1. P

    If Russia had to fight German alone in WW2, would it win?

    Many people all over the internet say that it was the Russians who beat Germany and won WW2 and other countries help was negligible, so, if Russia was to fight the Germans alone, would it win?
  2. M

    Could Germany win a defensive war after Kursk?

    Title Was it possible for Germany to win a defensive war after Kursk? Not destroy the Soviet Union, but at least cripple it's forces to the point they cannot no longer reach Berlin. Lets say if Operation Bagration failed or somehow the Germans are able to negotiate with the Western allies not...
  3. P

    Did the French win any victories in the Franco-Prussian war?

    Did the French win any battles or victories during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871?
  4. L

    The Women of Hitler: Atrocities To One Side! New Laws, New Policies. Right Wing Win?

    When Adolf Hitler came to power what actions and policies toward the German women did the Nazis implement and how did these effect their lives? A desire for rebirth was strong in Germany. It was a common belief that the existing systems were failing and a new kind of society was needed...
  5. jameen

    What should Chiang Kai Shek do in order to win the Chinese Civil War?

    What are the right strategies that he and his army should implement in order to win the Chinese Civil War?
  6. R

    Who would win in a war between the US and China?

    Not now but 5 years into the future, let us say that Japan sides with the US but other countries stay neutral due to trade ties with China, what if the war drags on and both sides mobilize their reserves and civilian industrial capacity tow because of fear of looking weak after the initial...
  7. Visigoth Panzer

    Was Assassinating Churchill the only way for Germany to win WWII?

    There have been many debates on how Germany could have world war 2, generally it boils down to defeating Britain before invading the Soviet Union and preventing America from getting involved. It seems the simplest way to do this is to assassinate Churchill or otherwise eliminate him after the...
  8. O

    USA much more determined to win Vietnam War

    What if the USA was as determined to win in Vietnam as it was in WWII? Suppose it had, what would Vietnam's and Cambodia's fates have been between then and now?
  9. K

    Mongols win in Ain Jalut

    Mongols win in Ain Jalut What would a Mongol dominated Egypt look like?
  10. P

    Aso ‘thanks’ North Korea for helping LDP win election

    Does anybody have a weird feeling that Japan and North Korea are helping each other and we don't know it? North Korea, a state capitalist country that got rid of Marxism right at the latter part of the Cold War. Japan, a very ultra-capitalistic country, so to name. The two countries have one...
  11. RidiculousName

    How Could Japan win the War?

    I've often wondered if Japan decided to change a few small parts of their strategy in World War 2, we might not be living in a very different world. 1)Japan copies and uses more foreign weapon designs. It replaces weapon designers such as Arisaka with more competent equivalents. Not all...
  12. S

    The the USSR win the US with regards to Atheism?

    Guys could any of you be so kind as to explain the following to me... Reverend M. R. Watkinson, in a letter dated November 13, 1861, petitioned the Treasury Department to add a statement recognizing "Almighty God in some form in our coins During the Cold War era, the government of the United...
  13. cachibatches

    Zulu or Ashanti, who would win?

    Doing most of this from memory so I apologize if anyone feels that they want to flesh it out a bit more. THE PARAMETERS We will say roughly equal numbers. The Zulu under Shaka could field about 50,000, and under Ceteswayo about 35,000. The Ashanti could field up to 200,000, but the core...
  14. JM1906

    What historical event would you change so that France/Napoleon win the wars?

    So as we all know, Napoleon was a figure of twists and turnings. The wars that the emperor engaged all over Europe were submited to a lot of controversial decisions, actions, twists and turns. It's own life, as seen by him and most of the people who lived after him, a great deal of luck and...
  15. Visigoth Panzer

    Changes that could have helped Germany win WW2

    What things could Germany have done to World War 2? Obvious ones would be focus on naval buildup before the war with the intent of fighting Britain, build better tanks earlier, invest in long range bombers/fighters, defeat Britain before invading Russia, bypass Stalingrad and declare total war...
  16. Visigoth Panzer

    Who would win in a fight, Late or early Roman Empire?

    Assuming everything else is equal, who would win in a straight battle an army from the Early Roman Empire (with gladius, scutum, pilums, poor cavalry) or an army from the Late Roman Empire (with spatha, round shields, darts and cataphract cavalry)?
  17. Y

    Did Hitler have a chance to win WWII?

    Did Adolf Hitler have a chance to conquer the world in 1938 or not?
  18. R

    What if the Sasanids and Byzantines both win vs the Arabs?

    What if both of them survived, as a result of the Islamic imvasion happening 30 years later than the original date? Though the Arabs still achieve to make quite an impression, although they still fail to take Mesopotamia and the Levant after winning some early victories.
  19. notgivenaway

    Why did the Allies win WWI?

    Was it only because the Americans brought in more troops? But then surely this would have been matched by troops from the Eastern Front, especially after Russia went into revolution. Is the reason then similar to WWII, that the Allies had more resources, a bigger population, and were able to...
  20. F

    More friendly wars in Iraq

    Could the US have won the iraq wars in a way that wouldn't make the locals hate the US ?Maybe not bomb the infrastructure or spend more money on rebuilding it like in Afghanistan or are these too different beause the unity in Iraq was much higher?