world war 2

  1. Shemesh

    What can you tell me about the german officer in this picture? (WWII)

    I found a picture of a german officer and I'm very curious to find out more about him. Things like, his army ranking and the significance of the things on his Waffenrock. Also in which year do you estimate this photo to have been taken? I would be very happy if anyone could share his/her...
  2. G

    12th Armored Division Memorabilia

    Recently, my friend found some stuff he acquired from someone else a long time ago. Now, my friend is wanting to sell these items somewhere, but has no knowledge of said items. I'm looking for anyone who might have some information that can help uncover more about these items. Apparently...
  3. MinecraftEsportsPro

    Greatest commander in the years following Napoleon?

    So basically 1815- Now. I don't know too much about this time period, but from what I do know, I would pick Helmuth von Moltke the elder.
  4. T

    Do you think Hitler really ran to Argentina?

    In your view do you think Hitler ran to Argentina, after Soviets entered Berlin in 1945 ? Is there any evidence, How do you think?
  5. T

    Who was the leader of Japan during WWII?

    Who was the leader of Japan during WWII? Was it ,Hirohito , What do you think the Role of Japan in WW2
  6. Holious

    WW2 events

    What in your view is the most important event during World World War2 I am just curious what other people think
  7. A

    Would Germany have been capable of winning the eastern theatre of wwII had it done the following?

    Note: by capable i simply mean having a reasonable chance of victory. Also by victory i mean any treaty that would have given a lot of land to Germany. Not the wehrmacht's (let alone Hitler's) ridiculously ambitious plans. 1) don't declare war on the United states. Words alone can not describe...
  8. M

    Mussolini and the Italian Jews

    Is anyone well versed of knows of any good materials that analyse Mussolini's history with and treatment of the Jewish population in Italy throughout his time in power? Currently writing a paper on Il Duce and want to get an idea of the current consensus regarding his personal and political...
  9. M

    More details about WW2

    Hello guys, I am big fan of WW2 and every time when I find some free time I am researching for new interesting und unknown stories. Anybody knows any good website or video/place where I can find some interesting stories/details about ww2?
  10. malpusa


  11. DavidChandler

    Film: Visiting site of WW2 fuel refinery

    Here is a short film, looking at the site of a WW2 aviation fuel refinery. The plant produced fuel for RAF and USAF planes and played a vital role in supporting the Battle of Britain. QnhFj7vAxUQ
  12. Tom7

    Was Hitler a Good Leader?

    Hello, reader. Many times I have been confronted with the question; "Was Adolf Hitler a good leader for Germany?" Now, only a few years ago, this question would've been perceived as a joke (Which it was, back then, for the most part) but recently, people have started taking this question...
  13. R

    Bikini Atoll and the disposal of war equipment after WW2

    I've always had a bit of weird question about the immediate aftermath of WW2 - how did they get rid of all the surplus equipment? I came across this fascinating account of Operation Crossroads and the Bikini Atoll tests the other day, that shows how the US Navy basically used left-over warships...
  14. I

    Video of Adolf Hitler's Bunkers in Wolfsschanze during WWII

    LINK TO VIDEO - BbGidzv7FoE LINK FOR MORE HISTORY CONTENT - Home | IDEMENTI The video primarily covers the East Prussian Nazi military headquarters, built in 1941, for the invasion of Soviet Union, Operation Barbarossa. The video covers 3 sites in the region: Wolfsschanze (now Gierłoż)...
  15. P

    Main factors for German defeat in WW2?

    I'm doing a project in school and I've chosen to do "Was the USSR was the most significant factor in the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Second World War?". The main factors I've highlighted are as follows: The USSR German strategical and military mistakes The Allies If anyone has any better...
  16. E

    The Rise and Restore of Post-war Japan

    I am currently busy working on a school assignment for my final school year on the subject of the Post-War Japan's rise and restore (1945 - 2000). Do you guys have any suggestions on what I must focus on? I was thinking on doing chapters on the economic, cultural, political and social change in...
  17. K

    If Germany had nuked Poland, would the US have entered WW2?

    I don't know whether Germany had bombs in 1939, but if they did and for whatever reason they decided to bomb the entirety of Poland into oblivion, would the US have declared war on and invaded Germany? I realize there probably many factors that would make this incredibly unlikely, but I'm just...
  18. W

    Sicily, Italy after World War II

    First and foremost -- I'm not really a student in need of help but a writer. I felt like this was the best place to post this because in a way, I'm a student trying to learn about Italy post-ww2. So, basically, I'm writing a story that takes place in Sicily, Italy after World War II and I have...
  19. N

    1918 Enfield SHTLE III Rifle history help?

    here are images of the rifle disassembled and pictures taken of all markings on it, I am wondering if anyone can help me understand what all the markings mean or at me of them and maybe learn a little bit about the rifle itself.
  20. weezer17

    When should a country go to war?

    I thought of posting this in the military history subforum, but I think it's better suited here. I was reading Thomas Aquinas and in doing so came across "just war theory" (Wikipedia article linked for those not familiar). I think the question of war's morality and if and when it should be...