison's old films and found some excellent footage from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. I've uploaded a short montage video onto youtube which you can find here: The Wild West on Film - Actual Footage of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley by Thomas...
  19. SPERRO

    The wild geese

    For three centurys, Irish Mercenaries fought for different European countries,. Commonly known as The Wild Geese, what was it that drove them to fight for Spain, Austria, Italy, France etc?
  20. wearybanker

    Russia, The Wild East

    I don't know if this has appeared before, but very interesting. BBC iPlayer - Russia: The Wild East: Series 2: The Secret Speech/Scramble for Power