1. M

    WW2 MWD Military Work Dogs

    Hello from Wisconsin ! Thank you for having me . My main interest in this forum is to learn more information on Military Work Dogs and their stories . I have read several books about MWD's from WW2 to the present . I have 4 years worth of letters from a Glenn Ormsom from Wisconsin about his...
  2. F

    Is "Ideal" science very different from how scientist do their work?

    By reading some popular science sites and some popular books I have got that idea. That if we think scientist only make rock-hard conclusions based upon solid observations and experiments that is far from the whole truth. That what they do very often is as much about modelling, hypothesis and...
  3. R

    How Do Roman Names Work?

    Every time I research anything Roman-related, I find some guy(s) with several different additions and titles to their names. Like Aurelius (Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antonius Augustus) and he talked on a bunch later, like- Pontifex Maximus, Pater Patriae, Arneniacus, Medicus, Parthicus...
  4. Naima

    What didn't work with the Great Wall?

    What did not work with the Great Wall that allowed the Mongols to conquer China?
  5. Menshevik

    Pro-gun control people, how would you make gun control work?

    I suppose I fall on the side of being one of the pro-gun people. I definitely believe in some amount of gun control, but I think I it should be less control and restriction as opposed to more. I want to challenge my beliefs and how I think about the subject, so, I'd like to hear from those of...
  6. H

    Pro communist people, how would you make communism work?

    Like if I wanted more ram or a new graphics card for my computer, how would I get those in communism?
  7. R

    Could a Confucian state work in the modern age

    Could a state with State Confucianism as its ideology function effectively in the modern age?
  8. Jake10

    First Cashier Free Large Grocery Store Opens, But Will it Work?

    So, Amazon has opened their high tech grocery store, where you just scan your app, walk in, take what you like and walk out. Then, they automatically charge you. But, will all this be accepted? Amazon's 1st high-tech grocery store opens to the public - Technology & Science - CBC News
  9. Tom7

    Socialism: Why Does or Doesn't it Work?

    People who believe in modern socialism constantly bring up this argument that socialism is great, and that it's only gotten a bad reputation because "Nobody's ever done it the right way" On paper, socialism sounds wonderful! Everybody is equal and shares resources in a collective pool...
  10. Jake10

    How Does This Work?

    So, the monkeys had fewer babies when the population density rose, fine. But, it was not due to a change in their behavior. So, how did it happen?
  11. J

    friends dad work cattle with black jack ketchum

    My friends dad said his father work cattle with ketchum , im telling this from my friend dads point of view , we were pushing cattle from Texas to Colorado , we reach the great divide in the rocky mountains and we were all admiring the view and ketchum said you better thank the good lord because...
  12. MughalMuse

    Career Guidance Pursuing graduate work in both history and fitness

    I'm 25 years old and regret not doing what was really important to me: Learning more about history and fitness, and using acting and writing as a medium to share the importance of these things. I'm all over the place in terms of next steps (even got interested in the trades so I could reach...
  13. R

    How well did the Roman limes work in the 2nd century?

    How well did they work? It seems the Romans basically deided to base all their legions on the border rather than try some sort of strategic defense in depth, so that when you had a group of barbarians that managed to penetrate the border forts like in the Marcomannic Wars, there was pretty much...
  14. C

    Could a Charlemagne movie sell?

    This month, I have been reading the book Charlemagne: Father of A Continent by Alessandro Babero (translated by Allan Cameron). It's a pretty decent book, and as I was reading the book I was thinking: Could a big-budget feature-length film about Charlemagne sell? If so, who would you cast as...
  15. V

    American History Enthusiasts & Popularizers Wanted

    I am looking for enthusiasts of American history to help develop scripts for audio tours for the US museums, historical sites, forts, etc. Especially wanted are connoisseurs in any period between Pilgrims and Civil Liberty Movement. If you love and know American history and would not mind...
  16. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Higher resolution image of a Byzantine work of art?

    Some time ago I found an image of a Byzantine ivory carving from the Macedonian period which I hadn't seen before or since. The carving seems to be very high quality work, but the image is rather low resolution. Something to note is that there is a very similar triptych known as the Harbaville...
  17. Magnate

    How did the promotion system work in wwii

    How did a soldier get promoted in wwii? And could a regular soldier become a general without any higher education and only by battle experience?
  18. W

    Did supression tactics work on the Japanese? Did the Japanese use them?

    I recalled in World War 2 fighting between German forces often involve supression and flanking. When Allied troops went into firefights, it becomes a challenge of who could fire enough bullets at the enemy first to force them to either hide behind cover or be cautious about exposing themsleves...
  19. notgivenaway

    Does democracy really work??

    people around the world are politically disaffected, they dont' really care that much, due to corrupted politicians, politicians breaking promises, etc.
  20. Hessian Historian

    How did conscription work in Prussia in 1870?

    Can anyone explain or point me to some resources on the actual mechanics of the conscription process in Prussia during the Franco-German War of 1870-71? I have a 4xgreat grand uncle named Conrad Schmidt who was drafted into the Prussian Army during that war, and I am trying to figure out how he...