1. James Cook

    Who wore purple in Roman society at different times?

    I remember reading in some places that senators and other officials in the Principate wore some kind of purple stripe, its model depending on which office the person occupied. Also, especially in the 4th century it seems that usage of purple was legally restricted to the emperor, and I have a...
  2. Waterloofinalsolution

    What were all the uniforms Napoleon wore?

    @Kormp is that all? Did he wear anymore aside from the ones I have listed and yours?
  3. Sharks and love

    Boys wore dresses until age 6 and pink

    Today I would like to invite you into the world before the industrial revolution, when boys had long hair and wore dresses until they were 6 or 7. This is a photo of FDR at age 2. This is a photo of Ernest Hemingway: Here is an article explaining why boys wore pink and girls wore blue...
  4. Salah

    Why Roman Soldiers wore their Swords on the Right

    From early Republican days up to the end of the 2nd Century AD, Roman soldiers almost invariably wore their swords on the right side of their bodies. This went not only for legionaries, but also auxiliary troops - both infantry and cavalry - and marines. Depictions of warriors from a barbarian...