1. jameen

    Winning the Chinese Civil War

    What Chiang Kai Shek must do in order to win the Chinese Civil War?
  2. Spike117

    Winning Cannae

    You find yourself leading the Roman army on the eave of the Cannae battle. Knowing everything you do about the disaster it was, what would you do to avoid it? Knowing Hannibal's tactic, how would you counter?
  3. Karl XII

    Battle where winning commander had numerical advantage but made solid tactical choice

    Any battles where you feel that even though a certain commander may have held a sizeable numerical advantage he still made strong tactical choices?
  4. G

    Why did Japan not gain any colonies after WWI despite being on the winning side

    And what colonies could it potentially have gained or wanted to gain?
  5. notgivenaway

    Was there any feasible way of the South winning the US Civil War?

    The South had some initial victories, but once they lost at Gettysburg the North ramped up their industry, and Lincoln made them more resolute for victory. But had they won at Gettysburg, could they still have won? And what would victory have meant exactly? there is no way the South could...
  6. Karl XII

    Whats the closest the Axis powers could come to winning WWII without victory?

    Lets say Germany had won at Stalingrad and El Alamein while Japan won resounding victories at Midway and Coral Sea. Would the allies have been unable to defeat the Axis powers under these circumstances? Or could Germany and Japan have done even better but still ultimately lost?
  7. Futurist

    Wars in which there is no major Catholic country in the winning coalition

    Other than World War II*, exactly which wars had no Catholic country among the major countries in the winning coalition in this war? *The major countries in the winning coalition in World War II were the U.S. (which was Protestant-majority), Britain (which was Protestant-majority), and the...
  8. Karl XII

    Why was Austria so bad at winning wars?

    I hope this doesn't come off as one of those nation bashing threads, I honestly intend to spark intellectual debate about the matter. Looking through their military history they seemed to have been on the losing side far more than the winning one, and even when they did win it usually involved...
  9. schmitt trigger

    What was the aftermath of Japan winning the Russo Japanese war?

    In my humble opinion it showed the world that Japan had arrived to the level of a world power. But most importantly, it wheted Japan's hunger for conquest, which led to the events culminating with WW2
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    US Military Performance in the Mexican-American War

    Obviously the Mexican-American War was a decisive US victory and it resulted in huge swathes of land being given to the United States from Mexico. But in terms of military performance on a scale of 1 - 10 how well did our military perform in terms of strategy, tactile fighting, etc. as opposed...
  11. CathareHeretic

    Which country played the greatest role in winning WW1, Britain, or France?

    West , Italian and Balkan Front . But if you desire comment about Middle East and Russia....For me the French army are the best. to the difference of the second world war .but i think the British an equal courage , heroism and sacrifice as their French comrades. I salute the US contribution (...
  12. CathareHeretic

    Which country played the greatest role in winning WW2, Britain, or USA?

    I limited to West Front . Because for me the Soviet never Liberated East Europe but imposed another Dictatorship (Communists Regimes) and i refuse to underestimate the U.S contribution in North Africa and Europe ( i recognize in the Pacific Front the American have the greatest role) But i think...
  13. V

    Winning elections with 104%?

    This topic is a continuation of this one, I guess it should be merged: I did check in a book and yes, it is written that Milošević (Serbia) won in 1990 (i think in december) with 104%.
  14. V

    Winning elections with 104%?

    What you (all) think, can one win elections with 104%?
  15. Salah

    The Confederacy's actual chances of winning the ACW

    Yeah, I know, this topic is one of Historum's favorite sado-masochistic dead horses. But its April 9th, 2015, so in the spirit of the sesquicentennial, let's play along. People always say that the defeat of the so-called Confederate States of America was inevitable from the moment the War...
  16. R

    What it Takes for Modern Nation to Winning War against the Roman Empire

    let's say the modern British were sent to the time where the Roman Empire on its highest power, and now they were at war with each other. what it needs for the modern British to subjugate all the Roman Empire territory ? assume political and economic consequence of being transported to the past...
  17. Romanianboy2013

    Is USA becoming a Socialist country after winning the cold war ?

    I ask this because for a couple of years are some disturbing signs about that. i'll give some examples: 1. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause 2.Supremacy of the Military 3.Controlled Mass Media 4. Obsession with National Security 5.Corporate Power is Protected 6. Labor...
  18. Kirialax

    A question on Byzantine civil war: losing Constantinople yet winning the war?

    In most of the major revolts or civil wars of Byzantine history, holding Constantinople is the decisive factor in victory. Bardanes Tourkos, George Maniakes, and Leo Tornikios all failed in taking the city, which brought about the end of their revolts. Others were made emperor through taking...
  19. emperor of seleucid

    Battles in which the Winning Side's commanders die

    Give a brief description of the battle as well. Battle of Quebec: It was the decisive battle in the French and Indian Wars. The English found a way to Quebec. During the battle, both commanders died, including James Wolfe. Battle of Mantinea: Epamanondas, father of tactics, decisively crushed...
  20. amazedkat

    would the nazis have stood a better chance of winning the 'battle of the bulge'

    if they had sherman tanks instead of those big stupid tanks they in fact had been to the battle area for a visit, and it's all small lanes and steep hills and forests, there's a tiger 11 still on display where it got stuck in the battle.