1. R

    Could Wellington have won Austerlitz?

    If he was in overall command, could he have managed a draw at least? Could the Wellington of 1815 beat the Napoleon of 1807?
  2. artistauthor

    If Germany won the Battle of the Bulge would it have made any difference?

    I have been thinking about the 1965 film "The Battle of the Bulge"( starring Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan, Telly Savalas of "Kojak" fame). If Germany had won the battle would it have made any difference to the eventual outcome? My guess is NO- it would have simply have meant that WWII in Europe...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    If England Won the Hundred Years War

    If England won the Hundred Years war and unified the realms of England and France, how long could this have lasted? Long term it was only a matter of time before France rebelled and broke away but if England ruled France for hundreds of years is it possible the north would have become more...
  4. Spike117

    Have Any Two-Fronts Wars Been Won?

    What examples in history has a nation beset on both sides actually pulled through, and not fall to the combined pressure like Germany?
  5. S

    Who's plan won Tannenberg

    While H&L get the credit, Col. Max Hoffmann's plan was used to defeat the Russians. H&L put Hoffmann's plan into operation almost immediately upon arriving at the scene. Although two corps were pulled out of the Western Front , the battle was over before they arrived. H&L became demi-gods and...
  6. El Cid

    Why did the Russians win most wars against the Turks?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Russo-Turkish_wars#List_of_conflicts From the second half of 1500s the Russians expanded continuously for almost each century, and often on the behalf of the Turks. Out of 12 Russo-Turkish wars the Russians prevailed as the clear winner. So I...
  7. R

    Could the Tsar have won a civil war in 1917?

    If Tsar Nicholas II decided to fight it out instead of stepping down, could he have founded enough troops to fight for him?
  8. artistauthor

    What might have happened had the Whites won the Russian Civil War?

    Although in reality, the White(anti-Bolshevik) forces were handicapped by what historians like Orlando Figes( A People's Tragedy: Russia, 1890-1924) aptly termed their unimaginative and inflexible political programme(which in as much as it had any coherence, could be termed "putting the past...
  9. notgivenaway

    Could Hitler have won the war had he had a phased approach?

    If one looks at all countries that were or potentially were opposed to 1939, then it far exceeds the Axis. Britain and France's empires were greater than Germany, Italy, and Japan, and the USA and USSR were Hitler's racial and ideological opponents. He didn't just hate Slavs, but democracy too...
  10. jameen

    If the KMT won the Chinese Civil War

    How will you describe China after the victory of KMT against Mao Zedong's Communist guerillas and How will you describe China today under the KMT leadership?
  11. Visigoth Panzer

    Fate of Serbia if Central Powers Won WWI

    What would have happened to Serbia if the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary especially) won the first world war? Some propaganda said they used the assassination as an excuse to try and annex them but is that really what they planned? Adding millions of more angry Serbs to their empire seems...
  12. artistauthor

    Could the US have won the Vietnam War?

    I have often thought about the apocryphal story of the North Vietnamese officer, who a few years after the fall of Saigon was confronted by his US counterpart and was told "You know, you NEVER defeated us in the field; we even won the "Tet Offensive"!" The North Vietnamese officer smiled( some...
  13. artistauthor

    What might have happened had Japan won the Battle of Midway?

    Thinking of the 1976 film "The Battle of Midway" I have wondered what might have happened had Japan rather the US been victorious during their June 1942 engagement. With the benefit of hindsight it was such a close run thing as the Duke of Wellington put it apropos of Waterloo- what might have...
  14. Princess Of Manchester

    What if Richard The 3rd won Battle of Bosworth Field

    How would've that changed England?
  15. TrueHistory77

    Why the Italians won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41.

    From what I've understood, it was the Italians who won the Greco-Italian War of 1940-41 for the following reasons: a) the Greeks failed to defeat the Italians even though the Italians were pushed back b) the Greeks formally surrendered to General Ferrero on the 23rd April, 1941 b) it was the...
  16. Lucius

    Canada won the War of 1812

    Canada won the War of 1812 Canada won the War of 1812, U.S. historian admits | National Post
  17. PoochieMoo

    How could the Barbary states have won the Barbary Wars?

    What could they have done differently to emerge victorious in the two Barbary Wars? Was it even possible against the United States at that time?
  18. Romaneagle

    What If the Persians Won the Persian War?

    How would the course of history be different if the Persians beat the Greeks during the Persian War? Would democracy have been so prominent? How would this impact philosophy? Would history's republics and democracies disappear?
  19. K

    The Ottomans won the Battle of Vienna

    The Ottomans won the Battle of Vienna What would Europe look like? What does this do for the Reformation? Could the Ottomans keep the lands they took?
  20. C

    If the germans had won WW2 would it have lead to WW3?

    Hypothetical of course........... But lets say Hitler had won WW2 and controlled Britain, France and the rest of Europe. Would we have seen even more blood shed and more Wars as the other European nations fought back to regain their land? Would we have seen WW3 and even more tragic loss of life?