1. O

    When worlds collide

    I hope a lot of you have seen this movie. How realistic is it? Could the problem be detected 66 years on sooner or later than in the movie? fQ4yfY-tSnE
  2. Godan

    When worlds collide: a discussion of syncretic culture

    The main inspiration for this post was from reading about the Kabukimono, who were groups of thugs, ronin and unemployed samurai that grew larger as Oda Nobunaga and Toyatomi Hideyoshi consolidated their power over Japan. They were known for for having outlandish hairstyles and named after their...
  3. C

    worlds dark eras

    hi, i was wondering does the world have more dark eras then just the european dark ages after the fall of the roman empire? ive seen that there was a ancient greek dark era but i dont know if its considered a dark era of the entire world as well as a chinese dark era after the mongols invaded...
  4. Edratman

    Worlds Largest Pyramid

    I just stumbled across this story that was published in the Daily Mail about the largest pyramid, The Great Pyramid of Cholulaabout , about 1/4 mile wide, ust outside Puebla, the fourth largest city in modern day Mexico. Read more: Mexico's Great Pyramid of Cholulu lay beneath a church...
  5. K

    Distribution of forests in the ancient worlds

    How can I find out what the distribution of woodlands is in the ancient worlds? Particularity in Ancient Persia near Babylon.
  6. Triceratops

    HG Wells: War of the Worlds

    Ever since it appeared, firstly as a serial in Pearson's Magazine, followed by the Heinemann novelisation in 1898, Wells' story has been continually printed and re-printed. The alien invasion has likewise been a perpetual favourite amongst science fiction readers and writers ever since...
  7. Karl XII

    The worlds history is a lie

    Everything before the year 1800 is a lie, aliens built our world and seeded humans on it with a made up past in order to make us think its real. The Aliens built this world in such a way so that it would appear as if it were billions of years by "planting" geological evidence like fossils and so...
  8. Nemowork

    The worlds greatest drunken rampages?

    Rule 1 The Battle of Karansebes is Verboten Rule 2 They must be at least possibly real. Cool anecdotes, retold stories and 'well it sounds like him?' count as well To kick off Edmund Halley and Peter the Great get toasted and try wheelbarrow racing through John Evelyn Hedges (hows that for...
  9. Melisende

    New Worlds

    Has this been shown anywhere else - it is scheduled for viewing here in Oz on Monday. Promo from SBS: SBS On Demand | Unlimited TV & Movies When You Want | Streaming TV - New Worlds Coming Soon - promo
  10. C

    Who is the worlds greatest living ancient historian

    in your opinion who do you consider the best historian of ancient times living now
  11. G

    Greenland to drill oil in worlds most Fragile arctic enviroment

    Greenland caves in to drilling, shrugging off oil spill dangers - YouTube Greenland has decided to open up one of the most fragile Arctic environments to oil drilling, brushing aside environmental concerns. BP, the company responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, has won permission to...
  12. unclefred

    Watch out Gamers, the NSA is in Your Worlds Too

    We really are being watched , listened to, data mined and our onlinr activity manipulated. This is another facet, along with intelligence agency forum shills and sock puppets, of the control we have given to the national security state...
  13. H

    The Red Shields domination over our worlds economy - a true story or a conspiracy?

    The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation - YouTube Ive watched this video, and i know for sure there are real things there (inflation as a way of shadow taxing the poor) but what about the really extreme things, like the part where Rothschild envoys supposedly said that...
  14. K

    Our two worlds

    OUR TWO WORLDS, SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL Sections 2 and 3 have been added to "Futile Confrontations" at: atheist Comments will be appreciated, Thank you in advance, Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. .
  15. thetruth27

    the worlds most badass country

    Gerald Hanley is an old Colonial hand who lived with Somalis. This is from his book Warriors: Life and Death Among the Somalis "A Somali always felt himself to be twice as good as any white man, or any other kind of man at all, and still does, even when he is wrong. so instead they learn...
  16. L

    The Worlds Reaction to the Night of Broken Glass?

    I've been looking for reactions in other countries to the Night of Broken Glass, but I can't find any. Does anyone know about the reaction in Britain, France, America and Russia? What about Germany's allies? Other European countries? Thanks in advance.
  17. Toltec

    The worst of all possible worlds

    Think of the Cuban missiles crisis, the human race nearly wiped itself out, nearly..... but it didn't. There was just that bit of restraint, just that touch of sanity that stopped us going over the brink. Now imagine we erase that trace of whatever held us back and then we rerun Cuba, what...
  18. Agnimitra

    Worlds first recorded battle

    The Rig Veda is mankinds oldest literature (composed much before 3000 BC).In Book 7 of the RV we find reference to the Dasarajna war (Battle of the ten kings) between various Indo European tribes including the Bharatas(Indians) Parsu(Persians), Druhyu (Druids) etc.It was fought on the banks...
  19. Lawnmowerman

    Who was the worlds greatest Drug Dealer

    Many people have made a living out of dealing drugs but whom was the greatest. It all depends on what you call drugs, Mullah Omar (head of Taliban Afghanistan), pretty much based his entire economy on selling opium. (any one who says the Taliban where anti-drug is deluded, yes they did ban...
  20. Isoroku295

    Who were the ancient world's greatest architects

    I saw someone talking about it, so it got me wondering. Who do you all think were the best? Ancient Romes? Greeks? Chinese? Indians? Maybe some middle eastern group? How about Egypt?