1. M

    Worst dictators in your opinion

    Although this topic has probably been discussed a million times, I would like to hear which dictators from the year 1900 and until today people think is the worst. In this discussion saying Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini or Pol Pot is not allowed, since these will surely be the ones dominating...
  2. EmperorTigerstar

    Was Braxton Bragg the Worst CSA General?

    Often Braxton Bragg was ridiculed by both his contemporaries and our modern historians as a horrible general with many faults and foolish tendencies. But is he the worst general the Confederacy had? Is there one worse? Is he actually a good general who got a bad rap?
  3. notgivenaway

    Is May the worst British PM of the past century?

    I'd argue that she is. Chamberlain knew that he and Hitler were stalling for time. Heath, Callaghan, and Brown, all had bad economic issues to handle. And Eden misgambled with the Suez crisis, but had to contend with the USA as thee new superpower, and even the USSR allying with Nasser. But...
  4. SirOrmondeWinter

    Worst intelligence failure/covert action in US history?

    Remember 1990 rule so no 9/11 etc 1. Pearl Harbour 2. Bay of Pigs 3. Fall of Iran 4. Tet Offensive 5. Chinese joining Korean War 6. Battle of the Bulge 7. Gary Powers/USS Peublo 8. Atomic Spies 9. Saddam invading Kuwait 10. Iranian hostage rescue 11. Iran/Contra 12. Other? Pearl...
  5. No Bias FTW

    Worst Axis Power in Anti-Submarine Warfare/Convoy Protection/Factory Protection WW2

    Of the main (often 3) Axis powers during WW2, which had the worst protection of its industry and resources? I doubt that Germany should be included, but I included it anyways in case there is something new I could learn. Japan was notoriously bad at Anti-Submarine Warfare (through its lack of...
  6. R

    Worst trained and equipped Cold War NATO country

    What NATO country during the Cold War was the worst equipped and also had the worst quality of troops overall?
  7. wigglywaffles

    worst equipped militaries of ww2

    Which militaries of WW2 would be the worst equipped including all sides big and small powers? What are some of the weapons used by Siam, Egypt Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary?
  8. R

    Your worst discoveries about your ancestors?

    Or least favourite I would mine was finding out my great great grandfather was in jail for robbery
  9. Karl XII

    Greatest Ottoman victory vs their worst defeat?

    Just like what I did for the romans and the swedes. Pick one victory and one defeat. This one might be a little hard because there's so much history and the Ottomans suffered some truly disastrous defeats. Victories 1. Battle of Mohacs- While it may not be the most impressive victory...
  10. C

    Worst long term trick played on an enemy

    So, what was the worst long term trick played on an enemy. I will put forth the train ride given LENIN by the Germans in 1917. With that one act the Germans cost their enemy millions of lives over the next 40years. What’s yours? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Lycurgus

    Which fascist country was the most oppressive?

    In the 20th century, many European countries were ruled by fascist regimes. Which one of them (Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Greece) was the most oppressive?
  12. R

    Best and worst historical fashion

    Fashion: since man first began to make clothing for himself, garments have fascinated him. And HER: we must never forget that many if not most fashion trends have been influenced or set by the ladies! Fashions come into favour, last for a while, go out of style, but seem to return again and...
  13. Lawnmowerman

    The worst race

    Gothca!!! Just been reading about the Dole air race and 1904 Olympics St Louis Marathon, and was interested in any other races that went horrifically wrong. I don't think anything can get as farcical as the 1904 Olympics St Louis Marathon or as disastrous as the 1927 Dole Air Race, but I could...
  14. PhantomSoldier

    Worst Korean War film

    I came across this on some site for 'lost media'. "Brotherhood of War" it ain't. If you dare, then there's a video glitch for 3 mins. 7WCLAcfQ53c * IMDB link
  15. B

    Worst Decisions of Navy Captains

    In 1842 Captain Mackenzie of the USS Somers had a midshipman and 2 sailors hanged for mutiny. The midshipman, Philip Spencer, was the son of the Secretary of War, and apparently a brat whose father had prevented him from being dismissed from the Navy. In 1861, Captain Wilkes of the USS San...
  16. S

    The world's worst major army.. the Russians?

    Eg https://www.opendemocracy.net/od-russia/tolyas-letters/soldier%E2%80%99s-tale-8-violence-is-no-joke Tyoma asked what we would do if war was declared tomorrow. Do I know what to do? I don't, because I'm a crap soldier. I know who my commander is and can guess who the gunner is, though I'm not...
  17. M

    Who were the worst British Monarchs of all time?

    Hey all, I've been thinking recently about who were the worst ever British Monarchs - worst being most incompetent and most evil/reckless. I have posted a video on my new YouTube channel detailing my top 5. Please check it out and let me know what you think by following the link below...
  18. Joe Freeman

    Worst time and place to be alive in history?

    What is, in your opinion, or was, the worst time and place in history to be alive? I think for me it'd probably be WW2 Eastern Front, or northern Europe in the Dark Ages(probably England in the 7/9th centuries). Also any place that was invaded by the Mongols must have been a terrible place eto...
  19. sailorsam

    worst infantry?

    I see a lot of discussion on who had the best infantry; so who had the worst? some contenders: WWII France; got steamrolled by a German army that should have been about equal. how bout that Maginot line? WWII Italy; the Brits kicked them all over Africa. WWI Austria; how bad were they...