1. R

    Appeal for any historical events regarding women influencing society/culture more than an invading/conquering group.

    A while back I remember hearing an account of an invading army conquering a group of people and adding them to the society of their homeland, killing most/all of the men and taking the women. The story went that the women of the conquered group raised the children they bore in the traditions of...
  2. NBSHistory

    Soviet Women Soldiers of WW2: Snipers, Night Witches and Women's History

    You know there is no forum here dedicated to female related history. I find it kind of surprising as almost every professor I had in the past years really tried to dab the historic content towards female related history. There's a lot of stuff out there that people generally have never heard of...
  3. jameen

    Who treats women better? The Japanese or Mainlander Chinese

    Throughout history since ancient times, which of the two was proven that it treated women better in terms of: 1) Treating their wives 2) Treating their girlfriends 3) Treating female workers 4) Treating old women 5) Treating female prisoner of wars It is the Japanese or the Chinese...
  4. chansey

    Can medieval noble women knights defeat male mobs?

    If a woman trained in combat and put on the best plate armor of the 15th century, can she beat a male mob wearing a leather armor? As far as I know, a good plate armor is very expensive, and few people can afford it except the nobility. If she can ride a horse, can she beat more male mobs...
  5. S

    What kind of value did men place on fertile women in the earlier dynasties of China?

    The numerous articles I've read about daily life in Ancient China confuse me a little. They make it clear it was a very patriarchal society. But go even further and paint a picture of a society where women are often disregarded and sometimes even killed at birth for not being male. This confuses...
  6. dlnewhouse

    Selective service for women

    What years were women supposed to register for selective service?
  7. R

    How did the Japanese legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers and native women

    How did the Japanese government legally treat the children of Japanese soldiers who married native women who were taken back to Japan after and during the war? Were they given the same legal status as full Japanese? Or not given citizenship like the Koreans?
  8. S

    Women Warriors Thru Centuries By Commencement of civilizations

  9. RidiculousName

    Myths of Women Warrior Societies

    I was wondering if any other cultures had myths of amazon-like warrior societies like the Greeks. It seems odd that only they would have a myth like that. I've heard they were likely inspired by women warriors among the Scythiens. but other cultures had women warriors.
  10. V

    Rape of Hakka women, Taiwanese massacres by Japanese. Why Lee Tung Hui support Japan?

    How come Taiwan and it's politicians, leaders still supports Japan so much like former president of Republic of Taiwan Lee Tung Hui says Taiwan belongs to Japan? From what I've read they also suffered a lot under the Japanese rule too ( large number of Taiwanese women, Large number of Hakka...
  11. L

    The Women of Hitler: Atrocities To One Side! New Laws, New Policies. Right Wing Win?

    When Adolf Hitler came to power what actions and policies toward the German women did the Nazis implement and how did these effect their lives? A desire for rebirth was strong in Germany. It was a common belief that the existing systems were failing and a new kind of society was needed...
  12. M

    Need help formulating a history thesis about slavery before 1865

    hello I have a major problem in finding a good theis that are argumentative and descriptive enough about slavery. tex which questions can I ask about slavery that are specific but broad enough to write an 4-5 essay on. i was thinking to try and do something about the family structures in slave...
  13. holoow

    French women criticise new 'puritanism'

  14. Todd Feinman

    Women to get equal pay in Iceland

    Iceland makes it illegal to pay women less than men - Jan. 3, 2018 Cool! Iceland seems pretty progressive. Equal pay for work.
  15. B

    Christian martyr women in the Roman Empire

    https://web.archive.org/web/20120213133020/http://www.tonyfinlay.co.uk/FemaleMartyrsChapter2.htm Early Christians had to endure tough life, persecutions, dispossessions, fight wild beasts in Circus Maximus or the Coloseum in Rome. Actually persecutions started in ancient Judea, where the...
  16. Jake10

    How did women in the Middle Ages deal with their menstrual cycles?

    What did they do about the blood? Did they even wear underwear? Did they wash more when they had their cycles?
  17. Jake10

    How would society change if women start having babies without men?

    The process by which two female mice can create babies has been discovered, as has the means of using chemicals as artificial sperm. So, if women can start having all female babies without needing men, how will that affect societies around the world? We can create babies without men, claim...
  18. F

    Women in Ancient Greece

    Got an assignment from school, so was wondering why women in Athens, Rome and Sparta had such different roles. In their home, out in public, etc...
  19. NBSHistory

    The role of Spartan Women prior to Roman Conquest

    Hello, my name is Craig I am a student seeking to enter a graduate program in History. While attending to my studies I thought why not provide content on youtube as well? I do so to try and bring History to the youth, so its a mix of primary/secondary sourcing and humor! hc5Pp3fuyp8 This link...
  20. NBSHistory

    Spartan Women: The backbone of Sparta

    hc5Pp3fuyp8 Hello Historum community, I made a piece on Spartan women before Roman Conquest. It is a brief account on their education, diet, socio-political status and other material. I hope this might pique the interest of some of you as it is not a highly studied topic!