world war 1

  1. H

    Artillery in WW1 The British army fired 273,000 shells in the first 36 months of the Second Boer War. Yet in the four years of World War One, it fired over 170 million shells. This...
  2. L

    What if Germany won the World War 1?

    I was hoping you can tell me the impacts on the modern world and everything. I'm doing an in-depth research for my book and I hope you could help me. Thanks! :rolleyes:
  3. Rodger

    Did the Germans stand any chance of success at the Second Battle of the Marne?

    History tells us the German Empire's last push to win WWI came in July of 1918, when German general Erich Ludendorff launched an offensive near Paris. Understanding that it was only a matter of time before the freshly arrived American troops and resources would wear down an already weary German...
  4. K

    Fort Vaux - Verdun 1916

    Yesterday I've published an article about the attack on Fort Vaux. There are a lot of pictures and the text is in german and in english. Hope you enjoy it. Geschichte als Hobby: Sehen - Lesen - Spielen: Fort Vaux - Verdun 1916
  5. M

    Overlooked books in 20th century

    Interested in collecting some examples. Recently reviewed C.E. Montague's 'Disenchantment' from 1922 : A journalist who served in World War 1 writing about his own observations, and seemed to be years ahead of his time. A few years later Robert Graves' Goodbye To All That' , Richard Aldington's...
  6. E

    What connection does the German Unification have with the outbreak of WWI?

    I've just been very interested lately about Germany and its build up to WWI. What connection does the German Unification have towards WWI in terms of politics, economy and nationalism in Germany?
  7. N

    1918 Enfield SHTLE III Rifle history help?

    here are images of the rifle disassembled and pictures taken of all markings on it, I am wondering if anyone can help me understand what all the markings mean or at me of them and maybe learn a little bit about the rifle itself.
  8. K

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Using this site for research for book.
  9. M

    Istanbul at the Outbreak of WWI

    Greetings, I'm interested in learning about what happened to westerners living in Istanbul at the outbreak of WWI. Were they threatened? Forced to leave? Rounded up? Links to reliable information on the web is most welcome, but would also like to tap some of the expertise on this forum...
  10. ghostexorcist

    Destroy This Mad Brute (WWI propaganda poster)

    I created the following PowerPoint presentation for a brief talk I gave for my university's primatology club. It uses a WWI propaganda poster (below) as a centerpiece to explore cultural perceptions of apes, particularly chimps and gorillas, from throughout history. I've added more to it...
  11. U

    Effect of the naval blockade of World War 1 on the economy of Austria-Hungary

    Hello, I am conducting research for a high school class in which I must present the effect of naval blockades on several european countries. However, I have not been very successful in conducting research on the economy of Austria-Hungary as a result of the naval blockade. I was wondering if...
  12. P

    World War 1 History Symposium York PA

    The Western Front Association East Coast Branch is pleased to announce its Fall 2013 World War 1 History Symposium which will be held on Saturday 12 October at the York County Heritage Trust, York PA. This exciting event will feature the nationally celebrated author Richard Rubin who will be...
  13. George Washington

    On This Day in History: World War I

    July 16th 1918 - In Yekaterinburg, Russia, Czar Nicholas II and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks.
  14. Bernard Montgomery

    Hey Guys and Gals

    My names Matt im 15 and me and my friend are making videos on youtube about ww1, we will split off into diffrent wars youtube WW1 Part 1: The First Shots - YouTube
  15. sgtdole

    Did Germany realize that an Austrian-Serbian war could lead to a wider one?

    I'm an A.P. European History Student and I am currently learning about "The Beginning of 20th Century Crisis: War and Revolution". There rises a question on whether or not Germany realized that this Austrian-Serbian war would lead to a much wider one? Did Germany want one? I know many historians...
  16. Gnaeus

    What happened at Tannenberg?

    I don't know much at all about 20th Century History, but I do know that there was a World War 1 Battle called the Battle of Tannenberg in which a german force of I think 150 000 defeated a Russian force of approximately 400 000. How did that happen? If anyone can give a brief summary of what...
  17. pbl1998

    Were the Napoleonic Wars really WW1?

    The Napoleonic Wars are sometimes referred to as truly the 'First World War'. The were fought one way or another all over the worls. So, as this is my point of speciality, I ask you; Were The Napoleonic Wars really 'World War 1?'